Knitting Clothes For Dogs

In the field of creating beautiful and warm clothes for dogs, knitted clothes have become quite popular. Breeds such as toy terrier and chihuahua dictate the fashion for knitted products. In this case, knitting for a pet is not a whim of the owner, but a serious and everyday necessity. The fact is that smooth-haired breeds have so delicate skin that without additional protection the dog either freezes, or gets scratched, or gets a sunburn.

Basic rules: take measurements

The basic knitting techniques for quadrupeds are practically no different from handicraft techniques for humans. The main thing is to determine the style and type of yarn from which the item will be made. Next comes the step of taking measurements and making the pattern.

A careful study of this issue turned out that knitting things for dogs is not the only direction in this area. Owners often knit for horses, lambs, birds, etc. For example, a watchdog needs a warm jumpsuit with a hood. There is a pattern on the Internet, but a question arises: how to take measurements from an animal correctly?

  1. The first measure to be taken is the length of the jumpsuit. It is necessary to put a collar on the dog so that it will sit on it freely.
  2. Then measured the length of the back from the collar to the tail.
  3. Next you need to know the girth of the neck. The collar must be removed and measured.
  4. The next parameter is the chest girth. This measure is measured by the elbows of the animal.
  5. The length of the hood is measured from the occiput to withers. You can throw a few centimeters to the hood lay on his head freely and beautifully.
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How to tie a dog clothes – knows any knitter with experience. In warm things the animal is very comfortable. Sweaters can be worn under overalls, or as independent clothing. The desire to dress up a little pet and tie some beautiful piece for him comes to caring and loving owners.

Sweater la moore

Knitting Clothes For Dogs

Sizes of the finished product: back. 23 cm, tummy. 17 cm

Materials: white and red yarn, needles No. 2, 3, large pins

How to knit: White yarn dial 60 p. (It should turn out somewhere around 24 cm) and knit with an elastic band about 3 cm with the front and back loops. After 1.5 cm add 1 loop on each side.

After tying the gum. knit 1 cm face loops, then divide the loops into three parts (5.5 cm from both sides and the rest of the central part) and knit the sides of 8 cm (sleeves and tummy). Attach the edges to the pins and knit the back of the pattern shown in the diagram below. Knit back about 7 cm, then connect with loops with pins and knit all together about 3 cm. The tummy should be gradually closed and continue to knit only the back of the product. Between the length of the tummy and the back the difference should be about 6 cm.

Sew the product and tie up the lower part with 2 x 2 rubber, 3 cm long. Tie the sleeves 12 cm long and 5 cm wide. Sew them into the holes.

Knitting Clothes For Dogs

Is it difficult to knit clothes for a dog

It is easy to tie a beautiful and dull warm kit. The dog breeder will enjoy not only the process of weaving. Whenever you look at a dog, he will be satisfied, because the pet is warm and can fully enjoy walking in any weather. And if you consider that the main lovers of knitted things – tiny smooth-haired animals, such as Chihuahuas or Dachshunds, the time for knitting will take very little. Depending on the chosen model and knitting buy yarn and knitting needles. Further actions – according to the instructions.

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Knitting for dogs is an easy and enjoyable activity, the benefit is that now on the Internet you can find a lot of schemes with detailed instructions.