How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

Before and during sewing shoes for a pet you need:

  1. 1. Take measurements of both the front and the hind legs of the animal. They may vary in size.
  2. 2. Cut and sew shoes in pairs, as the front and hind legs differ in their structure.
  3. 3. Do not make the shoes too narrow. Pet will be uncomfortable to wear them. It is better to cut out shoes with a small margin.
  4. 4. Choose quality and wearable materials for sewing. The top of the shoe should not be pricked. The fabric for the sole must be chosen from non-slip materials.
  5. 5. The seams on the shoes should be done not inside, but outside. Then they will not be able to rub the paws of the animal.

The pet should move around in sewn shoes as easily as without it. If the owner noticed that the shoes move to the side, fall down, twist around on the foot, the product will have to be altered. it is made poor quality.

This model is comfortable to cut and uncomplicated in tailoring will suit even those who rarely take up sewing. Measurements should be taken only two: the length and width of the foot (segment AB) and the rise of the tops (segment CD). The most convenient way to do this is to put the dog on paper and circle the foot in a circle. Immediately measure the desired lift. The assistant must hold the pet in order to prevent him from twitching or running away.

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The pattern of the model is very simple:

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

Workshop on sewing simple shoes:

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

This model is more suitable for small dogs, as dogs of large breeds can throw off shoes with paws.

These comfortable shoes can be sewn in the winter version. from fur, and in the lighter. for spring walks. Sewing model of two parts:

The sole is made in the same way as for simple shoes. The top is cut out in the form of a trapezoid, where the height corresponds to the desired shaft height, width. circumference of the metacarpus (the part of the paw between the foot and the wrist).

Then the shaft is sewn with the sole. The seam should rest on the toe of the shoe. Strings or elastic bands are attached around the pasterns.

The following figure shows the shoes with relaxed and tight strings (1 and 2).

Sew shoes can be both large and for small breeds of dogs. on any pattern. It is only important to accurately determine the size of the foot.

High boots made of waterproof material are perfect for walking in bad weather. They can be insulated by sewing a woolen fabric to the inside and inserting insoles of felt.

This model is a little harder to sew than the previous ones.

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

  • 1. outsole;
  • 2. top of the boot;
  • 3. a strip that provides extra space inside the shoe;
  • 4. leg;
  • 5. shelf.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. 1. Sew part No. 3 to the sole in a circle.
  2. 2. Connect the strip to the top of the boot.
  3. 3. To shank hem detail number 5. like a shelf under the zipper on the pants. So the boots will not get wet and cold.
  4. 4. Connect the boot to the rest of the boot. Leave the side seam open. Shoes will be more comfortable to wear on the paw.
  5. 5. Above the foot to make a pair of cloth loops to insert a cord or velcro. If you make a fastener in two rows, the shoes will hold on better.
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This is how the finished boot should look like:

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs Yourself

These boots can be attached to the bottom of the dog jumpsuit. To do this, one part of the Velcro is sewn to the jumpsuit, the other. to the shoes.

Knitted shoes impractical for walking, but it is perfect at home. Many small breeds of dogs, such as yorkies, toy terriers and chihuahuas, freeze in the cold season and knitted slippers are just a salvation for them.

In advance, you need to prepare two needles scissors and a skein of thread. The threads are best to take bright colors, otherwise, if the slippers are lost, it will be difficult to find.