Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

As is known, most owners of small breeds of dogs always try to warm their pet during the winter period of time. And it should be noted that dressing a dog in winter is not only a peculiar fashion, but simply a harsh vital necessity. The Chinese Crested, West Highland White Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, as well as some other breeds do not have a fur undercoat. Therefore, walking in the winter, such animals can easily get frostbite or get sick with colds.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

By the way, a jacket, fur coat or hat for a dog is needed in the summer. If in winter clothes protect against overcooling, in summer they will actively resist the overheating of the animal.

Knit cap

Taking measurements

How to tie a hat for a dog? What actions are performed first? Of course, as with any other types of knitting, before starting work it is necessary to make certain measurements. If with suits and overalls things are much more complicated, then with the removal of the measurements for the cap, even newcomers never have any problems.

What are the necessary parameters? First, you will need to measure the circumference of the animal’s head. Secondly, measure the distance between his ears. We will not make any additional measurements.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Close or not cover the ears

Some experts recommend always knit hats with holes for the ears. Dogs, as you know, are proud of their ears and cherish, so the owners must protect him. The cap for the dog should not strongly press the ears or put pressure on them. It is better to make small slots. If the cap is too tight and dense, the dog simply will not hear the owner, the hearing will be dull, and it may get lost.

There are other cases. For example, when your dog has very sensitive ears, which tend to catch cold. In this case, as you understand, it is better to choose a model of caps with closed ears. They will be protected from the wind, and the animal will not experience any discomfort after walking.

Yarn selection

A very important point – the choice of thread for knitting. Knitted hats for dogs should be warm and at the same time comfortable to wear. Do not buy for hats too spiky 100% wool thread. It is better to give preference to children’s acrylic or natural cotton.

As you know, many small breeds often suffer from various allergic ailments. There may be them for knitting yarn. How to check yarn? Take a small piece of thread, attach it to the elbow from the inside and spend some time. If your skin has not responded to the friction of the thread – you can buy it for knitting a pet’s hat. If there were spots on the skin, redness appeared, an unpleasant itch started, then it is better not to use this thread.

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Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Plain cap with closed ears

So let’s start our knitting. The hats for dogs, it should be noted, are knitted very quickly and easily, so that even a beginning knitter will cope with such a task. The first option, which we offer, is considered a classic, is very often found and looks quite nice.

Such a hat for a dog consists of two elements: the front and the back. After knitting, simply sew the two parts, after which the product is ready to wear.

We take our measurements, divide the numbers by three. Two parts – this will be the front part of the cap, and the third. occipital. As for the knitting of most “human” hats, you need to take twenty test loops on the knitting needles and knit them about ten centimeters with the knitting pattern you will use for basic knitting. A knitted probe, let’s call it that, will help determine the number of loops that are needed specifically for your measurements.

Calculated the loop, we collect them on the needles and knit the usual elastic 1×1 or 2×2. The height of the gum can be different, but, as a rule, it does not exceed three centimeters. Here, again, everything will depend on the size of the dog’s head. Next, you should make an increase. It is better to do this through a row, so that the product looks harmonious and increases gradually.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

When to finish knitting? Experts advise doing fittings after a certain number of rows. As soon as the canvas comfortably lies on the head and does not put pressure on the ears, then you can finish one side and proceed to the other.

Two parts are knitted. Getting to the stitching parts. To prevent the cap from flying off your pet’s head, you can add short ties to it. They can be knit or use a hook (if you know how to work). Since the corners of the caps are sticking out, you can attach bright and funny pompons to their tops.

Hats with neck

A very long hat for a dog is considered to be very warm and comfortable to wear. Spokes just knotted neck. It not only protects from cold and wind, but also is a kind of fastener products. Such a hat will never fly off, no matter how hard the weather tries or your pet and his nimble, nimble paws. Throw off or pull off such an accessory from the head will not work.

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How to tie such a hat? First, we take our measurements from the head, as we did for the previous version. Secondly, we need an extra measure here – neck girth. We start again with a trial version. If you are not knitting the first product and you know the yarn, then you can immediately start to set the loops.

As usual, we knit a couple of centimeters with a rubber band. Close the loops, leaving only a small amount in the center. This central knitted piece should run smoothly between the dog’s ears. We knit the same strip from the back side and, adding loops, knit the part that will cover the dog’s neck. Details now will only stitch together.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Such a cap can be connected with a single canvas. But this option is for those who know how to use circular needles. Do not forget to periodically try on the cap, so that it is not too short or narrow. Such a hat can be worn either as a regular walking suit or as a winter overalls. It resembles a childish penny.

Cap with slots for the ears

This, perhaps, will be the most successful hat for a dog, made by hand. It combines the shirt-neck, covering the neck and the cap, which has space for the ears. If you choose a good color of yarn, then it will be the perfect complement perfectly to any winter dress of your pet.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

To work in this case, you will need a set consisting of five spokes. They are also called socks. When you take your measurements, make a trial knitted piece and calculate the number of needles, try to bring them closer to a number that is a multiple of four. The resulting number of loops will need to be distributed (dialed) into four knitting needles in equal amounts.

Unusual option

Knitting this hat will be somewhat unusual. If in the first versions we first knit a rubber band, then here we will do the opposite. We knit three centimeters with the front satin stitch and then go on to knitting 1×1 gum. If you want, of course, you can replace this pattern with any other. But, speaking of novice needlewomen, we note that this pattern is the simplest and easiest. If this is your first hat for a dog, then it is better to choose it.

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Need to knit before the ears. Next, for each ear to make holes. To do this, simply close the required number of loops on both sides and continue knitting further. Remember that in the continuation of knitting you should have the same number of loops, which was originally. When you will knit the first row after diminishing for the ears, you will need to loop over the closed ones.

Next, knit to the neck. When there will be a few centimeters before the end should be a few increases. Here we recommend the use of ordinary nakidy. They will make the product a little wider by the end of the mating and at the same time will not allow holes that beginners may have during the addition of loops in other ways.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands


The most popular decoration of hats are pompons. If you look at the hats for dogs, photos of which are presented on various relevant resources, then in most of the options you will see pompons. They make any, even the most simple knitted hat more advantageous, mischievous and unusual. How to make them?

Take a sheet of cardboard. Cut out a circle of the desired diameter. If there is more pompon, then the circle, respectively, should be wider. We will need two such circles. We make in each of them a hole in the middle with scissors. Connect the circles together. We take a hank of thread and begin to braid circles until you find that the pom-pom will be fluffy enough.

We take scissors and proceed to the magic. First, cut the top faces of the strings. Gently push the cardboard parts and drag the center thread. We remove the parts completely, strengthen the central thread finally and fluff the pom-pom. If you get out of the total weight of the thread, the length can be adjusted with scissors.

So, the hat for the dog is ready. It can be decorated with any improvised means: rhinestones and bows, pompoms and stickers, ribbons and hairpins. You can crochet additional bright elements and simply sew them to the finished cap.

Knitted Hat For Dogs With Their Own Hands

What you need to knit hats for dogs

Summing up, let’s determine the important points in knitting hats for a pet:

  • High-quality hypoallergenic yarn.
  • Correctly taken measurements from the head and neck.
  • Tastefully selected color and style.
  • And, most importantly, the desire to do something for your pet with your own hands, with a soul and an open heart.