How To Sew Clothes For Large And Small Breeds Of Dogs With Their Own Hands

Kinds of fashionable summer and winter clothes for dogs

In fact, the dog’s wardrobe is a little inferior to the human variety. It includes a lot of different things. This includes dresses, skirts and blouses for girls, pants, shorts, T-shirts and jackets for boys, as well as overalls and blankets in unisex style. As a rule, the owners want to protect their dog from cold, dirt, ticks and burdocks. The best clothes for such cases are overalls. By sewing this type of clothing is the most difficult, however, if you decide to design it, do not be lazy and then you will certainly get excellent results! An alternative to overalls is a bootcloth, which is ideal for shorthair dogs.

How To Sew Clothes For Large And Small Breeds Of Dogs With Their Own Hands

Bezlo helps protect your pet’s back, chest and belly. A vest for a dog is appropriate to use when the weather is very cool outside. By the way, in harsh winters, you can safely wear it over the jumpsuit so that the dog is warmer. Dog shoes are no longer a novelty, although there are still people who do not consider them necessary. In fact, in winter, salts and chemicals that run down roads, eat away at the tender and sensitive skin of the dog’s paws. In the summer, she risks getting burned, since the asphalt is very hot in direct sunlight.

In addition, having a pair of shoes in your pet saves you from such a headache as washing the paws after each dog’s walk. Also, sometimes shoes are necessary if the dog has cracks on the paws or some kind of injury. You might be surprised, but even hats exist for dogs! And it would seem that their animals are worn only for beauty, but even here this piece of clothing has its own functionality. In the summer, a headdress helps protect the dog’s head from overheating and sunstroke, and in the winter – to avoid overcooling the ears.

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How to sew clothes for large breeds of dogs with your own hands?

It should be noted that, despite the large size and better health of large dogs, they, like their smaller brothers, need protection with clothing. The most common clothing for large breed dogs are overalls, raincoats, suits, jackets and raincoats.

In order to independently sew clothes for your big dog, you need to make measurements. back length, chest, paw and neck girth. It is also necessary to take into account the level of activity of the dog and the characteristics of its breed. Pay attention and cut clothes. A small dog is much easier to dress in clothes than a big one. Most likely, she will be indignant and will not let herself be dressed. Given this, make sure that the cut of clothes was as simple as possible, and any piece of clothing could be quickly and removed and dressed.

Fasteners and zippers can also be used for this. Also the suit should be practical and comfortable for the active life of your dog. It should not hold down the movement.