How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With A Pattern

I found an interesting article about stitching a simple jumpsuit for a dog. The article has a pattern. I removed all the water from the article, leaving only the main one. If there is a desire to read the entire article, then at the end I will give a link.

We sew overalls for dogs

For the pattern, prepare a sheet of paper, a meter and a pencil. First measure your dog’s back from the tail to the collar. Then draw a line of the same size on paper. Divide it into eight parts. One of the parts will be equal to the length of the cage. Then cut the entire sheet of cells of this size. For clarity, the article is a diagram, check with her.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With A Pattern

Then measure your dog by the points that are marked with a cross in the diagram. After connect the resulting points and you get a complete picture. Do not forget to add three centimeters to the upper side of the pattern to make a “back”. The circuit is ready.

Now uncover two of the same details for the following marks: M-F-Z-K-D-I-L-G-B-N. If you want to do a double jumpsuit, then make another pattern on the marks HBNM and one for G-D-S-L. For an insert for the abdomen, it is necessary to make a detail according to points AB, as well as VG. To do this, measure the volume of the chest and waist.

We sew for dogs on pattern

Start with an insert. Sew it from the neck to the armpit of the jumpsuit. Then thread the abdominal part and continue sewing until the groin. Again, insert the overalls inset to the back pant leg to the tail hole (for boys), cutting out the fly, or to its middle (for dogs-girls). It would be great if you put a zipper on your fly.

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The length of the trousers for dog overalls depends on the length of the paws. At the bottom you need to make gum. Also pay attention to puffing elastic pants, otherwise the movement of the dog will be constrained. And do not forget that you sew clothes for dogs not only for the sake of uniqueness and beauty, but also for the comfort and convenience of your pet.

What material is suitable for dog clothes?

If you want to sew clothes for a dog, then get hypoallergenic material – cotton or linen. But such a fabric is more suitable for lining. In wet weather, the top layer should be high-quality waterproof synthetics.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With A Pattern

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With A Pattern

Personally, I really liked the pocket! Generally, a very neat kombezheshka, right?