Knitting Clothes For Dogs Crochet Master Class Description

Knitting clothes for dogs can be a very exciting experience. Try to knit a sweater for your best friend.

It is easy to fit and very easy to put on a pet – no need to thread the paws, just throw it over the dog, fasten the button on the neck and the strap on the stomach.

The back of the sweater will not prevent your pet from going about his business. We have prepared for you a master class with which you can easily learn crochet for dogs.

Crochet for dogs: step by step description

Abbreviations: beg. = start
VP = air loop
CH = double crochet
mind. = reduce, decrease
kzhd. = each
n. = loop
repeat = repeat
Sc = = single crochet
PSBN = semi column without nakida, connecting column
vm = knit together

Collar: 1st row – 23 VP, SBN in the 2nd VP with a hook and in kzhd. VP along, 1 VP, turn (22 SBN) 2nd row – 50th row – SNS in kzhd. Sc for the back wall, 1 VP, turn. At the end of the last row do not fasten the thread. 1 VP, turn.

Leave the hook in the last working loop, align the last working row with the beginning. close and connect the gate, vm. using PSbN as follows: insert the hook into the last n. of the first sc and the first free n. VP, connect the item and pass both loops on the hook (PSbN). Rep. along the row to close the gate. Do not fasten the thread. 2 VP.


1st row – on the collar rim dial 48 CH, leaving the remaining RLS intact rows, 2 VP, turn.

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2nd row – 22nd row – CH in kzhd. CH, 2 VP, turn. (Add rows here if necessary). Going out on a new circle, make a lifting loop. The next row – until the end of the product mind. count CH due to proving CH not in kzhd. P., and through one. Reduce to the required volume, 2 VP, turn. Next row: CH in kzhd. CH, 2 VP, turn. Rep. last two rows twice, secure the thread.


1st row – Lay the sweater on a flat surface with the wrong side up. Attach the thread of the main yarn to the end of the 15th row, if you count from the collar. We work with the last CH in the ranks, 2 VP, we type 13 CH evenly along the side edge, 2 VP, turn.

2nd row – 20th row – CH in kzhd. CH, 2 VP, turn. The next row – CH in kzhd. the first 5 CH, 1 VP, skip the next CH, CH in kzhd. last 5 CH, 2 VP, turn. (A hole is made for a button) Next row: CH in CJ. SN and VP-1 pass, 2 VP, turn. The following 2 rows: CH in kzhd. CH, 2 VP, turn. Next row: CH in kzhd. first 5 CH, 1 VP, skip the next CH, CH in kzhd. last 5 CH, 2 VP, turn.

(The second hole for the button has been made) The last row is the CH in kzhd. SN and VP-1 pass. We fix the thread. Make a single row of yarns in a contrasting color around the perimeter of the entire sweater, including the raw loops on the collar. Secure the thread.

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Button: Sew a button to about the fifteenth row from the collar. Try on a sweater to your dog as you knit, in order to adjust the length and add or subtract rows.

We hope that our knitting lesson for dogs with a description turned out to be useful to you, and with the help of this simple scheme you will soon take your pet for a walk in a warm and pretty new dress.