How To Tie A Jumpsuit For Dogs – Step By Step Instructions

How to tie a jumpsuit for a dog? This question arises among many owners on the eve of the autumn and winter cold.

Special experience is not required if you know how to handle knitting and at least something tied up in your life, clothes for a doggie will do. We will try to introduce the main nuances of this process.

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Taking measurements

First you should try on a pet. Here are the basic parameters you need to know to create a schema:

  • The length of the product and sleeves.
  • Volume in the neck, breast.

Overalls measured on the back, from the collar to the base of the tail. The girth of the neck will be recognized right on the dog, or you can simply by the collar.

To correctly determine the size of the breast, it is necessary to clasp the area under the front legs, the widest, with a tape.

The length of the sleeves is best measured when the main fabric is ready. It can be different, but you should not knit to the ground, so as not to get dirty.

Materials and product types

Knitted overalls on dogs look very nice. To create them, you need good quality natural wool, preferably mohair, knitting needles No. 2, No. 3, or No. 5. The smaller the number, the tighter the product will be.

The scheme of knitting or pattern jumpsuit is needed for beginners. If you have no special experience, it is better to choose the simplest pattern, with one color of thread.

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You can decorate the jumpsuit later, with additional details, sewed on nice decorations from fabric. Knit raglan or individual pieces. In the second case, you have to create a pattern.

If you do not have experience sewing, it is better to stay on raglan. The sleeves of the overalls are tied at the very end of the work, additionally taking measurements. Products can be open-belly.

Such coveralls are easier to knit, especially on male dogs. But in the cold winter, dogs can be cold. Therefore, it is advised to make a separate part that covers the belly. By the overalls dovyazat hooded, then do not need a hat.

Knitting stages

It is necessary to begin work from creation of a sample, so it will be simpler to calculate loops in ready overalls. It is important to remember that knitted things stretch, because it must be tight. Begin to mate with the neck.

Make it a small 2-3 centimeters, without wrapping, it will rub the dog. When connected, begin to add loops evenly. In the first row, by means of nakid, we make small holes to pass a string.

Their number should be even. Loops are added in two installs. To do this, find out the difference in their number between the neck and the breast, and distribute it into two.

On the chest, the canvas is broken into three lobes so that the knitted jumpsuit has holes for the dog’s paws.

Side must be larger than the center. After about 7-8 centimeters (for a small dog), the web is again joined. Knit the same amount and close the middle part in order to make an open tummy.

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If the romper is designed for a “girl”, the stomach can be enlarged, the knit ends up. Their length is set after fitting.

They are slightly wider on their hind legs so that the dog can move freely.
Ready overalls – narrow, tight to the body, as it stretches. To the product is not too stretched, strengthen the rubber band.

Laying on the neck, in the chest or tummy. Fasteners in the form of buttons or buttons. They need loops right in the canvas or sew extra.

You can add a narrow crochet band on the back and make loops. After that, decorate with decorative details, beads and rhinestones that will look good. The main thing is that the decorations do not interfere with the dog, do not entangle in the wool, and do not rub the skin.