Knitting For Dogs How To Tie A Jumpsuit For A Small Dog

Knitting For Dogs How To Tie A Jumpsuit For A Small Dog

If you are interested in knitting for dogs, then I offer you a detailed description and scheme of how to knit a jumpsuit for a Yorkshire terrier dog. The unitard is knitted of gray yarn, decorated with a pattern in the form of braids and rhombuses, with embroidered flowers in a rhombus of a contrasting color.

This jumpsuit is knitted for a dog from wool, the knitting begins with the collar, then the knitting is divided into two parts – the tummy and the back and each part is knitted separately, after which they are sewn along the side seams. Then “sleeves” and “leg pants” are linked.

In order to knit a jumpsuit for a dog, you will need:

100 g of gray yarn (100% wool, 30 0m / 100 g);
10 g of similar white and red yarn;

Measurements for knitting overalls:

back length – 28 cm

neck girth – 21 cm

chest girth – 35 cm;

girth of the front paw – 11 cm, hind paw – 15 cm;

How to correctly take measurements for knitting for a dog can be found in this article.

an elastic band 2×2 and 1×1 – 30p. = 10 cm, 33 p. = 10cm,

pattern – 28 n. = 12 cm.

Scheme knitting overalls for dogs:

How to tie a jumpsuit for dogs, job description:


Knit jumpsuit start with the gate. In our jumpsuit, the gate is knitted with a lapel. We type 70 loops of gray yarn on the knitting needles and we knit with an elastic band 1 x 1 four rows. The next four rows continue to knit with red yarn, and then four rows of white yarn. Next, continue knitting with gray yarn.

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Back and tummy

After 9 cm of the beginning of knitting, we divide all the loops into 2 parts: 24 loops for knitting the tummy and 46 loops for knitting the back. Each part should be knitted from two different balls, while it is better to knit both parts at the same time, so that they come out equal in length.

Knit the back as follows: in the first row evenly add 6 loops and knit in the following order – remove the first loop as edge, nakid, 11 loops with 1 x 1 band, 28 loops of the pattern from the scheme above, 11 loops gum 1 x 1, nakid edging. In the next row, knit nakida with crossed loops and incorporate an elastic in the pattern. Continue to knit according to the pattern, while in each subsequent 2nd row add 1 loop next to the edge band on both sides (total + 2 loops in the row). Add hinges to include in the pattern of gum. Go on so knit armholes.

For knitting a tummy in the first row, add 15 loops, making nakida through 1-2 loops. Tie the second row with an elastic band 1 x 1, while in this row, as well as in each subsequent 2nd row, add 1 loop next to the edge band on both sides (total + 2 loops in the row). Add hinges to include in the pattern of gum. Continue so knit to armhole.

Arms do as follows:

In the 12th row we close three loops at the beginning and end of the detail of the back and tummy. We continue to knit in a straight line 11 rows, after which we collect at the beginning and at the end of each part of the three air loops.

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Next, knit tummy in a straight line, after 14 cm from the gate close the loop.

We also knit the back in a straight line, after 19 cm from the collar we begin to reduce the edges of the part, tying 2 loops in each 2nd row. Through 23 cm all the loops are knitted with a rubber band 1 x 1 and after 1.5 cm close all the loops.

Sleeves and trousers

Fit in separate parts. For knitting sleeves, type 30 loops of gray yarn on knitting needles and 2 x 2 knit with an elastic band. After 3 rows go to knitting with red yarn and then white. Next, knit gray yarn. At the same time in each 3 row add 1 loop at each edge, including them in the pattern. After 4 cm all sang close.

The legs fit in the same way, only needles for 42 loops should be made, and loops should be added in the 6th and 12th rows. After 5.5 cm all sang close.

Assembly overalls:

Decorate the back by embroidering flowers with white and red yarn in the center of the rhombuses. Sew the tummy and back to the armhole, sew the sleeves and the sides of the sleeves. Then sew the sides of the back and tummy.

Type on the spokes 51 loop and knit with an elastic band 1 x 1 1.5 cm, close the loop. It will turn out a strip, connect the second similarly to it. These strips should be sewn to the sides of the back, not reaching the bottom of the back of 5.5 cm, so that one end is sewn at the bottom of the tummy, and the second – at the bottom of the back. Thus formed armholes for trousers. In these armholes sew the leg, which should be sewn along the side lines.

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Overalls for dogs ready!