How To Tie A Dog Costume At Home By Yourself

In fact, an old sweater can be adapted for a dog. My dog ​​spent the whole winter in my old mother’s sweater, and felt great. Not at all cold.

But if you are in frets with knitting needles and wool, then the dog costume can be knitted independently. Below, read the detailed instructions on how to tie a suit for your dog.

When the cold weather is near, caring owners think not only about warming their homes and buying new winter clothes, but also about how to provide comfort to their four-legged friend in these harsh winter days.

Knitted overalls for dogs will be a great gift for her and a guarantee that she will not return from a walk from a walk.

How To Tie A Dog Costume At Home By Yourself

You will need

  • 100 g of mohair yarn;
  • Knitting needles number 2;
  • lace;
  • fastener buttons.


  1. Take a few measurements. The first is the length of the future suit. To remove it, put a collar on the dog and measure the length from collar to tail. The second is the neck circumference. The third measure is the volume of the breast, measure it by the elbows. Measure the length of the sleeves for the rear and front llamas after you bind the main part.
  2. Tie an elastic band with a pattern of 40 loops and count how many loops fit 10 cm of knitting. For example, if you have 42 loops, then for a neck volume of 20 cm, dial 84 air loops. To make the overalls sit better on the dog, type few loops less, because the finished product will stretch over time.
  3. Tie the required length of the throat. Then start adding loops in two steps. Add them in pairs so as not to disturb the knitting pattern. Do not make the collar too long, 3-4 cm is enough.
  4. Make the first row of the addition so that the holes for the lace. To do this, make a bow under the thread, knit a loop, then do a bow over the thread. Repeat this technique every 5-6 loops. Knit odd rows with elastic.
  5. Make a second row of additions: make a nakid, pull the thread out from under the thread of the bottom row. To calculate how many loops you need to add, calculate the difference between neck volume and chest volume and translate it into loops.
  6. Tie two wedges to serve as openings for the front paws. To measure the length of the incisions, divide the length of the back by three – this will be the desired value. Tie the next third of the web. The last third will be the “petals” that will cover the croup of the dog and the hips.
  7. Tie the sleeves. Do not make them too long – pushing the dog legs into long sleeves will be very difficult. Usually, only the sleeves for the front llamas fit, but you can knit for the rear, just make them a little longer. Sew the parts to the main part of the jumpsuit.
  8. Thread the string in the holes on the neck. Sew the buttons so that you can zip up the jumpsuit on the back.
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This instruction is designed for small breeds of dogs, for example, chihuahua. But you can tie up a suit for a big dog in the same way.

While knitting, always apply the jumpsuit to the dog to check how it sits.