How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

Toy Terrier – a dog that needs special attention. Toy size and smooth wool oblige the owner to warm the pet, not adapted to the cold.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

You will need

  • – 50 g of yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon, 205 m);
  • – 50 g of yarn (100% alpaca, 166 m);
  • – 50 g of yarn (94% mohair, 6% nylon, 49 m) for tying;
  • – four needles (4 mm);
  • – four needles (3 mm);
  • – hook (6 mm).


one. Take measurements: chest girth, back length (approximate measurements forterrier – 28-30 cm and 24 cm). Sweater performed with a rubber band, so the product will be cool to stretch. Tie an example in order to determine the density of knitting: type 19 loops on the needles, knit 25 rows with a thread in two additions (from 2 skeins, wool and alpaca), the size of the canvas is 10 by 10 cm.

2 Knit a sweater from the neck down, dial 48 loops on four knitting needles (4 mm), tie a 2×2 elastic band (two front, two wrong ones) 4, 5 cm. After that, start adding loops: add (loop) on 1 loop in the whole 2 to a pair of purlies in order to make 54 loops. Continue to knit to a height of 6 cm, then add 1 loop in the remaining pairs of purl (it turns out – 60 loops).

3 Continue to knit up to a height of 8 cm with an elastic band of 2×3 (two facial, three purl), then close the loop to the armhole. On the needles at this stage there are 60 loops, 15 each in the whole spoke. Close the first two loops on one of the knitting needles, transfer the remaining 13 loops to the loop holder (pin), then close the first two loops on the further needle and tie the remaining 43 loops with a 2×3 elastic band (two face loops, three wrong ones).

four. Knit the backrest (43 loops) with a rubber band another 5 cm, then transfer them to the holder for the loops. Transfer the 13 loops of the front to the working needle and tie 5 cm to the front, then merge the front and the back, adding two loops where they were closed.

five. Continue to knit to the height of the product 19 cm, then begin to perform a decrease: in the entire second row: twice (at the beginning of the first and third spokes), two loops; two times one loop, one more row – two loops each and a final one – three loops each. Complete the product at a height of 24 cm.

6 Execute the sleeves, typing 36 loops on the edges of the armhole on the needles (3 mm), tie 3 cm with a 2×2 elastic band, close the front ones with the front ones, and the backs with the purses (so as not to tighten the edge), tie the 2nd sleeve.

7 Trim the bottom of the sleeves and the edge of the sweater with a crochet hook (6 mm): 1 column without crochet, one air loop, skip 1 cm, then 1 column without crochet, etc.

Many people assume that clothes for dogs are overkill, considering that the dog is an animal, the body of which is adapted to any weather conditions. But this is not always the case. The clothes for smooth-haired dogs, exclusively small breeds such as a toy terrier, became not primitively the owner’s whim, but an urgent need only on cold days.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

You will need

  • – 80-100 g of yarn;
  • – Knitting needles number 2.5-3;
  • – two huge knitting pins;
  • – hook number 2.5;
  • – tape measure;
  • – scissors;
  • – A huge needle with a wide eye;
  • – small limiters for lace;
  • – string to match the thread;
  • – detachable zipper or buttons for fasteners.


one. In order to build a jumpsuit for dogs, measure the length of the back from collar to tail, neck girth (you can measure it, turning the collar) and chest girth.

2 Start by linking an example of 10×10 cm, and calculate how many loops it will turn out to be 1 cm. After that, calculate how many loops are needed for the dial-up row. For example, in the 10cm example, it turned out 30 loops; consequently, there are 3 loops in one centimeter. If the volume of the neck is 22 cm, then it is necessary to collect 66 loops.

3 Knit, starting with the neck. Dial 66 loops and knit the desired neck length with a 1×1 or 2×2 rubber band. Then add the loops in this way in order to get a row of holes for the lace. Do the knit under the thread and repeat it through 5-6 loops. Odd row knit with a rubber band on the picture.

four.. Calculate the number of loops to increase further: calculate the difference between the chest and neck girths. Multiply this difference by the number of loops of the example in one centimeter.

five. Next knit on the pattern to the paws. Now we need to make holes for the sleeves. Divide the canvas into three parts. The middle part will be 12 loops (and two loops will be marginal), and divide the outer parts in half. Drop the loops of the 2 parts on the pins and knit separately. The length of the slits is equal to the length of the back divided by three. If this measure is 24 cm, then the size of the slits will be 8 cm.

6 Now combine all three canvases into one and knit another 8 centimeters. Then knit the holes for the rear legs, only in this case it is necessary to divide the entire canvas into three equal parts. Close the middle section loops. Extremely knit 8 centimeters separately (these details will cover the dog’s croup).

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7 Tie a slit on the back with a hook without crochet.

eight. Tie the sleeves, gradually reducing the number of loops. Do not make the sleeves too long, in the worst case, it will be difficult for you to put on the jumpsuit. Sleeve length of 5 centimeters is what is needed. Bind the pants a little longer than 7-8 centimeters. Sleeves sleeves in the slot. Sew on the pant legs. Please note that the inside of the leg should be left free.

9. Cut the cord 4-5 centimeters larger than the neck. Put one stop on one edge. Thread the string through the holes in the neck and secure the 2nd stop.

ten. Sew a zipper on the back or punch the buttons. It is allowed to go for a walk in a new outfit.

Helpful advice
Clothes for that terrier are more excellent than everyone to knit with an elastic band, then it will always fit, because it will turn out practically dimensionless.

A dog sweater is an exceptionally comfortable thing. He will save your pet from frost and snow, and the knitted product will be much more comfortable for him than in uncompleted overalls, the sweater does not interfere with free movement, but sits tightly on the body. One task: not every hostess-needlewoman will decide such a thing. Tea anatomy of dogs – not from primitive. But you can easily and quickly tie a sweater, putting a little imagination.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

You will need

  • – yarn (allowed in several colors); – Knitting needles of a suitable size; – pin; – centimeter; – hook; – needle.


one. The most significant part of the work with the rapid knitting of a sweater for a dog is taking measurements and calculating loops. Place the dog exactly or ask someone to help you. Measure the girth of the neck (do not forcefully), the distance between the legs, the width from the outer base of one paw to the other, the length along the back and the tummy (both measurements are from the place where the neck was measured). Record the results.

2 In order to quickly tie a dog sweater, make the necessary examples and correctly calculate the loop. For this model of a sweater by all means knitting-elastic is applied. It can be no bigger than 3×3 repetitions, so that it is guaranteed to be cool stretched. Also used facial surface (on the back) and some pattern. Make examples of any mating and count how many loops are brought on 1 cm in the whole version.

3 A dog sweater in this case will consist of several parts. This neck, tum (and breast at a time), back. If you wish, you can then tie the legs. Start knitting a dog sweater with a rubber band. Tie the desired height of the gate and close the loop.

four. Also elastic knit "pot". You should have a rather long part, the tea will go straight from the gate to your chest. When complete, proceed to the back. Pay attention that to the tail of the back it is more than necessary to round off, i.e. Little by little start to reduce the loop. When the back is ready, trim the bottom. So the product will look more beautiful.

five. Strike all the parts and proceed to assembly. First close the ring gate. His seam will have to fall in the middle of the tied breast-tum. Attach the part and slightly stretch the ends. So sew to the collar. Attach a back to the rest of the gate.

6 Put it on the dog and mark the arm holes for the paws in small pieces of thread. Remove clothes from pet and stitch to the marked tags. It is possible to quickly connect a sweater for a dog not only with an ordinary satin finish, but also with patterns or multi-colored drawings and inscriptions. Dream and your pet will be the most stylish in the area!

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Helpful advice
When taking measurements, consider the anatomical and sexual characteristics of the dog. Boys puziko better to do a little shorter.

Tying clothes for your favorite dog is not at all difficult. You will get a wonderful feeling of knitting itself, and the sensation and affection of others at the sight of a perfectly dressed dog will reward your labors! If you have ever knitted clothes for a doll or child, then tie sweater for the dog will not make for you special work.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier


one. First, take measurements from your pet. Set your dog in front of you and measure your back length, chest girth and waist girth. These will be the main sizes for knitting. In order to correctly measure the length of the back, put a collar on the dog and measure the length from it to the waist girth line. Measure the waist girth in front of the hind legs, and the chest girth under the front.

2 Based on the obtained three sizes, build a pattern on paper. Check if the chest and waist girth values ​​match the pattern? If necessary, change the pattern in width. Remember that the patterns for males and bitches will be different in length. For males, measure waist circumference a little bit forward (due to physiological features).

3 Now proceed to knitting. Start cool with gum. Dial the number of loops equal to the waist circumference. Further, add on both sides of the loop in such a way, so that by the time you approach the sleeves, the number of loops would be equal to the girth of the chest. Measure the distance between the dog’s paws. Do not forget to leave the desired number of loops in the center of knitting. After that, close the hinges on both sides. This is necessary in order to get a slot where you will attach the sleeves. Knit further to the width of the front legs. Then add as many loops as you closed before tying the sleeve.

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four. Continue to knit the neck sweater and, at the same time, close several loops in the entire row symmetrically with respect to the center. If you wish, you can link sweater tail-length, completely covering the back of the dog.

five. In the prepared holes for the paws, type along the edge of the loop and tie the sleeves of the required length. On the edge of the back, type the loop and, on one side, tie the strap together with an elastic band. Sew on her buttons. On the other side, tie the same strap, but closer with the loops. A sweater for your pet is ready! Put it on the dog and go for a walk, now you can walk much longer than usual time without fear that your pet will freeze.

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How do you want to give your dear and beloved man a beautiful thing made with your own hands that would warm him in the cold evenings, as well as beautifully suited him. Such a thing could be sweater , related by you. A true bound model will sit immaculately on your dear person. It turns out you decided to tie sweater , but do not know where to start – for this you need to do the following:

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier


one. Determine what size clothes your man.

2 Choose the color of the yarn, and get the right amount of it in order to knit sweater.

3 Make a pattern for the desired size and calculate the number of loops in the whole row.

four. Begin to knit from the back, having tied up about seven centimeters in advance with an elastic band, which alternately knitted 2 front, 2 purl. After the gum is tied, start on the pattern a little bit to add several loops on both sides of the backrest. When you reach the sleeves, close on both sides for seven or eight loops, use the same method to close the middle 15-17 loops for the neckline and complete the two sides separately. Close the shoulder bevels on both sides of the backrest at the same time, also reducing the number of loops.

five. Similarly tie the front sweater a, but with more deep neck.

6 Begin to knit the sleeves, having bound about seven centimeters of elastic in advance, also adding the required number of loops on both sides of the sleeve on the pattern. Tying the sleeve, all the loops must be closed. 2nd sleeve knit in a similar way.

7 Combine all parts sweater but. First combine the shoulder and side seams, then sew the sleeves. All seams are joined joint to the joint from the wrong side so that there are no scars. After the product is sewn, wash it in warm water and neatly lay it out so that it does not lose its shape and does not deform.

eight. When sweater dried, it needs to be ironed through a damp cloth, so that he bought a finished look. Don’t forget that sweater in the future, it is necessary to wash at low temperatures in order to avoid shrinkage and deformation of the product. Of course, your chosen one will be glad to receive such a gift, one that is made with love and care.

Knit sweater in a certain sequence. What is the detail you need to knit at the beginning? Beginning knitters often face this issue when knitting huge items.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

Start knitting consistently cool either from the back or from the sleeves. Before, or product shelves fit in the final turn, as well as all the other small parts – a collar, pockets, etc. A similar sequence of knitting is explained by the fact that in the process of knitting it may be that there is not enough yarn. In a similar case, even with ready-made back and sleeves, items of one color can be easily made on the front side either with an ornament or a strip of yarn of a different color. In addition, occasionally there is a desire to change the style of the sweater model itself. Vyazyvanie forehand in the final turn allows you to change and the neck, and the width of the strap fastener, fastener, the shape of the designated pockets. decided to use it. You need to be able and understand how to correctly knit all the lines on this pattern and straight, and oblique, and curved. For this, it is necessary to master the methods of adding and subtracting loops and stretching and constricting a knitted fabric. The canvas expands with an increase in the number of loops that are in operation. It can be a uniform addition and uneven. Narrowing the knitted fabric is allowed by diminishing the loops also evenly and unevenly, smoothly and coolly. When you master all the methods of adding and diminishing loops. It is allowed to start knitting the details of the sweater. You may prefer all sorts of genuine knitting patterns, based on different knitting methods, presented in the form of patterns. If desired, knit a sweater is allowed and knitting and crochet. Be sure to consider, depending on your size, the number of the desired yarn. If you are new to knitting, then choose the style of the product in such a way so that you do not have great difficulties when knitting it. As a result, you need to tie the back, sleeves, front shelf. At the same time, it is worthwhile to pay attention to tying the neckline and shoulder cut. One of the main steps in knitting a sweater is to assemble the product. Finished parts need to iron the inside out through a moistened cloth. All parts are stitched together or stitched. If necessary, it is allowed to sew decorative accessories that will decorate the finished product.

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Unique, hand-made things gain all the great value. And if you want to tie sweater for yourself or as a gift, then before you the question of how to calculate the size collar and true knit collar. One of the most common options is the elastic collar, which fits the neck, according to the same thesis as a turtleneck.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

You will need

  • Knitting needles, yarn, needle, thread in the color of yarn, centimeter.


one. We begin to knit gum 4/1 with measuring the length of the neck. It is necessary to subtract 1 or 2 centimeters from the received length, depending on how free you want to make a collar.

2 To connect a small example in order to calculate how many loops can be made for the whole centimeter. The example should be knitted. In order to count the number of loops, it is necessary to measure the width of the example and calculate the number of loops obtained for this width. After that, the required neck length is divided by the number of centimeters obtained in the example and multiplied by the number of loops in it – the number of loops for knitting the neck is obtained.

3 Based on the data obtained, we type the required number of loops for collar. It should be equal to the length of the neck (minus 2 centimeters) multiplied by the number of loops in one centimeter of the satin-knit example.

four. Knit the collar gum 4/1 to the desired length. After that you should tie 3 rows of satin stitch. We finish binding with 10 rows of auxiliary thread.

five. Then you should steam the coming collar and unhook the auxiliary thread.

6 Nakolov collar on the neck sweater and, we sew it with catalum suture. Only later is the side seam stitched.

Before the collar is sewn, many advise it to steam. However, steaming is not allowed any yarn. If you are using a material that eliminates the possibility of steaming, easily skip this step of the instruction.

Helpful advice
A sweater with a collar of such a knit will look great, if the sleeves are also tied.

How To Tie A Sweater For A Toy Terrier

You will need

  • – thin yarn (acrylic is better than everyone, as real yarns can cause allergies);
  • – knitting needles;
  • – a huge needle;
  • – buttons or fasteners.


one. Make a pattern sweater a – so it will be more comfortable for you to determine where to start a decrease, and where you need to add loops. Cut the pattern out of paper in a natural size – so you will be sure that you are not mistaken with the size. Tie an example from the selected yarn, count the number of loops in one centimeter and sweep the measurements on your pattern.

2 Type the required number of loops on the spokes (thigh volume in centimeters multiplied by the number of loops in the centimeter of the example). Tie a few centimeters with a rubber band, then proceed to the vyvyazyvaniya main canvas. In the first row, add 7 loops, evenly distributing them. Knit a cloth sweater and the selected pattern until you reach the place for the sleeves.

3 Evenly close from 2 sides the number of loops needed for the sleeves. In the last row, form the armhole – divide the number of loops by three, and the resulting number of loops close in the center. In the following diligently turn down the loop, making sure that both sides are evenly narrowed. Do not forget to leave a place for a fastener on the shoulder, because the child is uncomfortable to wear sweater over the head. Tie the strap under the clasp with a rubber band, about 4 cm long.

four. Front end sweater But also knit – start with a rubber band, then knit the main fabric with the selected pattern. Close the loop for the sleeves, do not forget to make a neck (2 centimeters before you did it on the back). Tie the second strap for the shoulder fastener.

five. Tie the sleeves. Type in the needles the number of loops equal to the diameter of the child’s wrist multiplied by the number of loops that fit in one centimeter of your example. Tie a few centimeters with a rubber band, then add 7 loops in the first row, after another 7 rows add 3 loops. Finish knitting at a height equal to the length of the arm from the wrist to the elbow, given that the arm will be bent.

6 Sew all the details – use a needle with a huge eyelet to combine the front and back parts, process the sleeves, sew them. Sew on the bar buttons and make slots for them, crocheted edges.

7 Moisturize sweater , Spread it out on a flat surface and let it dry.