How To Tie A Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

A hat for dogs is extremely necessary under certain weather conditions. In modern domestic dogs, there are many diseases of the ears, many of which develop due to hypothermia.

Walking with an animal in the rain and with the wind quite often leads to the development of otitis media – inflammation of the middle ear. But not to walk with dogs of large and medium sizes is impossible. It means that it is necessary to protect them from overcooling of the head. At the same time, small pets are quite cold even at temperatures below zero.

Therefore, to protect the dog’s ears from trouble, in a cold and especially frosty season, you can use a hat. The cap model depends on the size and shape of the dog’s ears. For breeds with cropped or with long drooping ears, caps of the human type are suitable. And for dogs with large erect ears have to provide a place for the ears.

Stand "Boyarka" with standing ears

In this case, referring to the ears of a dog, not hats. This is a universal model that can be adapted for both dogs with hanging and standing ears. For sewing such a model you will need to cut out only two parts. One is a long rectangle and the second is a circle. To determine their size, it is necessary to take measurements.

  • It is necessary to measure the animal’s head from the eyebrows through the back of the head, passing along the base of the ears. This is a head girth.
  • The second measure is exactly the vertical distance from the base of the auricle to the crown of dogs with drooping ears or the vertical distance from the base of the auricle to the tip of the ear of dogs with standing ears.
  • The length of the rectangle in the pattern is equal to the girth of the head. Its width is equal to the second measurement. The circumference of the second part is equal to the first measurement – the girth of the head.
  • In order for the hat to have a clear shape, it is better to sew it from dense material: drape, thick wool, etc.
  • After cutting out the caps on the fabric, the parts are sewn: first, the rectangle is sewn with short sides, then a circle is sewn to it.
  • To keep the cap well on the active pet on its sides, it is better to sew two bands, stitches, and a loop at the back, for attaching the cap to the collar.
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How To Tie A Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

If the dog’s ears are standing, then for greater protection of the animal’s head from cold and wind, you can carve out and sew wide “ears” from the main fabric, which will be tied under the neck.

We sew a simple hat for dogs with their own hands

This hat can be sewn for a dog with small erect ears or drooping ones.

  1. First you need to take measurements. The first is the distance from the eyes to the collar through the back of the head. The second is the girth of the head at the widest point.
  2. Now you can cut out the cap. It has the form of a rectangle, where the first measurement represents its short side. The long side is calculated from the calculation: the second measure multiplied by 1.5.
  3. Another will need to carve a drawstring, the length of which is equal to the first measurement, and the width of 3-5 cm.
  4. Cut out with the calculation of the seam allowance.
  5. The first part is sewn with short sides, and the elastic is sewn into the long sides.

In order to always adjust the depth of the cap, a drawstring is sewn into the seam between the short sides, into which the cord is pulled in and a retainer is put.