Knitting Sweater For A Small York Dog (Finished Product Length 20 Cm)

Warm clothing for the winter is needed not only for people, but also for pets, especially those who walk outside in the cold and cold. Small yorkie dogs (or any other breeds of lapdogs) will be happy to walk in warm sweaters and overalls, as they are poorly adapted to the cold climate. In order to please your pet will take 1-2 pm, and the remnants of yarn. How to knit clothes for dogs, I will tell in this master class.

It took me about a third of a skein of pink yarn and a quarter of black. Knitting needles for knitting No. 3 and a needle for sewing with a wide eyelet were also used.

How to knit a dog sweater with knitting needles

Knit the front of the sweater

On the spokes we collect 43 loops.

Knit a rubber band 2-3 cm.

I found an interesting scheme with a small ornament on the Internet, and I wanted to use it for work. What makes it good: when knitting a small ornament, weaving threads from the wrong side does not create long stretches, which means that the animal will not have to be confused by the threads when dressing or undressing.

We knit the front part of the sweater strictly according to the scheme until the web height reaches 20 cm. This size can fluctuate to calculate the length of the sweater for your pet, measure the length of the animal’s back from the withers to the pelvic bones.

We knit a back a little wider, since The dog’s paws are not located at the sides of the body, but at the bottom. Therefore, the front must be narrower than the back. For the back recruit 57 loops. We knit in the same way as the front part, but let the middle band run 2 times on the back, pre-mirroring it.

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Now we transfer onto one knitting needle both the back and the shelf, and we knit a neck with a rubber band. The hinges do not diminish, it will make it easier to pass the head of the dog in the neck, and the collar-collar looks better in free form.

We sew the side seam with a knitted seam, leaving space for sewing the sleeve.

The collar should be of such height that it is bent in half. Sew the second side seam.

For the sleeves on the needles, we collect 22 loops, first we knit a gum, and then a hosiery.

We sew the finished sleeves into the left places on the sweater. Our sweater is ready.

To correctly calculate the width of the polka and back for your animal, you should measure the width of the back of the dog from paw to paw and the width of the chest. I wish you success in making clothes.

The author – Madame Tsygul, especially for the site "Khomyak55"

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