How To Sew Overalls For Dogs

Cynologists are skeptical about the fashionable hobby of dog owners today to dress their four-legged friends in special clothes. No one will be surprised by the look of a dog in a flirty jumpsuit or a coat walking down the street. Some owners are so keen on the wardrobe of dogs that they sew fashionable clothes on their own.

How to sew overalls for dogs?

Jumpsuit for small dogs

The basis for the pattern of overalls is the distance from the neck to the root of the tail. In the diagram, this segment is indicated by the line AB, where the point A denotes the tail, and the point B. the neck. The collar (circumference of the neck) should not be made too tight.

After measuring this distance, divide it by 8 to calculate the length of the side of the square of the grid that will be used to build the pattern. Next on the paper sheet you need to draw a grid. The side of the grid square is 1 / 8AB. Pattern drawing transfer to the grid. Such a square jumpsuit for dogs is universal – perfect for pets of any size. Assemble the leg cuffs in gum, adjust the width and length during the fitting.

Overalls for dogs. It is simple, but we recommend to practice on the canvas, for example, an old sheet. For such a suit, the mantle on the flannel lining is great. You can carve out a jumpsuit with a hood, which will serve as an excellent protection from wet snow, rain and wind gusts.

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This pattern can be used for sewing not only overalls, but also other items of dog wardrobe: tunics, dresses, etc. Do not be afraid to make your own changes to the pattern.

Overalls raincoat for a dog with a hood

The most suitable material is waterproof taffeta as the main fabric, for warming it is recommended to use a synthetic winterizer, knitted flannel as a lining fabric, as well as an elastic gum, a zipper, buttons.

The following measurements should be taken: back length, neck circumference, chest girth, length of the hind and anterior paws. Between the front legs measure the width of the chest.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs
  1. Side of the suit: 2 pcs. from flannel, taffeta, sintepon.
  2. Lower part to cover the abdomen and chest: 1 pc. from flannel, taffeta, sintepon.
  3. Sleeve for forepaw: 2 pcs. from flannel and waterproof taffeta.
  4. Pants for the hind legs: 2 pcs. from knitted flannel and taffeta.
  5. Cuffs are made of knitted fabric. 4 things.
  6. Fastener taffeta flap valves – 2 pcs.
  7. Hood: 1 pc. from flannel, taffeta.
  8. Peak for overalls: 1 pc. from flexible plastic and 2 pieces. from taffeta.
How To Sew Overalls For Dogs

Do not forget about seam allowances of 3 cm.

  1. All items from taffeta and synthetic winterizer sew together.
  2. In the line of the chest between the paired side parts of the main fabric, sew the lower part, which covers the abdomen and chest.
  3. Do the same with the lining fabric. Then sew the product with the lining, leaving the back line and armhole open.
  4. Sew the details of the legs and sleeves.
  5. Sew sleeves in armholes. Sew a button and a loop of gum in the armpits.
  6. Sew the trousers to the sides of the jumpsuit from the outside. From the inside, where the legs do not connect with anything, do a double hem.
  7. Also, sew a button and a loop of elastic in the groin area to connect the upper part of the jumpsuit to the bottom.
  8. First try on the hood on the dog so that it is not too tight. Leave the seam allowance to fit loosely and insert the gum.
  9. Lay the hood patterns out of the lining and core fabric face to face and sew; leave the neckline slit unstitched. Make a notch before the seam. Wrap open stitching of the hood and sew a velcro fastener (fleecy part) along the neckline in several segments.
  10. Stitch the parts of the visor with the front sides inwards along the long section, make notches before the seam. Unscrew and insert the plastic part inside.
  11. Hide the seam allowances in the open cut of the visor and sew the visor to the hood.
  12. Wrap the neck of the jumpsuit and sew a few segments of the velcro (clinging part). The parts of the velcro should coincide on the hood and the neck.
  13. Sew a zipper along the back of the line.