Knit Romper And Sweater For A Toy Terrier

Overalls for a toy terrier

You will need:

Lilac yarn 50% acrylic, 50% wool – 100 g

Some white wool for trim

5 knitting needles number 2 for circular knitting


1 row: * 2 purl, 2 facial *, 2 purl. Repeat the fragment between the asterisks.

2nd row: * 2 facial, 2 purl *, 2 facial.

3 row: * 2 purl, 2 front * (first knit the second loop of the front of the back wall, then the first), 2 purl.

4 row: * 2 face, 2 purl * (first knit the second loop of the purl, then the first), 2 face.

5 row: repeat the pattern, starting with the third row.

The front surface: the front rows knit facial loops, purl – purl.

Pattern "Star": together knit 3 loops front. Without removing them from the left knitting needles, make a cap and once again knit together 3 facial loops. Remove the loop from the left knitting needle.

1st row: remove 3 facial loops on the auxiliary knitting needle and place before work, 3 facial, 3 facial loops from the auxiliary knitting needle.

2 row: 3 facial leave on the auxiliary needle at work, 3 facial, 3 facial with auxiliary needle.


Divide the yarn into two parts. One ball – 1/3 of the skein, the second 2/3.

Front and back

Start knitting overalls for a toy terrier with a set of 60 loops. Knit the throat with an Italian eraser. At a height of 5 cm, turn the fabric over and knit the elastic on the wrong side. This is done so that the lapel has a pattern on the front side. Knit another 6 cm with an elastic band. In the last row, make additions every two loops. The needles should make 88 loops.

Further, the scheme of knitting overalls for a toy terrier says that work needs to be continued from two balls at a time. From one ball knit in front. It will have 30 loops. Follow his face. From the second – the back of 58 loops with “Spit” and “Asterisk” patterns, as shown in the photo: edge, 2 back, 12 loops of “Spit” pattern, 2 back, 24 loops of “Asterisk” pattern, 2 back, 12 loops of pattern “ Spit, 2 purl, edging.

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Linking 14 cm, close the hinges of the front. After another 12 cm, complete the backrest.

Sleeves and trousers

Type on 4 needles 34 loops for the sleeve. Do the work with a regular 1 x 1 eraser. At the height of 13 cm finish the work. In the same way, tie the second sleeve. Similarly, knit leg. Only their length is slightly longer. 16 cm


So come to an end on the story of how to knit a jumpsuit for a toy terrier with knitting needles. Perform the side seams of the front and back and sew the leg and trousers.

Hook the “snarling step” with a white thread to tie the neck, the lower part of the back and the front, as well as the cuffs. In this case, the bottom of the back can be a little pull.

Knitting "pitch step" is used to trim the edges of products. Performing it, each time enter the hook in the previous loop. The result will be a spectacular edging in the form of small dense waves. It will not only decorate the product, but will also strengthen it, since the edge thread is most often torn or wiped during wear.

Knit Romper And Sweater For A Toy Terrier

Toy Terrier Sweater

You will need:

blue wool – 100 g

blue wool – 50 g

red and green yarn – 20 g each


Gum 1×1 (* 1 loop front, 1 purl *)

Front smooth surface: front rows are knitted by front loops, purl – by purl


Knitting a sweater for a toy terrier begins with the calculation of the loop. The collar, sleeves, front and edging are made with an elastic band. A back and a hood a front smooth surface with a patterned element.

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Neck girth with 70 loops lapel

Front – 24 loops

Back – 46 loops

The distance between the legs in front – 36 loops

The distance from the neck to the front paws – 9 rows

When moving from the gate to the back, you need to add 15 loops, 7 loops to the front

Front leg girth – 27 loops

Sleeve width – 30 loops

Armhole depth 3 loops

The height of the hood (from the base of the crown to the neck) – 40 loops

The depth of the hood is ½ the distance from the back of the head from the temple to the temple + 6 cm for a free fit – approximately 64 loops

Knit Romper And Sweater For A Toy Terrier

Front and back

The story of how to knit a sweater for a toy terrier with needles will begin with a set of loops. Type 70 loops on the knitting needles and tie a gum of 7 cm in height. Divide the knitting into two parts: 24 loops. in front, 46 loops – back. Knit them from two different tangles.

1 row before: Do 1 nakid every 3 p. Total 7 times.

1 row of back: Do 1 nakid every 3 p. Total 15 times.

2nd row before: 31 knit a loop with a rubber band.

2 row back: 61 loop purl.

3 row to the front: 1 remove the loop, make a cape, knit 29 loops with a rubber band, 1 front.

3 row of back: remove 1 loop, make a cape, knit 59 loops face, 1 face.

4 row before: 33 loop the loop with a rubber band.

4 row of back: 63 loop purl.

Tie 4 more rows, throwing over the edges of the front row of each piece on the nakida.

Simultaneously with 5 rows, begin to knit a pattern.

9 row to the front: close 3 loops; 34 loops knit with a rubber band.

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9 row back: close 3 loops, 64 face loops.

10 row before: 3 loops close, 31 loop with an elastic band.

10 row back: 3 loop close, 61 loop and purl.

Now knit a sweater for a toy terrier in a straight line. At the end of the 19th and 20th row, the front and backrest dial 3 air loops.

Knit the part further until it reaches a length of 8.5 cm from the collar. Then knit 1.5 cm. In front of the elastic and close the loop. Continue to knit the back of the pattern, diminishing 1 loop in each second row along the edges (remove the edge trim, tie 2 loops together, knit along the pattern, 2 loops together, edge trim). When the backrest reaches 20 cm., Close all the loops and fasten the ends of the colored threads from the seamy side.

Knit Romper And Sweater For A Toy Terrier


What a sweater for a toy terrier without sleeves. For them, use a blue thread to put 30 loops on the needles and knit 4 cm with an elastic band. Sleeves are rectangles. Close the loop.


Perform shoulder seams. Sleeves sew in the armhole. Then make the side seams of the sweater and sleeves. Type 108 loops on the knitting needles and tie a band about 1.5 cm wide with an elastic band. Sew it along the edge of the backrest. Secure the ends to the bottom of the front part.


Tie a canvas 12 cm high and 30 cm wide with the front satin stitch. For the first 1.5 cm, use a blue thread with an elastic band. Continue to work the front surface of the blue wool. Fold the part in half, sew one side, and then sew to the collar of the sweater for the toy terrier. Decorate the top of the hood with a pompon.