How To Tie A Sweater For A Dog With Their Own Hands, The Pattern Is

In the last article, we talked about how to protect your dog from colds. Today’s article is on a similar topic, because in a warm sweater your dog is not afraid of any cold. Especially if the dog is short-haired. Actually, the article begins so …

The summer will end very soon and the cold will come. I would like to have time to prepare warm clothes for my beloved dog. How better to do this?

How To Tie A Sweater For A Dog With Their Own Hands, The Pattern Is

First we need to make a pattern. The pattern is made based on the size of your dog. We measure the length of the back – it will be necessary to put a collar on the dog and not tightening it, measure the distance from it to the root of the tail. Now measure the resulting length.

Divide the number that you got by 8. The new figure will be the size of the grid square – the basis of your pattern. It remains to draw a grid, the side of which is equal to 1/8 of the length of the back and transfer the pattern to it.

Now measure the waist circumference and chest of your dog. Look carefully if they match the pattern. If there is a need – increase your pattern to the desired size.

Knitting always begins with knitting a control sample to find out how many loops there are per 10 cm of knitting. Threads can be of different thickness and different textures, so the initial sample is always important.

Tie a small fragment of the future product and count how much you will need to tie the loops to get the desired waist size of your dog.

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So, when we learned how much we need to tie loops for the desired length of the waist – proceed to knit gum.

Tie a gum of 3-5 cm, then begin to gradually increase the number of loops on both sides of the knitting, so that when knitting fits to the notch of the paws, the number of loops becomes equal to the chest volume.

Then you need to close the required number of loops (for example, 2 cm) for cutting the paws. Tie back and neck.

Then the loops on the chest, which remained unbound, are combined into one needle and knit the products to the required length.

Sew the product on the belly and the front of the breast, sew on it the part that goes between the front legs.

For the neck and notch we collect the required number of loops so that the required length is obtained and we knit the elastic.

We got a vest. The vest can be connected with any pattern, you can make embroidery or sew beautiful fashion buttons and even add a hood.

If you add sleeves to the finished vest, you get a sweater. See how well he will sit on your dog!