How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

Beautiful clothes for a chihuahua with patterns, photo and description.

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

For beginner craftswomen who have never sewed clothes for dogs with their own hands, we offer a clear sequence of actions when working on creating clothes for Chihuahuas.

1. First of all, you need to take measurements of your pet. You will need measurements of the length of the back, neck circumference, chest, and waist, as well as the length of the limbs in the back and front.

2. Create a pattern on a paper basis.

3. Cut the pattern from the paper base.

4. Transfer the pattern to the fabric base. At the same time, keep in mind for stitches (one – two centimeters).

5. To carry out a basting of the product along the lines of the schv.

6. Try on the product on the dog.

7. Finish sewing the product.

8. Finalize the seams.

9. To decorate a suit to your taste (embroidery, rhinestones, stripes).

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

To work you will need the following tools:

threads that match the selected fabric in tone;

Buttons or velcro-clasp;

Useful tips on making clothes for Chihuahuas do it yourself

For novice needlewomen the first product for their beloved pet can be a jumpsuit. It is best to use the most simple pattern.

The finished pattern, which can be found in magazines and the Internet, should be transferred to the fabric, taking into account the seam allowances.

If you plan to transfer the pattern to the product, then it should be carried out on the inside of the overalls.

In order that the consumption of fabric was not too large, the elements of the pattern should be expanded, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

Pairing elements are best connected with pins during cutting, so that they do not move, and the fabric does not slip at the same time.

Tailoring a jumpsuit is best accompanied by the creation of a lining, so that the product can keep a certain shape, and the pet can appreciate the full softness of the lining fabric.

Insulation from sintepon or lining should be cut out by analogy with the main product.

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

Before we try on the product for your pet, make sure once again that you have removed all the pins and needles from it.

When you try on, pay attention to such moments: the product should sit on a Chihuahua fairly spacious, comfortable, without cutting arms into the armpits and groin, but the collar should not be too loose.

Remember that you need to carry out another fitting after all the errors found after the first fitting are eliminated.

If for the product you have chosen a fabric that is prone to shrinkage, then we advise you to wash and dry it before proceeding to the sewing itself.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to sew a chihuahua jumpsuit with your own hands.

1. Based on the pattern we offer, you need to “fit” it to the size of your pet.

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

2. Next, you should decompose the pattern on a fabric base, circling it with crayon, remembering the allowances for seams and bend. If you plan to attach a zipper on the back of the product for an animal, then leave there about one centimeter for seam allowances. It is also possible to use buttons and velcro. It is necessary to leave such a volume of fabric so that it lies overlapping by a strip of two to five centimeters in width. Here everything will depend on the size of your dog.

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How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

3. Spall pairing elements with pins, thereby ensuring that the fabric is static. Making a pattern lining.

4. If the product for your pet is too loose, you can use the strap in the waist.

5. In conclusion, you should correct all defects. Remember that overalls must necessarily have a warming in the back and chest, but the sleeves may not be warmed to ensure the freedom of movement of the Chihuahua. At the end, all the seams that are worn out must be machined.

Pattern clothes for chihuahuas. Chihuahua clothes do it yourself

Having met on the street a pretty, beautifully dressed dog, passers-by smile after. Most often, people perceive clothes on pets as a fad of the owner. And not many people know that this is not just a tribute to fashion, but a necessity. It is for this reason that making clothes for shaggy friends, in particular for small breeds, is a rather popular area in the pet industry. How often do-it-yourself chihuahua clothing, trimmed with rhinestones and beads, becomes not only an ornament, but also protects its skin from scratches and cuts. For this breed, clothing is one of the basic elements of dog care.

If the dog is long-haired, the suit helps to protect it from dirt, from tangle of wool. But both for sleek and long-haired dogs, things play their main role – the protection of small four-legged pets from adverse environmental conditions.

The purchase of clothes for a pet or tailoring of selected models does not apply to the shocking manifestations of the human person, first of all it is a manifestation of pet care. As a rule, products are acquired without following the fashion, but in order to protect the dog and keep it healthy.

Pattern sports jumpsuit for chihuahuas

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

Fabric is better to take cotton knitted velor, you can have several colors. For decoration also need rhinestones.

Now you can get to work:

1. Making a pattern on paper, guided by its size of the dog (for Chihuahua, the cage should be about 2 cm). In this case, the cell is 2 cm and the pattern goes to an animal with a back length of 22 cm.

2. Cut drawing from paper

3. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, leaving 1-2 cm for the seams.

4. Sweep the product at the seams (marked with letters in the picture)

5. Try on a dog

6. Sew the product and process the seams

7. Sew stripes and paste rhinestones.

This is what should happen:

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern
How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern
How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

What clothes can still be sewed

For example, you can sew a raincover yourself. You can make a pattern for it similarly to the previous model. It is indispensable in the fall, when morning and evening dew lies on the grass when it rains, or for a walk after a warm mushroom rain, when there are puddles on the ground. The raincoat is able to protect the body from the autumn wind, and there is a chance that the pet will not catch a cold. To all, leaving after a walk is much easier: now you don’t have to completely wash the dog, its sides and back. It is enough to rinse and wipe his feet. This is especially true for rocks with short legs. Often, after an intensive walk, not only the feet, but also the back of the animal are in the mud.

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Patterns for chihuahuas are the most common pattern of clothing for four-legged. The skin of this breed is so delicate that experts recommend putting the dog on all the time. Thus, it is possible to protect it from cuts and scratches.

Our site presents the forms and vykroy products for various breeds. There are drawings of raincoats of various styles, overalls, dresses, jackets and pants. In winter, you can not do without a warm jumpsuit. It covers the body completely, it is extremely important for sneezing, as they very quickly lose heat. For girls fit model with a closed tummy. Winter clothes for chihuahuas are insulated with fleece, plush, padding polyester. These materials are lightweight and have excellent heat-shielding properties.

All the patterns for chihuahuas are checked, many products have already been sewn, so you can safely cut. It is only necessary to add allowances for seams one centimeter. Without a doubt, any outfit from the site, for example, a three-piece suit, sewn along the pattern, will sit magnificently on the figure of the dog, and it will shine in the light. The suit is easier to use for a forest walk.

Clothes for chihuahuas with their own patterns, photos, videos and descriptions.

Chihuahua is the most tiny breed of dog. Like many decorative indoor rocks, it does not need reusable daily runs due to the toilet needs of a dog. But for those who truly love their pet, it is an axiom that the animal often needs to stay in the open air, even in cold periods of the year. To preserve the health of a Chihuahua, it must be dressed. The first and most important type of clothing is warm and warm. This group includes various configurations of overalls and coats based on plush, padding polyester, fleece and other materials. Most of the dogs of this breed are quite capricious and do not want to dress. Therefore, the clothes must be sewn not only beautiful, but also comfortable for the pet. For this, of course, one should have the appropriate patterns available. Learn to make them under the force of anyone who is willing to spend time learning the master classes from this section. We tried to collect a variety of interesting models. A description of the construction of patterns for them is very detailed and well illustrated.

Patterns of clothes for dogs of breeds of York, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Chinese CrestedHand Made


How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

A caring owner of a dog not only ensures that his pet feeds properly, is healthy, but tries to dress him up depending on weather conditions. In order to sew stylish clothes for your pet, you will need patterns for dog clothes. For them, they sew both casual and elegant clothes. In addition, for each thing appropriate shoes and original accessories are selected.

Selecting patterns, you must consider the characteristics of the breed and the size of the dog. After suitable patterns are found, you can download them for free.

Patterns for tailoring for dogs

Among all known breeds of dogs, today it is most popular to sew clothes for dogs of small breeds. Clothing for representatives of such breeds is required all year round.

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One of the representatives of such breeds is Chihuahua. In view of their physical characteristics, dogs of this breed need warm clothing, for example, in overalls. Such a thing is practical and will protect the pet from drafts or any damage. In addition to practical things, in the wardrobe of dogs of this breed there are fashionable little things, for example, dresses, shorts and even shoes, the main thing is to correctly figure out the size.

You can also easily sew clothes for toy terriers, if you use well-designed patterns. The size of the dogs of this breed allows the owner to carry his pet with him, so this dog needs clothes for each season. First of all, you need a warm jumpsuit on a padding polyester and with a bolonyevy top, and for rainy weather you will need a rain suit. In addition, it will not be superfluous to sew sweaters, pants, and in the summer heat light dresses will be required.

How to sew a dog clothes? Patterns with a detailed description will help to understand.

Focusing on the designed patterns, you can easily sew stylish clothes for Yorkies with their own hands, for example, a dress. In order not to hinder the movements of the dog, the material for sewing the dress should be light and thin. The pattern consists of two parts: the back and chest part, and for the skirt there is enough a strip of fabric equal to the two girths of the dog’s torso.

The finished dress can be decorated, for example, with buttons or a patch.

There is a breed of dogs that especially needs to have their own wardrobe, since the representatives of this breed have practically no wool. This is a Chinese Crested breed. It does not take much time to make clothes for dogs: patterns and step-by-step instructions will be provided. For example, in just half an hour you can sew a shirt for a pet. But the best thing is to have warm sweaters, overalls or jackets in the wardrobe of the representatives of this breed of dogs.

How To Sew Clothes For The Chihuahua With Their Own Hands Description And Pattern

How to make patterns yourself

If there are difficulties with the search for patterns for work, you can make patterns for clothes for dogs with your own hands. The ideal pattern is one that is made according to individual sizes and takes into account all the features of the figure. Most often, the owners make the patterns themselves for small dogs.

First of all, you need to take measurements. Main measure back length. For accuracy, wear a collar and calculate the distance to the base of the tail from it. The resulting number must be divided by eight, thereby obtaining the length of the side of the square on the pattern. In order to get a jumpsuit, it is necessary to carve out two parts. The first part is the main part of the suit, consisting of the left and right sides, the second part is a wedge. The width and length of the leg is adjusted at the first fitting and customized for a particular dog. In order for the dog to be warm, the legs of the bottom are going to the gum. Based on this scheme, can sew a great thing.