How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

With the onset of cold weather, dog owners increasingly dress their pets in colorful overalls, boots, and sometimes even in their clothes. But the jumpsuit is not only and not so much decorative as it has a practical function. In this article, you will be presented with a master class in tailoring the suit for your pet, and we will also understand whether a jumpsuit is needed, whether it is useful for a dog and in what cases it is worth giving preference to him.

Jumpsuits: Pros and Cons

To begin with about the benefits and harm. Like everything else, the suit has pros and cons. This clothing is great for long but passive walks when the dog is moving a little. There are breeds of dogs that are not adapted to our climatic conditions, and therefore freeze at the first cold. If the dog has long hair, we also recommend that you walk the animal in a waterproof overalls. This will help prevent contamination of the coat and you do not have to bathe the dog completely. But there is a minus. If the dog gradually gets used to the cold, it gets a thick undercoat that retains the warmth of the dog’s body even in the cold. If the dog is not used to the cold and is constantly walking in overalls, such an undercoat will either not grow, or its thickness will not be enough to keep warm.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Buy or sew?

But if you still decide to purchase a jumpsuit, we advise you to take a few so that you can change them and not wait until one dries after washing. Also, one can be for more festive events, others – for everyday walking.

Sewing process

The first thing you have to do is take your measurements. Measure the dog from the base of the skull to the root of the tail, the length of the paws from the spine, the circumference of withers, chest and abdomen in the widest places. These are the main measures, a more detailed description can be found in the size chart for dogs. You will need a soft fabric for the lining, bolonevoy or raincoat fabric for the front part, elastic (wide, linen) and lace.

Internal and external parts are cut out almost the same, in the external parts you can make a margin for the seams. External and internal parts are separately grinded, then grinded together, only the hole for the zipper remains. Through it, the jumpsuit is twisted and zipped. The sleeves and legs are trimmed with rubber bands, and the lace goes into the neck. On the Internet you can find not only a table of sizes for dogs, but also examples of patterns to simplify your task.

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Fitting overalls

At the first fitting the dog can resist. You do not need to be angry at him, just patiently do your job. When the overalls are worn, praise the pet. If suddenly the jumpsuit is great, do not suture it, make a few grooves, so the dog will feel more comfortable. Do not forget that your pet will not only stand and sit in overalls. The product must be comfortable and during the game, running, the dog must be scratched freely in it, otherwise the dog will get annoyed and tear off his uncomfortable clothes.

We remind you that the material for sewing overalls must be hypoallergenic at least for lining. It can wash cotton or linen. And once again – the freedom of movement of the animal! We hope, soon your pet will become the owner of a beautiful jumpsuit sewn by your hands!

How to sew a dog jumpsuit with their own hands

How to sew a dog jumpsuit with their own hands

For a long time, clothes for dogs have ceased to amaze anyone. Walking on the street, pets flaunt different outfits that play the role, both protective and decorative. After all, the owner of the dog rarely denies himself the pleasure to show it to other "colleagues" in all its glory.

Of course, the favorite outfit was and remains the jumpsuit in any variations. These are both warm outfits for the weather, and lightweight options for the off-season or just a cool evening.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Materials required for sewing:

  • ready-made overalls pattern;
  • elastic fabric (preferably fleece or knitwear), the main – about 80 cm with a width of 140 cm;
  • elastic contrast fabric for a collar and cuffs – about 40 cm with the same width;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • pins;
  • sewing machine.

We make all seams on knitwear with the help of special elastic lines, if they are not on the machine, then we sew with a usual zigzag, only narrow ones. All seams are processed on the overlock or similar lines on a typewriter.

1. In the fashion magazine «Diana Moden» № 12/2011 we take the pattern of our future overalls. This will be model 3939 A. This pattern is suitable for dogs with sizes from withers to the beginning of the tail 30-43 cm. We translate all the relevant parts to the tracing paper and continue to work with them. In the magazine, the patterns are already given with an allowance for a seam of 1.5 cm.

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2. Transferring the pattern to the fabric

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

In the end, we should be able to:

a. Main body, single cut with back sleeve – 1 folded part b. front sleeve – 2 parts; c. cuffs – 4 parts; d. collar – 1 detail.

3. The front sleeves are clipped with cuts of the base of the jumpsuit, combining the circumferences along all the marks

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

4. We fold the details of the cuffs in half and fasten them to the bottom of all the sleeves.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

5. Sew the longitudinal sections of the sleeves.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Then we lay the middle seam.

6. Collar stitched in short cuts.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

7. Now turn the resulting ring inside out (photo 7). Sew the collar in the neck.

8. Bottom of the jumpsuit (cut for the abdomen) overlap, bend and sew by hand or on a typewriter.

Outfit for your favorite dog, made with your own hands ready and now she is not afraid of cool evenings

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

It takes quite a bit of time to make such overalls, but the result is pleasing to the eye.

Clothes for dogs »How to sew overalls at home

It is important not only to build the correct pattern of the jumpsuit on the dog, but also to choose the right model of this jumpsuit.

Models of overalls, by and large, can be divided into only two groups:

All differently give their preference to one or the other type of overalls. It all depends on what specific case this jumpsuit is needed.

Most often, my clients are not satisfied with the unisex model, the model of overalls with an open belly. But there are exceptions.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Building a jumpsuit for a dog with a closed belly and a detailed assembly of such jumpsuit, I analyze individually!

And I decided to put the assembly of the jumpsuit with an open belly on the site. The master class was very detailed. It contains a lot of photographic materials. A detailed plan of this master class can be viewed at the link:

Sew a jumpsuit for dogs with their own hands

I tried using the example of a jumpsuit assembly for the Yorkshire terrier to give detailed instructions so that you can sew such jumpsuit on your own. Overalls of such cut will be suitable for dogs of any breed.

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In order to complete this master class, it remains only to disassemble one step.

How to finish the assembly of the suit

To sew a jumpsuit for a dog correctly, you need to think in advance about the entire assembly at the time of building the pattern.

In our case, this concerns how and when to combine parts of the jumpsuit. Let me remind you that we have already started processing our neck, but did not finish it until the end. We sewed our collar only to the upper face of the jumpsuit, and we have yet to connect the collar with the lining.

If you have taken into account all my advice, then we can only turn inside out through the junction of our buckle to fasten our overalls and pin our collar with the inside of the back with needles.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Usually I do it not quite like that, but for this model I chose this kind of processing.

You can process the neck in a different sequence:

  • If you first assemble the entire jumpsuit, including trim the edges of the slats for the fastener, then the collar must be sewn last.
  • Another option is possible, in which the neck is first processed after the assembly of the main parts of the jumpsuit, and then the final trim of the fastener strips. But then you need to do the strips themselves separate details. As I said, the pattern should already be changed.

Let’s return to the assembly of our overalls.

After our collar is connected to the back (the inside of our jumpsuit), you need to turn it back through the buckle bar.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

And we should have the following:

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

And the inside view will be:

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Now we can proceed to the final assembly of our jumpsuit.

When we collected the lower part of our jumpsuit, then we began assembling this part, retreating 2 cm from the edge of our slats for the fastener. We can only wrap these 2 cm on the inside of our slat, pin them with needles to it and flash everything.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

It remains to put the buttons on the press and the jumpsuit is ready.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs?

Master class How to sew overalls for dogs