How To Sew Clothes For Dogs

Recently, you can often see dogs (especially small breeds), dressed in various things. And this is connected not only with cold and climatic conditions unsuitable for some breeds, but also with “dog” fashion. Different owners are guided by completely different motives: someone wants to give their pet a unique appearance, someone – to produce an incredible effect, and someone to protect the animal from rain, wind and frost.

However, you can create clothes for your pet yourself. This does not require any special materials or tools, nor a large amount of free time. You can even do without a sewing machine, but then the lines are not so perfectly even, and it will take much more time and effort.

How to sew clothes for a dog: jumpsuit

This item of clothing is most in demand among pet owners living in apartments. During the off-season, when the street is very dirty, rainy and damp, you can’t do without it. During the walk, the pet remains protected not only from dirt, but also from wind and rain, which helps to keep it healthy.

For small breeds of dogs (and especially for smooth-haired), such clothes are mandatory in the winter, because they do not tolerate low temperatures.

In order to sew clothes for a dog, you will need:

  • two large sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pencil
  • the cloth
  • strings
  • and good mood.

You will need to make a pattern. In order not to be mistaken with the size, you should accurately measure the size of your pet.

Measure the length of the dog from the collar to the base of the tail.

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Divide the length of the dog by 8 (for example, length – 30 cm, then it will be 3.8 cm). Take a large sheet of paper and cut it out, making 10 squares in length and 10 in width, so that the sides of each square are equal to the resulting number (3.8 cm). Thus you will have 100 squares with sides equal to 3, 8 cm.

Take basic measurements from your dog:

length of the legs, length from the skull to the root of the tail, girth of the abdomen, withers and chest.

How To Sew Clothes For Dogs

The resulting dimensions are transferred to paper and create a design of the future overalls. Do not forget to add a few centimeters to each measure taken so that your dog feels in this jumpsuit spacious and free. If the jumpsuit is too narrow, it will be difficult for your pet to move in it.

In order to make a pattern for the abdominal area, you need to measure the distance from the neck to the back of the main pattern. Determine the distance between the front and rear legs, you will also need it, add to the resulting number 3-4 centimeters.

Transfer the obtained dimensions to another sheet of paper and draw a rectangle (for some breeds of dogs – a trapezoid).

We cut both patterns with scissors, then smooth them with an iron so that there are no creases and folds.

Now you can proceed to the second stage – the transfer of paper patterns on the fabric. We advise you to start to take an unnecessary piece of fabric on which you check the accuracy of the pattern. Transfer the drawing with a felt-tip pen for fabric, chalk or a simple pencil (it may not write on some types of fabric).

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As soon as you cut out the appropriate elements of fabric, stitch them and try on your dog. If adjustments are required, then you need to transfer them to the paper pattern. So you get the perfect pattern for your dog.

When the parts are cut out from the desired material, you will need to sew them. Insert a zipper at the top (on the back), so it will be convenient for you to fasten and unbutton the jumpsuit.

You can decorate your dog’s clothes as desired. Do not attach bulky decorations to it that may cause your dog’s interest.

For the same pattern, you can sew a variety of clothes for your dog. It can be not only protective, but also warm jumpsuits with undercoat, and even light summer suits.

It is unlikely that the dog will immediately be happy with new clothes, because for her it is an unusual accessory. Do not scold the animal or raise your voice to it. To teach a dog to change clothes is gradually. If you put a pet in a jumpsuit and notice that he is trying to take it off, try to distract the dog with a fun game or a tasty treat. If the dog continues to try, it is better to remove the clothes. Try to wear a pet several times a day for 15-20 minutes. Then he can gradually get used to the clothes and will be happy to wear it.

Do not forget that clothes should be washed regularly to keep your pet healthy.