How To Tie A Sweater For A Dog

Tying clothes for dogs is a snap, and a good mood from the knitting process itself, alternating with delight and affection from others at the sight of your carefully dressed dog, will reward your labors! If you have a small dog, for example, a dachshund, (and we will learn to knit a sweater by her example), then the time and cost of knitting will take a bit. Dachshund is a medium sized dog, so it will take a minimum of yarn and only a few hours of time. In the first article of the “Knitting for Dogs” series we will look at how to tie a simple sweater on two needles with sleeves and a zipper.
So, in order to knit a sweater for a dog, we will need knitting needles (2.5 or 3, or 3.5 mm), better, of course, if you have a set of five or more knitting needles prepared in advance – it is useful for other models – and , if your dachshund is not larger than dwarf, 100 grams of yarn. Choose the color of yarn and get started!

Knitting for dogs – knitting sweater scheme for dachshunds

We start knitting a sweater for dachshund from above, that is, from neck to tail. We collect 54 loops (depending on the size of the dog – we measure the volume of the neck of the dachshund by the collar) and we knit with an elastic band about 6-8 cm. When you have tied several rows, check that there is enough length to fit the neck. This is done like this: on a knitting needle, stretch the looped loops – something like this, the neck of the sweater can stretch out in the finished state. Estimate the size with a ruler or centimeter and compare with the volume of the neck of your pet model. If the size seems right for you, keep knitting. If it seems small, it is better to dissolve the knitting now and re-enter a sufficient number of loops.

After the gum, go to the usual front loops and gradually add 1-2 loops on both sides of the knitting – if you start with 54 loops, you can increase it to 60. In this way, an increase in the width of the sweater for the chest is created. It is in this place that the dachshund’s chest volume is maximum, so the sweater has the largest width. So knit about 5 cm, then make holes for the paws. To understand exactly where you need to make holes for paws, use a knitted sweater pattern for a dachshund (see the pattern) and do not forget to periodically try on a dachshund sweater during the knitting process.
In order to make the holes for the paws, it is necessary to divide the knitting in the planned places into two parts. (See picture)

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Each part is knitted separately, for convenience, part of the loops can be removed on a safety pin or on another knitting needle. Thus, we have formed 3 parts: two parts – from the slot for the paws to the edge of the sweater (the place where there will be "lightning") and the third part in the middle, between the holes for the paws. This will be the back of a sweater. Each part should be knitted separately for about 5 cm length (depending on the thickness of the dog’s paw, 5 cm in the case of the dwarf dachshund), after which all the parts should be joined.
Then we knit almost to the end without changes – about 7 cm. If your dachshund has a waist that is very different in size from the breast volume, then, having finished with cutouts for the legs, start gradually reducing the number of loops to the initial edges (in our case there were 54 loops) . We finish with a rubber band, as we started. This will allow the sweater to fit snugly and fit the dachshund’s waist.

Sweater knit until until we rest against the technical opening of the dog, which should be open for a walk. Therefore, a sweater for a dog is shorter than for a bitch. So, we have a knitted vest for a dog.
Now knit sleeves. Due to the fact that we knit the simplest sweater for dogs, we will tie the sleeves separately and sew them to the sleeveless jacket, which we have already made. The pattern for the sleeves is a simple rectangle. We collect so many loops so that the width of the blank for the sleeve is about 10 cm (twice as long as the length of the left notch for the paw in the sleeveless jacket). It can be from about 25 to 35 loops. When we fold this blank for the sleeve in half and sew it, we should have a full sleeve in the shape of a cylinder just the size of the holes for the paws that we left (and we left a 5 cm cut). The length of the sleeve depends on the length of the dog’s paws, the dachshunds have short legs, and it will be enough for us to knit 5-7 cm in length. (See the pattern of the sweater). The resulting rectangles are stitched in length to make 2 cylinders. Then we sew them to the hole for paws in our sweater.
It remains to sew a zipper, the desired length, and a knitted sweater for the dog is ready!
How to tie pants for dogs

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In continuation of the previous article from the section “Knitting for dogs” “How to knit a sweater for a dachshund” we decided to supplement the wardrobe of a dachshund with comfortable and easy-to-make knitted pants. So, in this article we will figure out how to knit pants for a dog. Today it will be knitted pants for dachshund dog. In connection with the physiological characteristics of the dog, the patterns of pants for dogs and bitches are different. In order to knit pants for the dog, we will need two knitting needles (2.5 or 3 mm), a little yarn of suitable color (think in advance about which sweater the dachshund will wear these pants), 3-4 small buttons and a little patience.
Knitted clothes for dogs are warm and comfortable, such a thing can be worn to a dog both for overalls and as independent clothes.
You should pay attention to the fact that these pants without a sweater will not stick to the tax. They necessarily require a sweater or jacket, that is, the “top” to which these pants will be attached.

Pattern pants for dogs – knitted pants for dachshund dogs

We begin to knit pants for a dachshund dog with one leg, and since the pattern of the pants is symmetrical, it doesn’t matter, we start with the right or left leg. We collect loops. In the case of a dwarf dachshund in the photo (photo), it was 44 loops, which, with the simplest knitting and 2.5 mm knitting needles, is about 20 cm in the finished product. By first measuring the volume of the dachshund’s thigh in the widest possible place, we get the width of the future leg . Thus we knit about 8-9 cm – it depends on the length of the dachshund’s hind legs and on your desire. Perhaps you want to tie shorts for your dachshund! Next, reduce the number of loops to 20 (see the pattern) and knit the backrest, about 20 cm. After the backrest, proceed to the second leg. By the existing 20 loops, we recruit another 24 to the original 44s and knit similarly to the first leg. The result was a product "U-shaped" form. Now, so that it becomes a full-fledged pants for the dog, you need to sew the trouser leg according to the pattern.

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Knitted pants for dog Dachshund. the view from the wrong side

Now we sew to one of the sides of the back of the pants buttons and thread them into the holes between the loops of the sweaters (in the knitted sweater there will always be suitable holes for small buttons).

How To Tie A Sweater For A Dog

Knitted pants for dachshunds. view from the front

Now this is a real suit for dachshund! At will, we decorate pants for dachshund with pockets or other decorations. Simple, comfortable and warm knitted pants for dogs ready!