Jackets For Small Dogs How To Make The Right Choice

This material is intended primarily for those pet lovers who have a dog in the house for the first time, and they learn the rules of caring for him, although even experienced dog owners will also find here a lot of useful things for themselves.

Jackets For Small Dogs How To Make The Right Choice

Recommendations for choosing jackets

So, you are faced with the task of acquiring a couple of jackets for a doggie so that, firstly, it is protected from gusts of cold wind, and, secondly, it always looks smart. This is what should be guided by:

  • Learn animal habits, And you need to do this before you start picking up his wardrobe. If your dog likes to try everything "on the teeth", then it is unlikely that jackets decorated with buttons, ribbons and other decorations will suit you – they are likely to be bitten off and swallowed, and your pet may become familiar with the veterinary clinic.
  • The quality of the material. Carefully read the description of the clothes – it is set out on special labels – and make sure that it is sewn of environmentally friendly materials. This will guarantee that wearing such a jacket will not damage your dog’s health.
  • The strength of the material. A dog for a walk is the same small child who is ready to crawl into any crevice despite the possibility of damaging clothes. Therefore, jackets for small dogs should be bought from the most durable material – only in this case they will last long enough and will justify the money spent on them.
  • Functionality. If you choose a jacket for everyday walks in any weather, then you should pay attention to its functionality – the glamor here fades into the background, besides, you can always have one front jacket for going out.
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Jacket exploitation

One of the main conditions for long-term operation of a jacket is the simplicity of dressing and taking it off. Putting on a jacket before a walk, as well as removing it upon return, should take a few seconds, especially if the product is worn over the head. Most dogs do not like when their head is covered – they begin to twitch and get nervous, and if this process occurs often enough, then ultimately it can negatively affect the character of the animal.

In addition, buying a jacket, pay attention to whether it will be necessary to remove it when the dog needs to cope with its needs. Practice shows that it is better to choose the option when you can do without it.

In the process of using the jacket make sure that it does not appear hooks. If this moment is missed, the jacket will quickly become useless: the dog will constantly cling to this place with its claws.

Any person has a piece of clothing for different weather and for different occasions, your dog should also be in the standard. This is convenient and practical – the jackets should be washed, and something should be replaced, and aesthetically – new clothes are not only popular with people.

Keep in the wardrobe two or three jackets – and along with other clothes for your dog that will be enough.