How To Sew Overalls For A Small Dog, With A Pattern

It is possible to sew clothes for dogs of different sizes, but in the process of developing dog clothes, dwarf breeds are more popular because of their small size, they are more susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Therefore, ready-made clothes for small dogs are more common.

Home overalls, pajamas made of light cotton fabric, satin, satin or silk are relevant for long-haired breeds of dogs whose wool is packed in papilotki. The incredibly long luxurious wool of exhibition shih tzu, Yorkshire terriers and Maltese lapdogs requires a lot of attention and meticulous care.

Show breeds dress only in silk. As a fastener, it is better to use ordinary ties. For exhibition long-haired breeds, plain silk overalls are sewn with a smooth, shiny face inward. If you sew from a colored material, the “wrong side” shines through with a faded pattern.

The jumpsuit is worn over the top of the papillok so that the dog does not remove them and to further protect the coat from contamination.

The collar and cuffs must be sufficiently free, otherwise on the ground of their contact with the animal’s hair, the wool will fall off. It is better not to gather overalls for a long-haired dog on an elastic band: the fur on the paws is so badly damaged and knocked down. It is better to make loose cuffs or leave them without cuffs at all. The neck of a long-haired animal should be closed. The most convenient for this purpose is a stand-up collar with ties. Waist better to make a drawstring.

The stitches are made outward, so that the wool in the axillary and inguinal folds is less dumped.

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For home overalls do not use artificial and rustling fabrics.
A zipper with a strap, buttons or buttons is suitable as a fastener. Velcro can easily ruin the hair of the animal.

Homemade pajamas can also be useful for a naked dog or cat. Pajamas will protect your pet from drafts. If the apartment is cold, then you should have a jumpsuit made of flannel or knitted fabric or a warm boot. The skin of bare animals is very sensitive, to avoid scuffing, the seams can be made out. It is not necessary to constantly keep the animal in clothes and muffle up in warm clothes so as not to disturb the body’s natural thermoregulation.

Such a jumpsuit to a bare dog will additionally protect against active sunlight.

Another use of home overalls is pajamas. It is no secret that often the owners allow their animals to sleep not on their bedding, but in the owners’ bed. If the dog or cat sheds heavily, the wool remains on the bedding and is not very easy to wash. In this case, pajamas can be worn in the evening and taken off in the morning when the bed is already cleaned.

Any home jumpsuit-pajamas should be washed regularly. Even with perfect cleanliness in the apartment, clothes quickly get dirty. It is better to wash with soap or laundry detergent intended for washing baby clothes, without fragrances. Animals are sensitive to strong odors, and chemical additives can cause them an allergic reaction.

Since the overalls will dry for some time, it is better to have a second to replace.

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Pattern jumpsuit for a small dog.

How To Sew Overalls For A Small Dog, With A Pattern

How To Sew Overalls For A Small Dog, With A Pattern

How to sew jumpsuit:

  1. To take a measure of the length of the back from the neck to the base of the tail
  2. Divide the resulting number by 8 and delineate a sheet of paper into cells of the obtained length.
  3. Redraw the pattern presented above, in the cells on your paper with a grid.
  4. Cut the paper version of the pattern
  5. Put the paper pattern on the fabric (place the edges along the oblique line of the fabric), cut around the chalk, leaving allowances for the seams (1-2cm).
  6. Cut the fabric pattern
  7. Sweep sides:
    • CO + C1O1
    • DР + D1Р1
    • XY + X1Y1
    • E1D1 + E2D2 starting from point E1
    • Repeat the same with the other side.
    • Try on the dog and fit to size. If there is a belt, then sew a drawstring.
    • To sew
    • To process sleeves, a mouth and opposite parts of overalls.
    • Sew a fastener (use of Velcro is undesirable, see above).
    • You can sew handles and pockets as desired.
    • You can also insert into the seams of the cord to adjust the size