Knit Blouse For Dogs

For small dogs, especially dwarf breeds that are not adapted to the cold, have short and sparse hair, and sometimes they have no hair at all, with low body weight additional clothing is needed with the onset of autumn and winter. Such things can be knit for your little pet by yourself.

Dog sweatshirt as a necessity

Sweatshirts not only warm the dogs, but also protect against dirt, rain and snow. They allow the animal to keep clean and dry, without excessive bathing.

Not only small dogs need clothes, but also medium-sized dogs, whose hair is periodically trimmed decoratively, as well as dogs that are aged or weakened after an illness.

Beautiful blouse for Chihuahua

Knit Blouse For Dogs

Knitted sweaters are suitable as home clothing, or street, when there is no frost. To fasten the jacket on the animal’s body, you can use zippers, buttons, velcro, hooks or buttons, and you can place them on the back or on the stomach.

In order to knit a great sweater for a pet, you need to make a pattern of the future product.

Required measurements

  • neck circumference;
  • chest circumference;
  • waist girth;
  • back length

Fashionable purple doggy jacket

It is better to choose yarn warm and soft, so as not to irritate the delicate skin of a small dog. You can restrict yourself to threads of the same color, but if fantasy allows, you can create interesting things using jacquard motifs or lace knit. Using a melange thread allows you to easily and quickly knit a blouse, while at the same time moving away from boring monochromatic colors.

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Sweater for dogs without buckles, knitted elastic

Knitting with elastic band with alternating face and purl loops ensures good stretching of the product. This jacket can be knit without fasteners, and wear over his head. It covers only the chest and back, legs remain open.
Measuring a dog to draw a pattern or to be guided by measurements. The part about the tail will be already, with it we start knitting.

Sweater for dogs without buckles

Type 22 loops and knit a 2 x 2 elastic band, in each row add one loop at the edges as many times as necessary in size to approximately the length of the waist circumference. Next, add the number of air loops on both sides so that the row becomes almost equal to the waist length of approximately 10 loops. We continue to knit to the neck without additions. The constriction of the neck is provided by the reduction of the loops. For different sizes it will be different, therefore, focusing on measurements, cut about 12. Link the neck, close the loop.
The part that will cover the chest has the form of a rectangle, the long side of which is equal to the distance from the waist to the neck, and short, the distance between the legs. In the area of ​​the neck also need to narrow the detail on a few loops. Then sew two parts together with a hook or needle, leaving openings for the paws.

Knit Blouse For Dogs

Sweatshirt with a hood for dogs, knitted round

On the jacket for small dogs of dwarf breeds, you must prepare 50 grams of thread of three shades. You can knit with circular knitting needles or use stockings of smaller and larger diameters, for example, No. 4 and No. 3, a hook. The neck can be made monophonic, and then knit alternating different colors.
Work to start from the top – neck, typing 48 loops in two threads, close them in a circle. Run a 4 cm rubber band 2 x 2.

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Following rows

In the next row to tie all the loops purl, from it will subsequently be recruited loops for the hood. Continue with a rubber band again, and add loops in every second section of the purl through the row; , about 8 cm, and leave holes for them: close 2 faces, transfer 13 loops to a large pin or put it on a needle, close 2 loops. The remaining 43 loops continue to knit another 5 cm. Put the loops back and return to the front, finish the area on the chest also 5 cm. Combine all the loops again, adding 2 missing loops between the parts. Having bound the product of the necessary size, up to the waist, close 9 loops of the front. Further to carry out not in a circle, but directly, diminishing in each second row 2 x 2, 2 x 1, 1 x 2, 1 x 3. Finish work when the length of the product reaches 24 cm.

Knit sleeves

The sleeves are made with smaller-sized needles, by gathering 34 loops along the edge of the armhole and performing the elastic in a circle of 5 cm.
From the row with purl loops, dial 42 loops, leaving 6 loops in front of untouched. Using knitting needles No. 3, tie a row with purses, evenly increasing the number of loops up to 70. The edges of the hood are three loops, knit garter stitch, and inside the front 12 cm stitches. Close the loops and sew the sides of the hood. To crochet all the edges according to the scheme: 1 sc, 1 air loop, after 1 cm sc, 1 ce, repeat to the end of the row. Such a knitted jacket will provide the dog with comfort and warmth while walking.