How To Tie A Hat For A Dog – Several Ways

How to tie a hat for a dog? Make it quite easy, there are different ways, patterns and styles, among which you can find the best option. A hat in the cold season is needed for dogs, especially for small breeds.

After all, their health is gentle, in cold or wet weather, they often catch cold. By tying the cap, you will not only protect your pet.

After reviewing the scheme, you can come up with an original version. And also to be proud that the hostess made the hat herself.

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What you need to knit

First you need to know the volume of the cap. This is easier to do than when sewing or knitting sweaters and jumpsuits. The head circumference and the distance between the ears of the dog is measured.

Then choose the thread, it is best to take mohair or another natural yarn. You can work with knitting and crochet, who knows how. Before starting, make a small sample to calculate the number of loops.

Schemes of caps and styles are different. If the dog has sensitive ears, often catch cold, it is better to close them. But it should be remembered that in such a hat the dog will hear worse.

It can be fixed under the muzzle on a string, fastened with a small button. A good option when it comes with a neck. At the same time it performs the function of a scarf and warms the dog’s neck.

Simple cap with closed ears

The scheme consists of two parts, anterior and occipital, which are then stitched. After taking measurements and calculating loops, their number is divided into three. Two parts – this is the front half, one – the occipital.

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Thus, the cap will most likely repeat the anatomical features of the dog’s head. We collect on the spokes of the loop and knit the elastic 1: 1, up 1-2 centimeters. Then add loops to the main canvas.

Its height should be such that the ears are not clamped. When the parts are ready, they are stitched. Laces are attached at the bottom. Thrust through the seam, connecting the halves, thread and braid tight braid.

You can add crochet. At the corners of the caps make pompons. To do this, cut out of cardboard two circles with holes in the middle. Fold them and braid them with thread.

Then gently cut along the outer contour, pushing the cardboard parts and tie up in the middle. Pompons are ready, you can sew them.

With throat

Such options look very nice on dogs. To do this, you need to take a measure from the head and determine the neck girth. First, knit 2-3 cm of gum throughout the volume.

How To Tie A Hat For A Dog - Several Ways

Then the loops are closed, leaving the center part corresponding to the distance between the ears. It should connect with the occipital and fit snugly to the dog’s head.

To the back of the gum lobe add the same strip, which should fall to the base of the neck. Then attach a scarf to it, which will cover it. Details are done separately, and then sew.

It is imperative to take extra measures in the course of work so that the cap is not wide or narrow. The finished hat is put on the dog over the head. It can also become a detail of a sweater or overalls.

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How to decorate

We figured out a little how to tie a hat. Now let’s talk how to decorate it. The easiest way is to sew pompons. How to make them was described above.

But you can build a dog on a brush head. To do this, cut the same thread of yarn, tie them in the center, the decoration is ready. The tips can be braided.

Embroidery and appliqué look beautiful on caps. Here every housewife shows her imagination. Make the scenery of the lace knit.

How To Tie A Hat For A Dog - Several Ways

Rhinestones and beads also look good on the cap, only when they are washed they easily come off. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorations, so that the hat does not look ridiculous.