How To Tie Shoes For Dogs

I used to treat shoes for dogs mockingly condescending, as to pampering. Only it turned out that she was behind the times. Shoes this is no longer a master’s whim, such as a collar in bryuliki and gold varnish for dog nails. In cities, boots have now become a means of safety for dogs in the winter. They protect the paws of the animal from salt and chemical reagents, which are sprinkled on roads in winter. Firstly, this composition can corrode the paws of the dog and they become covered with ulcers, do not allow the animal to move. And secondly, dogs lick paws and can be banal poisoning, after getting into this poison.

Boots for dogs better, of course, to do do it yourself the size of your mum. It is not so difficult when you know how to correctly calculate the pattern.

In order to make outdoor shoes for dogs, a more durable and non-slip material is selected, for example, thick leather or rubberized fabric – for the sole. It is best to keep the sole as little as possible wet. The upper part of outdoor shoes for dogs is also made of waterproof material, such as a raincoat fabric, which can be cut from an old jacket. The boots are not fitted with buckles from the baldies, but in anatomically correct places: above the fingers and above the bend of the carpal joint. so that the dog can move normally and not lose its footwear on the way. You can, of course, tie the shoe, but you still need to make the sole waterproof.

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How to sew socks for dogs

In order to sew them, it should be made of thick fabric or thin skin to cut the sole to the size of the paw. The upper part is made of a thinner fabric, for example, knitwear, or an old sweater. Attach the upper part of the stocking to the sole. On the hind legs, the stockings should be several centimeters high above the hock. Orient on the size of the dog.

Socks for dogs are made of thin knitted fabric.
For example, if you still have old socks that you will no longer wear, cut them in half and cut them for your pet.

  • Detail 1 – the sole.
  • Detail 2 — Side (2 pcs.)

It is better to make stitches outside so that they do not rub the paws of the dog.

Tie the top of the socks inward and hem them in your arms. By the way, so that the socks do not fall down, you can insert an elastic band or lace, which will keep them. If you want to decorate socks, then you should limit yourself with embroidery, and even then embroidery should be flat, so that again the socks do not rub their paws. Or sew two Velcro fasteners: one directly above the fingers, and the other over the hock.

How To Tie Shoes For Dogs

How to sew shoes for dogs

Boots for dogs are made of artificial and real leather or from sturdy waterproof fabric with insulation.

You will need:

  • Leather.
  • Heater
  • lining fabric.
  • Iron hinges
  • Laces (or Velcro)
  • Detail 1 .– outsole: 2 pcs. leather. 2 pcs. insulation, 2 pcs. from lining fabric.
  • Detail 2 – side: 4 pcs. leather, 4 pcs. insulation, 4 pcs. from lining fabric.
  • Detail 3 – language: 2 pcs. leather.
  • Detail 4 –nox: 1 pc. leather.
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Allowances for stitches .– 0, 5 cm.

Boots are sewn harder than socks, but in socks they are stronger and more convenient for winter poison drifts. So, stitch the tufts on the nose, fix the threads well, so that they do not dissolve.

Stitch spout and tongue.

Next, put together all the details of the sole – leather, from insulation and lining fabric – sew around the edge.

Also sew the details of the side parts of the shoes. Then sew metal loops for the lace on the sides if you make lace-up shoes. Now ready side parts gently stitch to the spout. And ends the assembly of the product by sewing on the sole.

By the way, the sole can be made rigid for this, between the skin and the insulation, either a piece of fiberboard or an elastic band from the old sole. Hard soles are recommended only for large dogs, as they tire the paws very much. In general, it is not clear why this was necessary. But, for what I bought, for what I sell. Personally, I would not sew a hardboard.

Based on:

By the way, dogs suffer from some human diseases. It turns out that dogs have a cataract. As a rule, it develops in dogs older than 8 years, but may occur at an earlier age. In addition, a cataract in dogs is congenital. The causes of cataracts are many, but the most dangerous is diabetes. In general, dogs can be cured, now even you can have surgery to replace the lens in the eye. But it is better to preempt the disease. For timely diagnosis, you must be examined not only by an ophthalmologist, but also by a general practitioner.

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