Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Warm sweater for your beloved pet!

On the nose – winter, and it’s time to think about how to knit a warm sweater for your dog. This is especially true for small pets and for animals that do not have wool. There are many such dog breeds, and they, like no other species, need our care and warmth. How to tie a sweater for your beloved dog or create it from the old human?

Before starting to create dog clothes from the threads of a real work of art, you should decide which model to use. The choice will help make your pet’s skills, size and physique, its breed, as well as weather conditions.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Models of dog clothes are as follows:

It is worth noting that tying a blanket or a vest is as simple as it’s, but you will have to tinker with a sweater, overalls or coat. The first options do not have sleeves, difficult armholes, any other difficult to create elements. But they are also less warm than the rest.

Overalls, sweaters and coats will suit those dogs that have no wool at all or it is very short. These are such breeds as dachshunds, Italian greyhounds, Whippets, Chinese Crested, Toy Terriers.

Note that each of these types of clothing can be supplemented with hats, hoods, socks. Here again, we look at what dog and for what purposes we want to knit a sweater for the dog with our own hands.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

We select yarn and tools

What may be needed in order to knit a sweater for a doggie? The list of tools and materials is small, but it can be supplemented with other elements depending on the selected model.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

The minimum set for knitting:

You may also need buckles, buttons, zipper, ribbons and other accessories to decorate and improve the functionality of a knitted thing. The threads will be needed to sew together different parts of the future suit.

What to knit?

The most important element needed to create a knitted thing is yarn. Her choice should be treated with all responsibility. To make a dog sweater warm and warm in the cold, it is best to take wool or acrylic yarn. The first is a completely natural material that keeps heat well and for a long time. But she has a minus – the product will quickly stretch and become covered with pellets.

Acrylic – yarn made of artificial wool, synthetic. Very durable and can have a very bright color. But its main disadvantage is the ability to accumulate static electricity, which will cause discomfort to the dog.

Cotton yarn is the best option when it comes to breeds of dogs with wool. But it is too thin to keep warm in the cold.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is best to take mixed yarn for dog knitted clothes. Products from it will be erased well, worn for a long time and will not lose their appearance.

Remake old sweater

If you do not have knitting skills, then you can create a dog blouse from your old sweater. For a doggie of small breed, doll clothes or a child’s blouse will fit perfectly, but a large dog can easily fit into a hoodie. But such wardrobe items will require some work.

In the waist, a human sweater will be great for any breed of dog, so you can sew a gum there to narrow the volume of an old sweater. You can cut the fabric item and then sew the edges again, adjusting it to the size of the dog, but this option will not work with a knitted one. If you cut a sweater, it will just bloom. So here is only suitable option with the use of gum.

How to tie yourself?

What can be more beautiful than clothes for a dog created by yourself? Here you can let your imagination flit and come up with absolutely any model variations. But creating a dog sweater with your own hands is a long, painstaking, but very interesting affair.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Taking measurements

Before you start knitting dog clothes, it is necessary to determine its size. To do this, take the measurements from the pet. Depending on the clothing model chosen, the number of measurements may vary. We will tell you how to take measurements for a sweater.

To get started, prepare a pen, a piece of paper and a measuring tape and bring a dog to yourself. Give the command "Stand" and, taking a centimeter in hand, begin to make measurements:

  • chest girth – on the most voluminous part;
  • neck girth – in the place where it is the widest;
  • the length of the back – from the point where the neck passes into the back, to the tail;
  • leg height – from armpit to metacarpus;
  • leg girth – in the thickest place.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

These measures will be enough to sew or knit a sweater with sleeves for the dog. If you want to create a jumpsuit, it is necessary to measure the distance between the front and rear legs, waist girth, hip girth, hind legs height. How to take measurements to sew or knit an outfit, described in the next video.

Materials and tools

To create a knitted sweater or a vest for your pet, you will need:

  • hook or knitting needles (depending on what you own);
  • the required amount of yarn;
  • knitting scheme;
  • patterns, built to the standards of your dog;
  • scissors;
  • threads and needles to sew parts;
  • elastic.


Instructions for creating clothes for dogs will directly depend on the model and knitting scheme. But there are several points that will be common to almost all models.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

  • To begin with, depending on the selected yarn, you should calculate the number of loops in 1 cm. Then we calculate how many they are needed in accordance with the standards of the animal. To do this, knit a small sample pattern.
  • We knit each part of the jacket separately: back, sleeves, breast, collar and elastic at the waist.
  • In some cases, you can knit a thing in a circle – this option is suitable for vests.
  • Knit a blanket with a solid thread, almost without interruption.
  • If you knit a sweater, then, creating each of its parts separately, you must connect them together. This can be done by linking the pieces together, or sew them together.
  • At the very least, when the test fitting is done, they knit the collar, the elastic at the waist.
  • Sometimes you can do without long sleeves – then the sweater is knitted according to the vest principle. Small sleeves just dovyazyvayutsya almost finished product.

Little dog sweater

Knitting a sweater for small dogs is practically no different from creating the same copy of clothing for a larger fellow. The only difference is that for kids it is often necessary to create not one, but several clothes for a shift. After all, a large dog does not need to be worn as often as a baby-chishka or toya, for which any cold of death is like. Such rocks are very hard to bear frosts.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

We knit a dog’s blouse, always starting from the collar, and by the end of the product we reduce the number of loops so that the sweater is tight. Below are a few diagrams of patterns that are suitable for knitting dog clothes.

Photo Gallery

Video "Knit crochet sweater for dogs"

The following video is a detailed master class on how to create a dog blouse out of yarn using a hook.

Knitting patterns for small dogs. How to tie a dog sweater for beginners: a scheme with a description. Detailed description of knitting for dogs: sweater, overalls, costume, hat, knitting, crochet

Dogs become our best friends. They love and protect us. We, in turn, should also relate to them. To make sure that our little and sometimes great friends feel comfortable in the winter, it is our duty.

Knitting patterns for dogs, photo

Dog knitwear

In order for the suit to sit well, dogs, like people, need to take measurements. You should not mistakenly focus on the standard size of a particular breed. All doggies are individual.

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In order to correctly measure, use our table.

Knitting patterns for dogs

Sweater for dogs, photos

How to tie a dog sweater for beginners scheme with a detailed description and photos

Beginners can knit such a simple sweater for a dog from warm blend yarn. We will take the threads thick, in a hundred grams of yarn two hundred meters. Needles need number four.

Yarn for work:

First, take measurements from the dog, use the table and description given above. After that, you can start to knit the collar. Try to keep it not too tight, the sweater should be easy to dress and not bring discomfort to the dog. The optimal width of the collar for small dogs is five centimeters. Knit it with a 1×1 or 2×2 rubber band.

We will tie the main part of the sweater with a simple facial texture. On the back you can put a pattern in the form of a pigtail. The pattern will knit on 17 loops. At the end of the collar you need to count this number of loops in the middle and knit the pattern according to the scheme below. If you are still difficult to give patterns, you can tie the entire sweater stitch.

After two rows of the main canvas, we begin to make an addition. Add two loops in each row. We add loops until the width of the leaf reaches the size of the dog in the chest girth, plus another two centimeters for allowances. Be sure to try on a sweater on a dog. To make it easier to do, flip the loop on the circular needles. Then go back to the stockings. Do not be lazy to once again do the fitting, so as not to start all over again.

If everything worked out and went well, then we knit three more rows without additions.

Now you need to make a slot for paws. As shown in the photo, you need to skip the number of loops you need in size, knit only the side parts of the holes. To do this, tie the first three centimeters, close the next six centimeters, and then knit to the second armhole. And when you get the appropriate, add air loops and knit further with a solid cloth.

Now we need a measure from the abdomen, length. Cloth narrows to the bottom of the tummy, so you need to subtract two loops every six rows. Do not forget to try on the product on the dog.

Having reached the required length, complete the edge with a rubber band. Enough six rows. Eyelets for the legs will also be tied well, you can crochet. The last stage of the assembly of sweaters, sew and try on the owner.

The scheme of knitting overalls for dogs knitting, detail

The scheme of knitting overalls for dogs crocheted, detailed

Knit crochet number five. You can take the same white or milk yarn (Cinse Artico), or you can choose something brighter. You will also need a pink ribbon, about forty centimeters, and one pearl bead.

We knit according to the scheme: air loop, connection column, column without nak. and a column with NAC.

We start to knit a cloth from a waistline. We collect 81 loop and close the ring. Further, using scheme number one, we knit seven centimeters in a circle. Next, the canvas must be divided into two parts. The bottom consists of 14 motifs, and the top of 12. Between them on each side, leave 2 motes each. for armhole. All knit according to the scheme number one.

After 10 cm from the armhole, set aside 7 motifs in the center for the neckline. We knit the right and left parts separately. After 14 cm from the armhole, finish knitting. The second side is knit alike.

After 10 cm from the armhole, set aside 6 motifs in the center for the neckline. After 14 cm from the armhole, finish knitting. Details of the bottom and top sew over the shoulders. Neck or neckline, you need to tie. To do this in a circle, first associate 2 rows with columns without nak., Then 2 rows with a column. with nak. Use scheme number two.

It remains to tie the sleeves and the bottom of the jumpsuit. We first knit the sleeves for the front legs. To do this, lift the pole in the armholes. and knit in circular rows of 10 centimeters using the scheme number one. Then 4 centimeters follow the pole. according to scheme number two.

Go to the bottom. From the first row along the waistline we knit 20 centimeters according to the first scheme. Then set aside the 11 moto. in the middle under the hole for donning. We knit the left and the right side separately 7 centimeters. Simultaneously with this, we are doing a decrease, 2 column. from each side. We sew the parts of the canvas, remembering to leave a hole for donning and armholes for the paws.

Using the first scheme, we knit in the armholes for the hind legs in a circle of 7 cm. Then follow the cuffs of the column. 2 cm

According to the third scheme we tie the bottom of the jumpsuit. From the ribbon we make a bow and decorate it with a bead.

The scheme of knitting hats for dogs, detailed with photos

Many people think that the hat on the dog is just a whim of the owners. But there are rocks that cannot be without a hat in the winter. Therefore, it will be very useful to learn how to knit a hat for your little pet.

If you decide to tie your own cap to your smaller friend, then we offer the simplest step by step example. This hat can be taken for a dream and decorated as you like. Measurements on the schematic for York are medium in size. You need to make your measurements.

Knitting raglan for dogs scheme description

The simplest raglan for clarity.

Sweater will knit from the neck. We collect loops, the number of which corresponds to your measurements of the volume of the neck. In the lesson scored 64 loops. Divide them into four knitting needles. Knit the neck with a rubber band two by two 15, and in order to get a lapel about 20 rows.

Go directly to the raglan. To get further raglan, divide your number of loops by three. They need to be distributed on the loop for the back, front and legs. If 64 is divided into three, take about 22 loops.

Since the back is wider, we will leave 25 points for it, for breast 19, for each foot ten, total 20. Next, it is convenient to use special markers for knitting to delimit the details.

For the sleeves, on the circumference of the paws, you need to calculate the number of loops. These loops are laying for another needle. Then we work further in a circle. On the needle, which you work, dial from five to ten loops so that the sleeve is not tight. Circle close and knit on.

On the back we need to tie two hearts. Where the pattern will be located, and choose its size at your discretion. Figure fit according to the scheme.

After you complete the pattern, knit further in a circle. The length of your sweater depends on the size of the dog, but do not forget that the back is always longer than the front. When you decide everything with a length, begin to knit a gum two by two. So we knit about seven rows and close the loops on the stomach, leaving the backrest.

Transfer all the loops to one needle and continue to work alternating faces. and out. Rows. At the same time doing a decrease. We knit together three loops both at the beginning and at the end of the rows. Get a smooth narrowing.

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Only the sleeves remained. We recall those five or ten loops that are needed so that the sleeve does not fit and is free. Dial them on the spokes. Twist in a circle with a rubber band two by two the length you need.

Crochet for dogs, description scheme

Knitting a suit for dogs in detail with a description

Such a seemingly and simple costume, very beautiful and bright look on your darling.

Reaching the armpits of the front legs, change the spokes on the circular.

Having closed the loops, we do not cut the thread.

Video knitting sweaters for dogs

How to knit a dog with a knitting sweater (for beginners): features of knitting a sweater for a dog on a knitting needle

Our beloved pets – they are so sweet and they believe in us. The owner of the dog is already convinced that the dog is the best friend of man. We will warm our “pet”, give them a charming and warm blouse.

Knitting sweater for a dog is what he needs on cool days. The great advantage of knitting a sweater with knitting needles for a dog will be that it will be the size in size. The best and can not be desired.

Choice of yarn and knitting needles

Yarn and knitting needles are selected together. Depending, as well as models – you need to make a choice of needles. If a raglan model that you meet very often, then definitely opt for stocking knitting needles. Ordinary needles with ears will serve as good friends for performing classic models.

Yarn for your "pet" you need to carefully choose, cheap and cold are not suitable.

Doggy as a child requires warmth and affection. That yarn should be just that. The yarn is chosen for the cold season, and the more warm fibers it contains, the better.

Features knitting sweater for dogs on the needles

To create a dog sweater must go through several stages:

Stage 1: taking measurements

When measuring take into account that the "pet" will be active in the finished sweater, and therefore immediately make a correction for a few centimeters:

  • product length (from collar to tail);
  • product width (between the front and back paws);
  • girth of the back and chest;
  • the distance between the legs;
  • waist circumference (abdomen);
  • OL – paw girth;
  • OSH – neck girth.

How to take measurements with a dog

The peculiarity of a sweater for a dog is that the back is usually knitted wider and longer, especially for a dachshund, models need more length. Let us analyze step by step for beginners how to properly tie a warm sweater for a dog with their own hands.

The scheme of knitting a sweater for a small dog

Important! All presented measurements are done when the dog is relaxed.

Based on the measurements, a set of loops is made and then the neck is knitted.

How to start a sweater for dogs

More often the gate is simply performed with a rubber band.

Important! The mouth for the dog is not made long so that it does not interfere with the "pet."

The length of the raglan will depend on the measurements, as well as all the details of this product.

Knitting and raglan

Sleeve hinges will be closer to each other from the front of the part.

Stage 5: back / front

After reaching the required length you need to make a gum and close the loop.

Knitting pattern

A sample (about 10-12 cm) is not a trifle. We type loops on 2 knitting needles, then we transfer to 1 knitting needle, with the 2nd knitting needle we knit the selected pattern. It is advisable to wash the sample, perhaps the yarn will shrink, then we calculate the number of loops for the pet.

After all, this small detail will help to accurately calculate the required number of loops for any part of the sweater.

The front surface – one row only with front loops to knit, the next – purl, then repeat the rows.

Facial and seamy surface

All this is done before the knitting stage.

Tip! It is advisable to outline a small plan and draw a pattern with a record of all measurements and transfer everything into loops.

Step by step description of knitting sweaters for a pet

Make a pet sweater easier with detailed and understandable descriptions. We offer you interesting 4 models of sweaters for dogs, made on the needles. Dogs in these things are just adorable, and the beauties themselves will not want to take it off after a walk.

Model 1

A sweater with a Norwegian pattern in gray will look gorgeous on a small dog (for a miniature poodle or York).

To work you need:

  • yarn of appropriate colors;
  • needles number 3.

We collect the required number of loops with knitting stockings and perform a 2 * 2 elastic band of 6-7 cm height. Then we go to a simple face surface and at the same time 8 loops of additions. You can go to the schemes of Norwegian patterns. With a height of 4-12 cm, knitting will need to be distributed to additional needles.

Knit back and before separately. Next, perform the side seams.

To tie the sleeves separately from all work.

Model 2

Gentle sweater, from melange yarn, will be good to sit on short and stocky little dogs, for example, a pug or others.

To work you need:

  • Knitting needles number 5 and 6;
  • melange yarn – 150 g

This model fits like a regular sweater (not raglan). We start from the back, it is made wider. Begin the product with an elastic band, continue with the facial smoothness. A small digression for armholes.

The front shelf is somewhat back.

Sleeves are two small parts.

The collar is low created from a rubber band 1 * 1.

After creating each part separately, everything is stitched together. For stapling sleeves used chitching seam.

Model 3

Blouse with Aran looks very good. But for a dog sweater you should not do arana on the sleeves and the front shelf. All this will only interfere with the pet. It is enough to decorate the Aran only back.

To work you need:

  • Alize Cashmere yarn 100% wool;
  • stocking spokes.

Scheme for model 3

Knit raglan need and start with the gate.

Gateway. On the needles dial 32 loops. Tie 4 rows of elastic 1 * 1, then elastic 2 * 1, for it you need to add one loop over each face loop. After 4 rows of this gum go to the 2 * 2 gum and make imperceptible additions for it.

Raglan. Link under the schemes, at the same time make additions of 4 points for a neat raglan. The front and sleeves are the front smooth surface. The back is immediately made on the pattern of the scheme of Aran.

Front / back. The back and front knit in a circle, but the front finish a little earlier, for this you need to leave the loop on an additional spoke. Tie back, then on the edge to get loop for tying gum around the whole canvas (front and back). Elastic bottom knit similar to the elastic gates, but in reverse order.

Sleeves. To knit in a circle each sleeve and finish the front surface of the canvas with an elastic band. This is the same gum as on the collar of the product, but in reverse order.

That finished product.

Model 4

Raglan for dogs below. Very beautiful model with a small pigtail is connected to the bottom. This is the perfect sweater for a small dog (Chihuahua, etc.).

To work you need:

  • 2 skeins of children’s pehorka 50 g each;
  • needles number 3.

Scheme for model 4

Back / front. Tie together in front and back. Dial the number of loops in size and make a rubber band 2 * 2 (no more than 10 rows). Then the back goes to the main pattern of the scheme. Forward knit satin. All knit in a circle to the armhole.

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Sleeves. Knit each sleeve separately and also up to the armhole. After combine all the parts together and knit in a large circle. In each subsequent do subtraction under raglan. It is necessary to create a bent collar, try on a product for a more comfortable collar height. Close the loop. The product can be worn.

This will help make walks brighter and warmer for your pet – simply knit a comfortable sweater for him. It is never too late to care – therefore success in creating a sweater for your beloved dog for every novice.

Creative ideas, schemes for knitting

Blue dachshund sweater

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

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Schemes knitting sweaters and coveralls knitting needles for dogs of small breeds

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Small breeds of dogs do not tolerate cold and bad weather. In this article I will tell you how to knit clothes with your own hands for beginners, how to choose a yarn, give a description of the knitting pattern, step-by-step instruction of the pattern and what tools to use.

How to knit clothes for dogs

Each product is created according to an individual plan. It depends on the knitting scheme, the model and the fantasy of the master. However, there are general principles of mating.

Knitting measurement

The animal must be comfortable while walking, otherwise it will turn into anguish. Therefore, you need to correctly take measurements:

  1. They give the dog a command to stand or ask an assistant to fix it for the time of measurements. They spend centimeter tape.
  2. The girth of the chest is measured in the bulk of the volume, just behind the front paws.
  3. Waist girth measure in front of the hind legs of the dog.
  4. The girth of the neck usually coincides with the girth of the collar. Tie a centimeter tape around the base of the neck and record the result.
  5. The back length is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.
  6. The height of the legs is the distance from the armpits to the feet.
  7. Leg girth is measured at the widest point.
Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Knitwear Measurements

These measurements will be enough to knit a sweater or a blanket (in this case, the measurements for the sleeves are excluded). To create a jumpsuit will require additional measurements:

  • distance between the front and rear legs;
  • waist and hip girth;
  • hind leg height.

To the received measurements add 1 cm for freedom of movement. Clothing should not sit like a glove.

A tight suit will disturb your pet and cause nosing.

Where to begin

Where to start: start knitting by calculating the number of loops per 1 cm of yarn. To determine the density of the product, you need to associate a small sample. Example: if 26 loops fit 10 cm, then the density is 2.6. To calculate the number of loops for chest girth, you need to take this measure and multiply by the density. Example: 32 * 2.6 = 83 loops.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Knitted clothes for dogs

Description of work

However, there are a few points applicable to sweaters, vests and even blankets:

  1. Step by step calculation of the number of loops and binding of the control sample.
  2. If the product is assembled, the back, collar, chest and sleeves are created separately.
  3. Finished elements are stitched or bonded together.
  4. Go to the collar and elastic at the waist after the test fitting.
  5. Vests are knitted in a circle, continuous cloth. The same applies to the ass.
  6. Sweaters with short sleeves knit in the manner of a waistcoat. The cuffs are added after the chest and back have been tied.

The yarn is selected based on their season. The main thing is that it is natural and not cause concern to the pet.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Pattern sweater for dogs with a pattern

Do I need a build

There are two ways of knitting: seamless and prefab. Prefab means that all elements are knitted separately and connected by a seam.

  1. Begin to knit with a collar. To do this, take a measure of chest girth and subtract 20 loops from it: 83 – 20 = 63. The loops dial 63 loops and knit with 1×1 elastic to the end of the neck.
  2. The main part of the canvas is divided into three parts: the back, feet and chest. Then calculate the density of the product. We must not forget that the back is longer than the sternum. The number of loops for the front is divided by 2.
  3. To visually divide the product into three parts, use different types of loops. The front part is knitted as follows: 1 purl loop, 3 facial, 1 purl, etc. Sleeves: facial, purl, 2 facial, purl. Back: front, back, 11 front, back, front. The back continues to knit in a circle before the armpits.
  4. To knitted clothes do not stretch, use the method of the front surface. If the product is knit with a rubber band, it may lose its shape.
  5. Clothing should taper slightly in the abdominal area. If you refuse to subtract, it will stretch and sag.
  6. A sweater or vest is finished with a rubber band so that things fit well with the body.
  7. After the product is ready, it is sewn along the edge loops. The suture is allowed in the center of the abdomen.

Particular attention is paid to the seams: they should not be thick or rough.

Underarm and groin areas are especially tender, so they are easy to rub.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Knitting pattern

Seamless products knit by adding and reducing the number of loops. First of all, knit the collar, and then divide the workpiece into three parts: the sides and back. After the parts are ready, they are connected and knit for 3 cm. The loops are removed in the center of the leg openings. In each 4 rows – 2 loops. So finish the job. Finally tie armholes and slats.

The sweater should completely cover the girls ‘abdomen, and boys’ overalls should have a cut in the groin. Do not replace the neckline with a short length: it will cause a cold and complications.

Principles of knitting dog clothes

Small breeds of dogs are known for sensitive skin (chihuahua, york, little toy terrier, spitz), so the material must be natural and soft.

To keep the little dog from freezing outside, you need to choose a yarn that keeps you warm.

  1. Wool. Natural, well retains heat, but quickly drawn out. Over time, overgrown with pellets.
  2. Acrylic. Material based on synthetics. It is distinguished by durability and bright colors. The main disadvantage: accumulates static electricity.
  3. Cotton Natural, keeps its shape well, does not roll. Minus: the material is quite thin, not suitable for winter walks.

You can use a combined yarn (for example, a mixture of viscose and cotton). Very popular melange.

In the knitting set you need to include:

The shape and size of the spokes depends on the intention of the master. Threads are required for stitching parts. Accessories are practical and decorative. Practical – these are zippers, zippers and buttons. Decorative: stripes, ribbons and rhinestones.

The choice of fastener depends on the length of the hair. For long-haired breeds, it is better to choose buttons and buttons. Zippers and Velcro can damage the nap.

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Option knitted sweater for dogs

Knit Clothes For A Dog With A Pattern

Overalls for dogs

In the cold season, overalls (overalls) complement the hood. He should not close the dog review. It is knitted just like a heel toe. Hood can be removable and permanent. Removable fasten with buttons or ties.

Dog clothing styles are limited only by the fantasy of the master. The main thing is that decorativeness does not interfere with convenience. A variety of patterns for knitting inspire a unique outfit.