How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

This pattern is designed for dogs weighing 2 kg 200 g, back length 22 cm and chest size 34 cm.

We collect 52 loops on the spokes and knit the fabric in 27 rows. Next, close the knitting in a circle and knit "elastic 1×1" p rows.

Then knit 3 rows satin. Now we close 6 loops for armholes for the sleeves.

We leave in the middle of 12 loops for the front. We knit in front of 21 rows and back 12 rows. Then we close the knitting into a circle and knit 6 cm. Further down, we close 24 loops and knit 6 cm.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Now we close 12 loops in the middle. Next, we knit the corners separately, closing 2 loops in each row until the loops are completely closed.

Now, in the middle of the back foot (sleeve), we collect 30 loops and knit 20 rows in a circle. Then close the loop and crochet the edges.

For sleeves, we collect 30 loops and knit 16 rows in a circle.

Now it is necessary to sew a hood.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

We collect 52 loops and knit 12 rows of "1×1 elastic." Then we knit 5 rows in satin stitch and close the loop for the armhole.

We knit 12 rows of back and 21 rows for the front.

Now add the closed loops (12 loops) and close the knitting into the circle.

Next, we knit 6 cm and close 12 loops on the stomach, now knit 8 cm and close 12 loops on the back. Then we knit the “corners” separately, closing 2 loops inside each row until the loops are completely closed.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Now go to the sleeves for the front llamas. We collect 30 loops and knit 4 cm in a circle and close it.

For knitting sleeves for hind legs, we type from the corners, almost to the armhole on the stomach, the rest of the loops we cover only 40 loops. We knit 6 cm in a circle, crochet the armhole in a circle, and after 1 loop we tie the armhole a little.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

So, we take measurements from a dog. Measure the length of the back. distance from the collar to the base of the tail of the dog. We measure the neck circumference, which is measured on the collar.

To build a pattern, you need to divide the measure of the length of the dog’s back by the number of squares of the backrest pattern. The resulting number indicates the size of the square pattern.

Knit jumpsuit starting from the bottom up.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Back. We knit a "1×1 elastic band" on small knitting needles 3. 5 rows. In the last row, add "broach" 6. 8 loops in this way: edge loop, knit a loop and from the previous loop in the same column we tie another one, etc. Then we knit a pattern on large knitting needles, adding loops for a bevel. Next, knit pattern in a straight line. Then we close the product in the 1st row (front row) according to the drawing.

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Before. We start to knit as back. In this detail, 2 bevel. inner side of the thigh and chest of the dog. The neckline will be decorated with rounded knitting in this way: close the middle loops in the front row, then knit separately. For rounding in every 2nd row we close 1 time. 3 loops, 1 time. 2 loops and 3 times. 1 loop each, and the last loop (when diminishing for the neckline, it will be the first) is not knit, turn the knitting and reduce the loop for the notch. All remaining hinges close at 1st height.

Sleeves. Along the edge of the armhole we type loops and knit. If the sleeve is on the cuff. then in a straight line, and after 3. 4 cm until the end of the sleeve, we reduce its width by knitting 2 loops together until the paw volume of the dog. If the sleeve is immediately the size of the paw, then we begin to decrease after 6. 8 rows from the set of loops.

Clasp. If the jumpsuit is with a fastener, then on the edge of the part, where the fastener will be, we gather loops and knit 6. 10 rows for the slat. To make a fastener, you need a part, on which there will be a fastener, in the knitting process, divide by the length of the fastener itself in half and knit separately. All threads are cut, and the ends of them are tucked into the product itself.


How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

– use the technique of nevyazannyh series (as in knitting);
– knit columns of different heights.

The smallest bollards are located on the back, so the product is not deformed and does not sag.


How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs


You will need:
200 g of blue yarn (100% wool, 300 m / 100 g), knitting needles No. 2.5, needle with a wide eyelet

Knitting density:
gum 2×2 30 p. = 10 cm,
gum 1×1 30 p. = 10 cm, 35 p. = 10 cm
Pattern "Pletenka" + braids 66 p. = 16 cm

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Loop calculation
Collar and sleeves. gum 2×2 tummy. 1×1 gum. A back: in the middle a central pattern, along the edges. braids and gum 1×1. By the standards, make a loop calculation.
Neck girth + 2 cm to the top. 32 cm (96 p. + 2 cr. P. = 98 p.); one /3 girth. 98 point: 3 = 32 point (tummy); one /3 girth = 64 points + 2 stop. n. = 66 n.
Chest girth + 3 cm = 56 cm
The distance between the front legs + 2 cm = 18 cm (54 p. + 2 kr. P. 56 p.)
Back width: 56 cm. 18 cm = 38 cm, of which 16 cm, (66 l.) Pattern, 22 cm (66 p.) 1×1 gum (11 cm. 33 p. On each side). It turns out 132 p.
The distance from the base of the neck to the front paw. 5 cm (17 p.). According to the formula (article General recommendations for knitting a sweater without sleeves for a dog) 5 cm = 6 naquids from each edge of the faces. R. back and tummy. 32p. 66 p. (6 knit x 2) = 54 p .; 56 p. 32 p. (6 knit x 2) = 12 p. Therefore, when going knitting from gate to back, you need to add 54 p. And to the tummy. 12 p.
Front Paw Girth + 1 cm = 21 cm
Back Paw Girth. 28 cm
Frame: depth for medium sized dogs. 1.7 cm (5 p.), Height = 1 /2 forepaw girth. armhole depth x 2, i.e. 21 cm: 2. 17 cm x 2 = 7.1 cm (24 p.)
Sleeves (narrowed): width. 21 cm (63 p. 1 p. For the symmetry of the gum 2×2 = 62 p.), Length. 5.5 cm (arbitrary)
"Leg" (narrowed): width. 28 cm (84 p.), Length 7 cm (arbitrary)

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Back / tummy
Dial 98 points and knit a 13 cm rubber band 2×2. Make a hole in the collar ring collar.
1st row. 31 p. Gum 2×2, 4 l. close, 63 p. gum 2×2;
2nd row. 63 p. Gum 2×2, 4 air. p., 31 p. gum 2×2. Knit the gate another 1.5 cm, then divide the knitting into two parts: the tummy. 32 n. And back. 66 p. Make sure that the ring hole is in the middle of the back. Knit a back and a tummy at the same time from two balls:
1st row. tummy: 32 faces., nakid every 2. 3 p. (12 times); back: 66 faces., nakid every 1. 2 p. (54 times);
2nd row. back: 27 p. elastic 1×1,66 l. lo pattern, as izn. R. (3 persons., 6 out., 1 person., 6 out., 4 persons., 6 out., 4 persons., 6 out., 4 persons., 6 out., 4 persons., 6 out., 1 Persons., 6 out., 3 persons.), 27 p. Gum 1×1; tummy: 44 p. 1×1 rubber band;
3rd row. tummy: 1 p. off, nakid, 42 l. elastic band 1×1, nakid, 1 persons .; back: 1 p. remove, nakid, 26 p. gum 1×1, 66 p. on the pattern, 26 p. gum 1×1, nakid, 1 person .;
4th row. back: 28 p. 1×1 rubber band, 66 p. on the pattern, 28 p. 1×1 elastic band; tummy: 46 p. 1×1 rubber band. So knit another 12 p., Making the edges of five persons. R. back and tummy nakida (as in the 3rd p.).
Perform armholes:
17th row. tummy: 5 p. close, 51 p. gum 1×1; back: 5 p. close, 28 p. gum 1×1, 66 p. on pattern, 33 p. gum 1×1;
18th row. back: 5 p. close, 28 p. gum 1×1, 66 p. on pattern, 28 p. gum 1×1; tummy: 5 p. close, 46 p. gum 1×1. Knit in a straight line 24 p. and close the armholes by typing at the end of the 42nd and 43rd pp. back and tummy on 5 vozd. Then knit the parts again in a straight line. After 22 cm from the gate close the tummy loops. Knit the back up to 27 cm and begin to drastically reduce the width of the web: at the beginning and end of each face. R. knit on 2 p. vm. When the length of the back is 34.5 cm, knit 2.5 cm with a 1×1 elastic band and close the items. When switching to a rubber band loop braid, knit 2 p. Vm each.

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How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Dial 56 points and knit a 1.5 cm elastic band 2×2. Make the edges of the sleeves on the nakidu. Knit another 1.5 cm and again make nakida around the edges. After 1.5 cm, repeat the nakida. After another 1 cm close the paragraphs. Tie the second sleeve.

Dial 78 points and knit with a 2×2 rubber band. In the course of work, three times at equal intervals add along the edges of the sheet 1 p. (See the description of the sleeve). Tie the second "leg".

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Perform shoulder seams. Sew to the armholes of the sleeves with a hem along the edge. Sew the sides of the sleeves, then. back and tummy. Measure the distance from the lower back to the belly of the tummy along the side edge of the back = 14 cm + 5 cm (for medium-sized dogs) = 19 cm. Tie two strips 19 cm long and 2.5 cm wide by an elastic band 1×1. Sew one end of the strips, and the long sides. to the side edges of the back, not reaching the bottom of the back of 11.5 cm. Fix the second end of the strips at the bottom of the back. Sew the “trouser legs” on the sides and stitch into the prepared armholes with the edge, along which the hinges are closed.