Knit A Sweater For Dogs

How to knit a dog sweater will tell you step by step. This is my dog ​​Zosya in a sweater, which I knitted for her myself. Crochet. It’s cold, you can already say, winter is in the yard, the dog is freezing and so shaking, even the legs are jumping. So I had to knit her sweater. She likes to wear it, even angry when I take it off. And very happy when we dress. And he also grabs my sweater out of my hands and rushes about merrily throughout the apartment. With a sweater in his teeth. Here are many positive emotions for the dog and for me!

Do you want to create for your dog the same “piece” of knitted art, as they say straight “haute couture”? In this case, you yourself will act as a couturier. So, let’s start, we knit a crochet sweater for a dog.

Features knitting sweaters for dogs

Remember, in dogs, the configuration of the body is fundamentally different from the human. Therefore, no patterns based on the "human" logic of building clothes for dogs are not suitable at all. Tried – nothing happens!

Knit A Sweater For Dogs

Therefore, I have to create all the clothes for Zosechka myself.

When creating clothes for your dog you need to adhere to the basic principle:

– Remember that pthe distance between the paws on the chest and the belly of a dog is always much less, than the distance between the legs, measured across the back. This means that the back is always much wider than before.

What are the basic measurements you need to take to knit a sweater for a dog?

  1. The distance from the withers to the base of the tail. Rather, even the distance from where the collar will be to the base of the tail. In other words, the length of the product.

2. The distance between the front legs, measured across the back. That is – the width of the back. Measure approximately from armpit to armpit.

3. It is clear that the dog will have fun, spin, bite your hands and will not allow you to accurately measure the width of the front between the front paws. This will be a very inaccurate figure. Therefore, we do this: we measure the total volume on the chest and back of the dog immediately behind the front paws. From the resulting figure, take the width of the back and get the width of the chest – it’s all very simple.

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4. Now the most interesting procedure. Pet your dog, scratch behind the ear, back, and when she plunges on his back and substitute the tummy – also stroke it and scratch it. And having calmed your dog, quietly lay it on its side. Only that the legs also lay calmly, preferably, be extended. Because you need to measure the distance between the front and hind legs.

5. And now measure the volume "in the waist", that is, immediately before the hind legs along the tummy and back. What for? And so that the sweater on the stomach does not "hang". Since the volume on the stomach is almost always less than the volume near the front paws, i.e. on the chest line. In this case, the width of the back in numbers, you leave the same as that of the front paws. But the width of the front is reduced.

6. Well, and more – the volume of the neck would be well measured, so that the collar was not very wide.

7. And, of course, the length and volume of the front legs. And if you sew or knit overalls – hind legs too.

Here I set out the basis for taking measurements

Discard the idea of ​​simply connecting the "pipe" with the holes for the front paws. This is very uncomfortable clothes. I made such a sweater for Zosechka’s doggie from my old knitted hat. He was uncomfortable. The collar turns out wide, in a breast – a sweater is too narrow.

Those who know how to knit or sew, have already understood approximately how they can now make clothes for their dogs, judging by the main measures.

How to knit a dog sweater with your hands

And for beginners knitters I will tell all the secrets.

I knitted this striped sweater for Zosi’s doggy, not counting the number 5 measure of the width of the tummy. And this sweater turned out wide on my tummy and sags a little. But despite this, it still looks cute and even touching when Zosya wears it.

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Moreover, I knitted this sweater shorter, not all back, but only “up to the waist”. That is, to the hind legs. And such an option for your first dog sweater, created by yourself, is quite suitable.

I crocheted a sweater. This is the most convenient tool, because then it turns out a more flexible technology of knitting itself, more opportunities to make some unexpected "retreat" from the chosen tactics and knitting strategy for a dog sweater, so to speak, along the way. After all, I did not know yet that, in fact, the dog’s sweater is no different to any complicated technological "frills." Just reinsured.

Such a sweater, as in Zos, can be completely knitted with needles.

Step-by-step knitting technology for dog sweaters

  • So, I started knitting from the bottom up, from the hind legs towards the muzzle. Volume – according to measurement number 3, the total volume along the chest through the chest and back, immediately behind the front paws. Here, indeed, it turns out the pipe. Because I knitted sweater "single cut".
  • Act One. We knit-knit a sort of pipe a long distance between the rear and front legs. How to tie – attach to the back of the dog. Make sure everything is in order. And then … Here the fun begins.
  • The second action. It is necessary to knit the back separately, separately – before, to make armholes for the front legs.
Knit A Sweater For Dogs

The width of the back, of course, is equal to the corresponding measure. The width of the chest – too.
Just measure with a ruler, from which to which loop you knit the back, and from which to which – before.

The length of such a "separate" knitting will be equal to half the volume of the dog’s front foot at its base. And best of all – just knit from time to time to knit to the back to see how much you need to knit more, to get an armhole for a bag.

  • The third action. How to tie the armhole, again go to the "pipe", connecting all the loops together. Tie one or two rows, and then gradually reduce the number of loops so that your neck is not too wide. Here, too, you need to put knitting to the back of the dog, since all the dogs are different and exactly in numbers I cannot tell you how much you will have to reduce knitting, how many loops and how long the length should be when tying the shoulders. It should be borne in mind that dogs, in fact, have no shoulders.
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Calculate all this is possible, using the measure of the length of the product and the width of the neck. You can subtract from the length of the product the part already connected by you and compare the width of the product that you knit with the measured width of the neck. And you will understand how and how many loops you will need to “cut”. But it is impossible that the neck was too narrow, because then the sweater will be difficult to wear over his head.

If you hesitate, reduce the volume by a bit and tie a lapel collar. It will be very nice, and you will not suffer with calculations. In the extreme case, if the neck is too wide – make a beautiful cord with small tassels or pomposchki and. Pass it between the loops in the neck. If you can tie it on the side or back, it will be very beautiful.

That’s all. According to this basic principle, almost all dog sweaters are knitted. The only thing for experienced knitters – at the beginning of knitting, so that the sweater does not hang on the tummy, you need to start with the volume that you measured near the hind legs, and then gradually add loops along the entire required length equal to the distance between the front and hind legs. Until you reach the desired volume, measured on the chest line behind the front paws.

  • The fourth act. The only thing left to do is to loop the eyelets along the armholes and tie the cuffs for the front legs. It is not difficult.