How To Tie A Dog Blouse With Knitting Needles

Do you want to know, how to tie a dog sweater ? See this masterclass for a detailed step by step description! I will show you how to knit a sweater for a dog using the example of a sweater for Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier, but according to this scheme you can knit a sweater for a dog of any breed.

How To Tie A Dog Blouse With Knitting Needles

1. The first thing to do is to take measurements from the dog. My sizes are as follows: back length – 34 cm chest girth – 42 cm, belly length.17 cm

2. We knit a control sample of threads, with which we will knit a sweater and calculate the density of knitting. I have 21 loops = 10 cm, therefore 2.1 loops fit in 1 cm.

3. Calculate the number of dialed loops.

The first step is to calculate how many loops should be in the widest part of the sweater (in the chest girth area). To do this, take the measure of chest girth and determine how many loops will be in this value. For my sweater, this value will be 42 x 2.1 = 88 loops.

As we begin to knit a sweater for a dog with a collar, we collect the following number of loops on the knitting needles: the value obtained above is minus 20 loops for small dogs (Yorkshire or Chihuahua) or minus 30 loops for larger breeds (Jack Russell Terrier). I dial 88 – 30 loops = 58 loops. Next, I will indicate the number of loops, which I knitted this sweater.

4. Type on the spokes the right amount of loops and knit with an elastic band 1 x 1 for 4 cm (York) or 5 cm (Jack Russell).

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5. Next, divide the number of loops dialed into 5 parts (58: 5 = 12 loops). The first fifth part (12 loops) to knit with an elastic band 1 x 1, and the last fifth part of the loops (12 loops) also with a 1 x 1 elastic band, the middle part, all the remaining loops (88 – 12 – 12 = 64 loops) knit with the front stitch. On the loops the back of the smoothly knit back, and on the loops of gum – the tummy. That is, we knit the following row like this: 12 loops elastic 1 x 1, 64 loops front smooth surface, 12 loops elastic 1 x 1.

6. We continue to knit, distributing the loops of the pattern according to the above scheme, while in each second row we add loops to expand the sweater for the dog to the chest.

The loops are added as follows: 1 x 1 gum loops, add 1 loop, 1 face loop, add 1 loop, face smooth loops, add 1 loop before the last loop, add 1 loop, and gum loops before the last loop. The added loops on the side of the front smooth surface are also knitted by the facial smoothness, while those added on the side of the elastic band are included in the pattern of the elastic band.

For the Yorkshire terrier we knit 10 rows in this way (adding 5 times 4 loops in each 2nd row), for Jack Russell terrier – 16 rows (adding 8 times 4 loops in every second row).

7. After 5 (7 cm) from the start of knitting. stitch holes for the feet.

To do this, we knit in the front row as follows: 3 (5) loops of elastic, close all loops of elastic and the next 3 (5) loops of the front smoothing, knit all the loops of the front smoothing, except for 3 (5) of the last, close them, then close the loops of the elastic , the last 3 (5) loops gum knit on the pattern. In the next, purl row, instead of closed loops, we type in the loops the number of loops that we closed in the previous row. In the next front row dialed loop knit gum pattern.

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8. Knit a sweater for a dog from the holes for the legs to the end of the tummy. We knit, distributing the loop of gum and the front surface of the surface as it was knitted above. At the same time we are doing a subtraction, for a slight narrowing of the sweater. If you do not do them, then after a while the sweater on your tummy will sag. To do this, in each 8th row, knit 2 loops together (adjacent loops of elastic and front smoothing).

9. When you finish tying the length of the abdomen (15.17 cm in girls, in boys it is shorter), transfer the tummy loops (elastic loops) to separate needles and then knit only the front surface loops (back). You can also leave the elastic loop on the working needle, just do not knit them further.

10. If you knit a sweater for a dog – a girl, then knit further as follows: on the front surface hinges, close in each 2nd row 2 times 1 loop, 2 times 2 loops, 1 time 5 loops.

If you knit a sweater for a dog – a boy, then fasten the face with a satin finish to the length of the back minus 5 cm (measure from the beginning of the knitting with the face satin), then turn down the loops of the face smooth surface just like on a girls sweater.

11. Tie the bottom of the parts with an elastic band 1 x 1. For this 6 – 8 rows we knit with a rubber band on the loops of the tummy and back, and in the first row of the elastic band, type loops from previously closed loops on the edge of the part.

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12.After the sweater is bound for the dog, it must be sewn along the edge loops. The suture should go through the bottom center of the tummy.

To make a sweater more interesting, you can knit melange or sectionally colored yarn for knitting, or you can knit a sweater from a yarn of 2 colors: knit a collar and final strapping with contrasting yarn.