How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

How to tie a jumpsuit for dogs

What do the owners think when dressing up their beloved dog? About being comfortable? so that it does not freeze? Or is it all about how beautiful and fashionable it will look on your hands? It should not be forgotten that if a thing is made from high-quality yarn, then it will be very pleasant and soft in the sock. And this is very important, because the dog is almost as good as a man, she also wants comfort, and most importantly, it looks very beautiful.

Of course, many wonder: a how to tie a jumpsuit for dogs? To make such a great odezhki for a pet, you need to take only one measure – the length of the back. To do this, you must wear a collar without tightening it, and measure the distance from it to the root of the tail – this will be the length of the back. It will also require a chest girth, the distance between the front and hind legs, as well as the height of withers. After removing the measures, you can begin to build patterns. For a note, politics and political science, read, very useful.

If the pet owner thinks about how to tie a jumpsuit for dogs, it is worth noting that properly chosen buttons will serve as decoration for such clothes. And most importantly – the jumpsuit can be connected with any pattern that you like, whether it be multi-colored stripes, any pattern or lace.

How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs

Instructions for knitting clothes for dogs

1. We measure the head of the dog (so that it later passes). We calculate in the standard way. We collect loops. We knit with a rubber band on the stockings. It turns out the initial part of the collar. We knit it to the end of the neck (to the collar).

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2. Now we start to knit raglan. Take the number of loops that you had. We count raglan itself. I repeat, but it will be only visually without breaking the thread. Visually, you need to divide the back, legs and before. To do this, we divide the total number of loops by 3. For example, I have got 30 loops for this model. 30/3 = 10 loops. Now you have received that 10 loops will go into two paws, which means that one paw has 10 loops / 2 paws = 5 loops. Since the back is more than the front, then we divide the resulting 10 loops by 2. It turns out 5 loops will go to the front. Those 5 loops that were taken away from the front will go back. You should have 5 loops on the paws and 5 loops on the front + 15 loops on the back. In order to visually divide the divisions of the back, paws and forehand (Photos 2 and 3) we knit like this: Before – a seam loop, three facial, seam. Then comes the foot – the front (it should be marked, for example, with a clip), purl, two facial, purl. Next, the back – the front (it also needs to be marked), purl, 11 loops of the front, purl, front (mark it). Other paw – purl, two facial, purl, front (mark). The next row just knit. Further one row before each marked front and after it we do nakid. The next row is simply knitted, knitting with the purl with the front loop, and the nakid with the purl loop. So fit 1-2 cm.