How To Sew Or Tie A Hat For A Dog With Your Own Hands

Many hostesses with the onset of autumn and winter cold think how to tie a hat for a dog with their own hands. Those who knit or crochet are looking for knit patterns on the Internet. Skillful seamstresses choose interesting patterns. Of course, not all dogs need hats. For example, it is difficult to imagine a Mastiff or a German Shepherd in a flirty hat. And small dogs, which are very cold, especially short-haired (dachshunds) and partially deprived of hair (Chinese crested), really need a hat. Such a funny chihuahua and a charming dwarf spitz will be pleased with such a hat.

The cap should be comfortable. In the manufacture of products, it is desirable to avoid synthetics, because small dogs sweat a lot, and their delicate skin must breathe properly. When they sew or knit a hat for a dog, they are guided by the same principles as when sewing (knitting) for a child: convenience, reliability, beauty, comfort and health. Little hat will save a pet from cold in hard frosts. Of course, if it’s minus twenty-five outside, then a good owner won’t even let a pet out of the house. However, in the fall, when it is rainy and dank outside, a warm hat will make the walk joyful and unforgettable.

Why you should tie or sew a dog hat with your own hands

Of course, it’s not necessary to sew a pet hat. Many housewives safely walk their dogs without hats, and animals therefore do not suffer. However, there are several reasons to attend to the manufacture of this elegant product:

A hat made at home in full accordance with the size of the animal will be better kept on the head than a faceless purchasing hat designed for “medium size”. Many small dogs have an anatomically irregular shape of the skull (flattened, convex), but this is not taken into account when mass tailoring hats. Therefore, if the hostess wants the cap to fit perfectly, the only way out is to sew it on her own;

  • Many dogs with large, open ears often have otitis. Otitis can occur due to drafts, as well as from the ingress of small insects, mites and other parasites into the ear. To avoid such troubles will help the cap with closed ears. If you sew it from a waterproof material, you can put such a hat on your head during bathing;
  • A dog in an original hat always attracts attention and stands out from the crowd of its own kind. With such a fashionable dog, it is not a shame to go “to the high society”: to the theater, to the cinema, to go for a walk, to the festive events at the club of decorative dog breeding;
  • Some dog breeds have ears that are so long that they interfere with eating. For example, this happens with Cocker Spaniels. In this case, a cap in the form of a stocking of well-stretching material will be very useful.
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    How to tie a dog hat

    In order to knit a hat for your beloved pet, you will need:

    How To Sew Or Tie A Hat For A Dog With Your Own Hands

    • Yarn. It is best to take a natural monophonic yarn. However, experienced knitters can take several colors to decorate the product with intricate ornaments;
    • Hook or knitting needles. Since most dog hats are round, circular knitting needles are ideal for work;
    • Knitting pattern. They can be found in magazines and books on dog breeding. And you can borrow the scheme of their magazine "Knit for Children", adapting it to the anatomical features of the dog;
    • Decorative items to decorate the finished product.
    How To Sew Or Tie A Hat For A Dog With Your Own Hands

    To begin work you need to take measurements. After measuring the girth of the animal’s head, you can start knitting. Knitting is carried out in a circle, using a hook or circular knitting needles. At first the circle will be wide, then it will begin to narrow gradually. As a result, you should get a conical-shaped headdress or a slightly flattened “pill” hat, resembling a female beret. When the thing is ready, you can sew on top of a funny pompon or tassel. Pompons and brushes are easy to do with your own hands from multicolored wool.

    You can sew for the animal cap, resembling a helmet. The main advantage of a hat-helmet is that it tightly wraps the head, and the ears do not freeze. This model is suitable for dogs with small neat ears. And for those animals that have long drooping ears, it is best to sew a spacious “sock” hat. The headdress of this style resembles the cap of the popular fairy-tale hero Buratino. The main thing – to guess the size, so that the ears of the animal fit freely inside such a cap. The animal in the hat of that style resembles a ridiculous little gnome.

    If the hat is designed for cold (for example, when the dog and the owner live in the northern regions), you can sew a warm fleece lining from the inside. In addition to the cap, some hostesses also knit a petticoat collar that reliably protects the neck. There should be no strings and laces on the cap, because the presence of any ropes can lead to injuries: the animal can become confused and even suffocate by accidentally pulling on the “tail” of the strings.

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    How to sew a hat for a dog

    In order to sew a pet hat by hand or on a sewing machine, you will need:

    • The cloth. It can be dense (for winter hats) or, on the contrary, light and thin (for summer hats, which are purely decorative function). The cloth should not be heavy, otherwise the little dog will feel very uncomfortable;
    • Pattern It can be easily made by removing the measure from the animal’s head;
    • Everything you need to cut the fabric: a large table in a well-lit room, sharp tailor’s scissors, pattern paper, chalk to transfer the pattern to the fabric, as well as patterns (if the skilled worker decided to sew a hat of a complicated, fancy shape);
    • Everything you need to take measurements: tape "centimeter", paper and pen to record dimensions;
    • Sewing needle and durable thread;
    • Sewing pins for preliminary "fitting" of parts to each other before basting;
    • Decorative items for decoration.

    When everything is ready, you can get to work. When taking measurements, the dog must be at rest. If it will twitch, the measurement results may be unreliable. Therefore, if the animal shows anxiety, it is better to postpone the procedure to another time. A good option is to take measurements from a sleeping animal. But this should be done carefully so that the pet does not wake up from careless movements.

    When measurements are taken, you can begin cutting fabric and tailoring. The easiest way to sew a hat with your hands, because it has a small size. However, you can use the sewing machine. Every craftswoman solves this issue independently. The finished product is trying on a pet. If the cap is a little big, it can be closed. If, on the contrary, it is small, you can simply try to stretch it (if the fabric stretches).

    If you can not stretch the cap, you can neatly unzip it and insert a few additional wedges (of the same or a different color). The finished product can be decorated, Decor options depend on the master’s fantasy. For a dog the main thing is comfort and warmth.

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    How to decorate the finished product

    You should not use fine beads, beads, rhinestones and sequins for decoration. If they are not very firmly sewn, these decorative elements may fall off and fall into the animal’s eye (mouth, ear). Also it is necessary to refrain from such things as all sorts of laces and ribbons, for security reasons. However, an original flower made of satin ribbons can be sewn on the tops of the caps.

    Many needlewomen use artificial flowers to decorate their hats. This is a good option, but the flower should not be heavy. It is not necessary to decorate the product with brooches. If the brooch is unbuttoned, the animal can be scratched with a metal clasp. The cap should not hamper the movement of the animal. You should not overload the hat with the decor, otherwise there is a risk of not seeing the dog itself behind the cap.

    Good advice to needlewomen

    A hat designed for a small dog should also be small. A little dwarf dog in a huge, magnificently decorated hat with feathers will look funny and feel uncomfortable. Winter should be warm, but not heavy. In a heavy hat the dog will not be able to move normally. While the dog is moving, a headdress should not fit her eyes, making it difficult to see the road.

    In order for the cap not to crawl, you can slightly pinch its top using a decorative clip or an ordinary plastic “crab” for hair. Then the animal will feel confident and free. If a dog shows anxiety while putting on a hat, it is necessary to accustom her to wearing gradually. First, you can wear a hat for five minutes, and then gradually increase the time of wearing.

    A dog in an elegant headdress can be a real pride of the hostess. The main thing in the manufacture of hats is to take into account not only beauty, but also convenience, and also take into account the physiological features of the structure of the animal. Only in that case the finished product will be functional. Practical and elegant. The dog will certainly be delighted with a new dress and will be the most fashionable animal in the whole yard.