How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

How to sew a dog jumpsuit with their own hands?

With the approach of cold weather on the street one can more and more often meet walking dogs dressed in fancy overalls. Such a tribute to fashion is not devoid of meaning, because dogs with long hair during bad weather can get very dirty, and pets with short fur will freeze more.

Cute light or warm winter overalls for dogs do not sew with their own hands so difficult. At the same time, you do not need special time and money. In our master class we will tell you how to sew a jumpsuit for every day with your own hands. Before proceeding to work, you should decide on the material. To make clothes for the fall need water-repellent fabric, which is easy to get from the old coat. For a warm combo fit a piece of fabric from an unnecessary winter jacket. We will use the old fleece sweater, from which you will get comfortable and comfortable clothes for a small dog.

So, we need:

  • fabric for the base – 70 x 50 cm;
  • light fabric for cuffs and collar – 20 cm;
  • pattern;
  • threads;
  • needles and pins;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • overlock.

How to sew overalls for dogs?

  1. The most important part of our work is the pattern, because the design of the future product depends on it. Before you sew a jumpsuit for your dog with your own hands, we apply the pattern to the fabric and draw the outline with a piece of chalk or a pencil, leaving 1.5 cm of seam allowance along the edges. We did it: a piece of fabric for a body of 32 cm long, two lengths for sleeves – 8 cm, 2 details for cuffs – 3 x 6.5 cm and one detail for a collar – 4.5×8 cm.
    How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter
  2. As it is impossible to sew a jumpsuit with your own hands blindly, “we try on the resulting blank with particles on our pet. If everything fits and the dimensions are correct, fold the cuff details, sew to the sleeves, and overlap the seams.
  3. Then, we sew the sleeves into the base, and process the seams with an overlock.
  4. Sew the front and back sleeves along the longitudinal section and overlap.

dog jumpsuit | Country Masters

this is Nadia. She is from Odessa, and lives in the north. She does not have a undercoat, bald belly and she is freezing, so she needs clothes.

On the basis of this pattern, I sewed her several overalls

top umbrella, lining.flis, fleece collar, without insulation

top – silver raincoat, bottom-fleece, fleece collar warmed

artificial top-coat + taffeta with payetka (former skirt), low-padded sintepon lined, trimmed with arctic fox

upper spandex, nysintepon, minted fox

This is a pattern of soft boots, I will try to sew them later

Well, sweaters. I did not knit them, so I do not exhibit. How to sew a reflective strip exactly?

It is tough, i.e. I don’t take a long ruler and draw a line with chalk so that the marker lights fall on the front and back of the dog. On the front side we draw, not on the wrong side. We have a long dark winter, so it’s necessary that the cars it was obvious that someone was walking. We also draw a line in the middle of the leg (this is to save the strip). Put the patterns together with chalk inwards and palm along the chalk lines — they are printed on another piece of the pattern.

At the upper line of the line we sew stripes in a zigzag pattern. They are more comfortable because the umbrella is soft and slides, and the strip is hard.

How to sew overalls for dogs

What is clothing "haute couture" is known to all, although its true value is greatly exaggerated by many. The main requirement for haute couture, according to the Paris High Fashion Syndicate. at least 70% handmade. So, having sewed an own jumpsuit for a dog, the proud title of couturier can be worn with good reason.

Perhaps embroidered with rhinestones and richly decorated overalls, not the most comfortable clothing for dogs, but raincoats or winterized overalls are quite utilitarian items of clothing. Any dogman understands this. Even in summer, a light breathable jumpsuit is able to protect our pet from burdocks, and partly from ticks. Dressing up and especially dressing up is not the favorite occupation of our smaller friends, so the main condition for dog clothes is that it should be as comfortable as possible.

The process of making a dog attire begins, like any other, with the removal of measurements. How to do it correctly is described in detail in the video below:

Now you need to make patterns – just like people:

It is necessary to approach the choice of fabric for tailoring of overalls taking into account a number of features of a product. If the model is designed for the autumn-spring period, the fabric should be waterproof, easy to wash off and dry quickly. In warmer winter options, it is necessary to provide a lining: smooth – for long-haired dogs and soft, cozy – for shorthair. The fastener can be made with a zipper, but on especially restless top models it is more convenient to fix exclusive outfits with velcro on the back. The choice of model and decoration is a matter of taste of the owner.


Clothes for dogs »We sew for dogs: winter overalls

As a rule, clothing for our pets complements the image of their owner. All women of fashion aspire to this, but not always it succeeds …

What are the fashion trends for dogs for this winter?

The general fashion trend is such that neither cold nor autumn will be winter!

Colors are preferable to choose bright and catchy:

  • bamboo color
  • fiery orange
  • emerald blue tint
  • a special place designers have given red color.

Colored faux fur will also be popular.

Therefore, today we will focus on overalls for the autumn – winter period with a faux fur collar.

The choice of fabric, style and finish is not an easy task. It is important that in the end all the details of the product look harmonious and not look too challenging. When this jumpsuit was conceived, the collar for it was planned to be made of colored faux fur, but the styles were too different.

The pile of faux fur was too long and more suited for the hood than for the collar. We must not forget that during a walk it can get wet and it will look like icicles …

I want to dwell on some moments of the assembly of this jumpsuit.

This is a winter jumpsuit, so its interior consists of two layers: fleece and padding polyester.

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if you are going to sew a very warm jumpsuit, do not forget that the interior is too thick and will hinder the movement of the dog. It may be necessary to abandon several layers for sleeves and pants. The smaller the dog, the harder it will move in this jumpsuit. It is worth considering an option in this case without a synthetic winterizer.

For this suit, I used a reflective strip. Since the jacket and pants consist of several parts, we first sew a reflective strip on the desired insert, and then we assemble the pants and sleeves.

For sewing on the reflective stripe, I use the threads that I specially selected for this occasion, since ordinary threads stand out strongly when light falls on it.

We fix the reflective strip only on the allowance so that there are no holes left, sew strictly along the line that was drawn in advance on the outside with chalk.

After assembling all the details, it turns out our side suit jumpsuit. Time to assemble such a suit takes, of course, more, but it’s worth it.

The resulting side plates connect with the insert between the legs and on the stomach. Then we connect the inside of the suit and the outside. We process the bottom of the sleeves and pants.

Then we proceed to the processing of the cut at the tail and the neck.

For the neck, neckline at the tail or for lacing, we need a cord or elastic band. The ends must be processed, otherwise they will unfurl. To avoid this, I burn them with a cigarette lighter.

The final stage of assembly – clasp.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

I will take a detailed look at all the steps involved in building the pattern of such a jumpsuit and assembling it in the Online training “Do-it-yourself dog clothes!”, Which will begin on December 13.

How to sew overalls for dogs with their own hands?

Many dog ​​breeds today come from warm countries. Therefore, they are uncomfortable in our climate. And if large smooth-haired dogs need mainly winter and demi-season clothes, then it is difficult for representatives of small breeds to do without warming even in the early morning hours and in the evening in summer.

Pet clothes are quite expensive. But you can make yourself a jumpsuit for the dog. The instructions of the masters given in our article will help to cope with this task.

Varieties of overalls for dogs

Insulated clothing for four-legged pets. the right thing in the cold season. Sometimes the temperature drops so low, even in central Russia, that caring owners use winter overalls for dogs.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

In rainy weather, animals need to be protected from precipitation. Here overalls from waterproof fabric come to the rescue. Raincoats are often equipped with hoods, sometimes they are warmed.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

And four-legged pets of small breeds need clothes even in summer. Light overalls for dog-baby. Chihuahua, Dachshund, Italian Greyhound, Spitz, Pekingese. made without lining, single-layer.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

Clothes for pets not only sew, but also knit. Elegant overalls with multi-colored drawings, embroidery, applications attract the eyes of passers-by while walking. And the pets themselves in them are cozy and comfortable.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

Overalls from an old sweater

Many housewives have a place where obsolete items are stored. Of these, you can make clothes for your four-legged pet.

The easiest way to remake an old sweater is for a dog. The manufacturing process will take a minimum of time in the event that the width of the back between the legs of the animal corresponds to the width of the back or the front of the clothing to be converted.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

Then with a sweater will need to do so:

  • cut on one side;
  • remove excess on the abdomen, making a fastener along the cut;
  • make a cutout on the bottom of the abdomen if the clothes are prepared for a dog;
  • cut the sleeves to the desired length;
  • make cuts for trousers in the lower part of the workpiece;
  • sew in armholes remnants of sleeves.

The problem may arise with the width of the sleeves, if an adult sweater is taken. Then you need to flog them and take them down. The gap in this case is also reduced, making recesses in the side seams.

Taking measurements

It is important that the pattern of overalls for the dog was convenient. Therefore, you should first remove the measurements from the animal. To do this, use the usual centimeter tape.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter
  1. The length of the back is measured from the base of the neck to the start of the tail. Measuring tape laid along the spine.
  2. The girth of the neck should be measured at its widest point. It is usually located at the base of the neck.
  3. The length of the legs is measured from the abdomen. Summer overalls for dogs can be with long or short sleeves and trouser legs.
  4. To measure chest girth, a centimeter tape is passed under the stomach, shifting it as far as possible to the front paws, and lead to the withers.
  5. Waist girth measure in the narrowest place dog grain.
  6. The height of the chest is the distance from the base of the neck to the front and to the shoulder joint of the front paw.
  7. Measurements of the circles of the fore and hind paws are removed from the top and bottom.
  8. The full length of the abdomen is measured from the base of the neck 1-2 cm beyond the back leg.
  9. For a dog requires an additional measure. Therefore, make a second measurement of the length of the abdomen. before the penis.
  10. To build a piece you need to know the distance between the front and hind legs. These measurements are taken on the dog’s stomach.

Building a pattern, the basics of the back: master class

Before you sew a jumpsuit for a dog, you need to make a pattern for cutting fabric. The easiest way to build a base pattern is as follows.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter
  1. Draw a segment of straight AB, equal to the length of the back.
  2. A piece of AB continue to the right for 3 cm (constant value), get the point G.
  3. Calculate the distance from A to B, for which the girth of the neck is divided by the number "pi", that is, 3.14. For example, if the OR is 48 cm, AB is approximately 15.3 cm; at OS = 30 cm AB = 9.6 cm and so on.
  4. From C and D down lay on perpendiculars of the segments, equal to three-quarters of the chest half-length, that is, this measure is multiplied by точки and get the points D and E.
  5. Connect the straight line D and E.
  6. On AB, they are looking for a point W: the segment AJ is equal to ¼ of the length of the back.
  7. From J lower perpendicular LM.
  8. On AB to the left of vertex B, point Z is found: the segment BZ is equal to ¼ of the length of the back.
  9. Build perpendicular ZK.
  10. From B lay down the VL segment, equal to (AV. 4) cm, draw the neck with arc A and L.
  11. They lay on the LC a segment equal to об of the half-waist of the waist, put a dot M.
  12. Connect the straight line I and M, continuing the line to the intersection with the arc of the GE – get N.
  13. Connect the arc B and N.
  14. The angle of LO is equal to 45 degrees.
  15. On the ray of LO they lay off a segment of LP equal to the height of the chest.
  16. Connect PI straight.
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It turned out the pattern half back. The length indicated in AB drawing is a bend line.

Building a base pattern details of the abdomen for clothing knots: master class

To make a jumpsuit for the dog with your own hands, you need to develop a template of the second part, which is sewn from below.

  1. Spend a straight line AB equal to the length of the abdomen.
  2. Build a perpendicular AB, equal to the sixth part of the neck circumference + 2 cm.
  3. From the vertex B they line up a beam of an angle of 45 °, equal in length to the height of the chest, set a point G.
  4. Find on AB point D, so that the segment of blood pressure was equal to a quarter of the length of the back.
  5. Spend at a right angle DE, corresponding to half the distance between the front legs plus 2 cm.
  6. Build a right angle with the top B, where the BZ is equal to half the distance between the hind legs plus 2 cm.
  7. W divides AB in half, ZI is perpendicular to AB and is equal to DE.
  8. Connect E, And and G.

Construction of the base pattern details of the abdomen for clothes of a dog

Pieces of a stomach for a dog-boy build so:

  1. Make a drawing using the algorithm for constructing patterns for knots.
  2. On AB find the point K so that the length of AK is equal to the length of the abdomen of the dog from the base of the neck to the sexual organ.
  3. Build perpendicular CL.

To work leave only the left part of the pattern, located before the segment CL. This is also half the detail with the fold line.

Building patterns sleeves and legs

These patterns also represent half the details. The bend line runs along the upper long side, marked on the drawings AB. Patterns for sleeves and for trouser legs are drawn similarly. Only in the first case the measurements of the forepaw are used, and in the second. back.

  1. Draw a segment of AB, equal to the length of the front paws.
  2. Additional construction: segment DG, parallel AB, where BP is half the upper girth of the front paw plus 3 cm.
  3. Angle BAS – 45 °.
  4. BU – half-grip of the lower part of the front paw plus 2 cm.
  5. Points B and E are connected.

The order of work when sewing

For the manufacture of winter clothing will need to cut out a separate lining, linings and the top of the product. Then the parts are stitched and assembled. Lining and insulation cut out on the built patterns, making only allowances for seams. For the top of the warmed overalls, depending on the thickness of the podstezhka, an increase of 1-2 cm should be made along the edges of the patterns.

Summer jumpsuit is made in a single layer. Cut out all the details of the fabric, folded in half, blowing patterns sides AB on the fold of matter.

In addition, it should be noted that the product will require 2 sleeves and 2 legs.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

Small dogs that have no wool, it is best to make the seams out, as in the manufacture of clothing for infants. The skin of such animals is very delicate, it should not be injured.

Knitted overalls to the four-footed pet

According to the patterns, you can not only sew clothes for pets, but also knit. It is only important to choose the right yarn. For animals that have no wool, the material must be soft and not prickly.

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

You can knit a jumpsuit for a dog with knitting or crocheting. When the master applies the product to the pattern, adjusting the edge: closes the hinges in a row or adds.

Finished knitted parts are sewn in the same way as in the manufacture of overalls made of fabric. Decorate products with appliqué, embroidery, bows, buttons and other decorative elements.

How to sew clothes for dogs with their own hands, patterns clothes for dogs

How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands How To Sew Overalls For Dogs Winter

Dog clothes

A few decades ago, clothing for dogs was considered something inappropriate and unnecessary. In the USSR, only official breeds were generally considered dogs, with some exaggeration also hunting. The service dog had to be hardy, not afraid of snow, rain, heat or cold. Clothing was considered a sign of shameful effeminacy. And the content of decorative rocks was called philistinism. At that time, the owners and lovers of decorating did not even have the opportunity to unite in a club.

Of course, even then women needlewomen knitted and sewed clothes for their pets. They made patterns of clothes for dogs by trial and error, and shared the experience of what and how to sew clothes for dogs from improvised material. Many of the modern models were developed just then.

After the collapse of the Union with its ideology, the owners of the dogs began to gradually understand that sewing clothes for their favorite dogs is not a whim or a trifle. It is convenient, practical and often necessary. Clothing protects smooth-haired dogs from the harsh Russian climate in winter, for long-haired breeds, waterproof overalls are indispensable in rainy weather. The animal gets dirty less, and the overalls are easier to wash than every day to wash the whole dog several times. In the city in the winter streets are treated with reagents from the formation of ice. These caustic substances in many dogs cause terrible irritation on the skin, up to the formation of painful wounds and the development of eczema. A good jumpsuit and shoes will protect your pet’s skin from harmful chemicals.

When walking in the forest, the jumpsuit also reduces the risk of picking up a tick, protects the wool from the burrs. And for an old and sick dog, warm clothing is vital.

The development of fashion for dogs

Therefore, on the forum of any site of animal lovers there will certainly be a lively discussed topic “We sew clothes for dogs: patterns, schemes”. Most handy and skillful owners share their experience, show off their products, help newcomers with practical advice.

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Overalls, vest, blanket

The following patterns for dog clothes are most popular:

  • Blanket In shape, it resembles a horse blanket: it covers the back and shoulders. Fastened on the neck and sometimes under the belly.
  • Vest. Closes the back, chest, shoulders and part of the abdomen. Sometimes a hood is sewn to the neck of the vest.
  • Overalls. It closes almost the entire body of the dog, leaving only the head and the organs that are used to secrete waste products. Although a hood can be provided for the head. The unit can be fastened with a zipper, buttons, fastened with elastic bands and snaps.
  • Patterns of clothes for small dogs have been developed for pets, which allow sewing and dresses, skirts, and even tuxedos.

For kids like chihuahuas, toy terriers, etc., they often sew comfortable and soft harnesses with wide details. This harness well protects the breast and part of the stomach of a dog from the cold.

When choosing a pattern, pay attention to the fact that models for males and females differ in design. In addition to a deeper cutout on the abdomen, the models of overalls for males should have narrower sleeves and legs, otherwise urine will get into the clothes all the time.

For small and medium breeds of dogs, which the owners prefer to stroll not in the collar, but in the harness, it is rational to sew a ring for attaching the leash carabiner directly to the back of the vest or overalls. So that the fabric does not tear, you can strengthen the design with a strong tape. The reinforcement tape must be sewn on the inside or outside of the clothes so that the ring for the leash does not transfer the load to the fabric, but to the tape. It is more convenient to combine clothes with a harness in many cases, as a harness that is worn over the overalls creates inconvenience for the animal.

There should be no extra decorative details on the clothes of active and mobile dogs: rings, buckles, straps, valves. All these decorations cling to branches of bushes and other obstacles. If business will be limited only to the torn up rag from overalls – it is not a problem. Worse, if a dog gets caught on the run and gets injured.

But the outfits of small decorative dogs with a calm character can be decorated as you like. Owners are usually guided by their taste, financial capabilities and the nature of the dog. Exclusive pet apparel models can be decorated with even expensive fur, even with precious stones and metals. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the dog will not get lost behind a pile of frills and rhinestones.

How to choose, make or adjust the pattern

First you need to take your measurements from your pet. This is done as follows:

The length of the back should be measured when the dog is quietly standing with a straight back. It is convenient to put a collar around her neck and measure the distance from the edge of the collar to the base of the tail. The width of the chest is easier and more correctly measured when the dog is sitting. To measure the length of the pet’s paws, put it in such a way that it does not press the paws and is not hunched. If possible, ask someone to help you with measurements, supporting the dog under the belly.

After removing the measurements, you can choose the actual pattern. Some patterns allow you to adapt it to your pet’s physique. For example, you can download a vest design that is marked with squares. The side of each square is calculated depending on the length of the back of the animal, all sizes increase proportionally. How to handle the pattern, usually written on the scheme itself, or in the annex to the picture.

There is also a detailed master class in which the author, Natalya Burtseva, tells in great detail how to create a pattern for clothes for dogs – poodles or yorkies, it does not matter. Even a person who has not created a single pattern in his life will cope with the construction. Clothing tailored to individual standards will be most convenient for your pet.

It is easiest to sew for dogs with a “standard figure”. This category includes schnauzers, poodles, hounds, retrievers, shepherd dogs, etc. All bulldogs, dachshunds and bassettes, Pekingese, Yorkshire terriers, greyhounds and levretkas require an individual approach to drawing up a pattern.

What materials to use for sewing

What to sew clothes for dogs.

For clothes designed to protect the pet from rain and dirt, you need to take a thin and lightweight waterproof fabric. Suitable fabric produced for sewing umbrellas, tents, raincoats. Such clothes are sewn without lining, so that it dries quickly.

Winter clothes are warmed with padding polyester, fleece. For cold-sensitive small dogs, you can even sew a fur coat made of natural or artificial fur. Natural materials are preferred because they are less prone to the accumulation of static electricity. When sewing thick material, be sure to check the quality of each seam so that it does not interfere with the animal, does not rub the skin.

For undersized dogs it is better to choose fabrics that are easy to wash and do not get too dirty. For active, mobile pets try to choose the most durable materials, otherwise there will be holes on newly-made clothes after the first walk through the thickets.

For elegant clothes of small dogs use any materials.


If you intend to use a zipper for fastening clothes, then for large dogs it is better to choose detachable options made of metal or good plastic. The fact is that many dogs love to lie in clothes on the ground, and not all lightning will withstand this energetic process. Especially if it is located on the back. For small decorative dogs, you can take thin dress zippers. But in any case, the fastener must be sewn with a flap that protects the zipper from getting wool into it.

Buttons are better to sew in places where they will not interfere with the animal during movement.

What is needed hardware.

It is not rational to sew a velcro into clothes for a long-haired dog. Wool caps will quickly score the surface and the clasp will cease to perform its function. Velcro work well only on smooth-haired dogs.

Buttons are generally too unreliable; they can only perform decorative functions on dog clothes.