Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

It is already beginning to get cold, and such a suit for a toy terrier is even very useful. Look, read. Here all the patterns and instructions on how to sew. Not a lot of work.

Pattern pants and blouses for a toy terrier will allow yourself to sew a wardrobe for your pet. Both products are not difficult to manufacture. Any hostess can easily cut and sew them. Very little time and your four-legged friend will not freeze on walking in cool weather, will feel comfortable and cozy.

Dogs of small breeds require special attention. They are more adapted to the home climate, so their body responds very clearly to any changes in the weather, especially when the temperature drops. However, dogs need to walk, they need fresh air. To walk for your pet as pleasant as possible, it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions in any weather.

Today we will try to carve out and sew pants, as well as, knit a blouse for a toy terrier.

Let’s try to figure out how to carve out and sew pants.

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

First we need to take the measurements from the dog.

  • The girth of the animal’s chest is 38 centimeters.
  • Neck volume – 23 centimeters.
  • The length from the collar to the tail (its base) is 31 centimeters.

The picture you see shows how to take measurements with a dog correctly.

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

To sew this model pants, we need to take:

  • knitted fabric;
  • knitted gum;
  • wide gum;
  • buttons, various buttons, special velcro – that is more suitable for fasteners;
  • pin, sharp scissors, sewing machine.

First, make a pattern of two parts. One of them is the upper one, which runs along the back, the second part is the lower one – passes along the stomach. The pattern is quite simple, in which you can easily see for yourself.

The detail of the top is cut out with a bend. There are two tucks near the tail, although, if you are comfortable, you can make one of them (laid during fitting).

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

Cutout pants we need to process. For this purpose, perfect knit gum, which during the work you need to pull well, or you can take a special rim tape. If you had neither one nor the other, take the same material from which the pants were cut. It is also ideal for processing.

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Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

Initially, we will connect the two parts – the top and bottom. After that we will connect the trouser legs. It is necessary to do so in order to form one seam. Now there are details left. First we need to sew a gum. Its width should be from two to two and a half centimeters. We carry out the processing of darts or tuck, depending on how many of them we have, openings left for intimate places, cuffs.

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

If you are afraid that the pants may fall off the animal during movement, take a small piece of fabric and sew the stitches and bib, which will fasten (for fasteners, take Velcro, buttons, buttons). Sewing these parts is very easy and the work will not cause absolutely any difficulties. As a result, we get a combo, which will be convenient and comfortable.

If the product is intended for a toy terrier boy, the hole will be made somewhat longer in the area of ​​the back and belly. In the case when the apartment is cool during the off-season, the doggie can sew completely closed pants, as a home clothing option.

Model pants for toy terrier, preventing traces of tags in the apartment

For sewing pants, you can use the pattern that you see below in the photo. This is the main pattern pants for dogs. According to it, you can sew as ordinary pants, light and warm, only then add insulation.

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

Remember, the main thing is that the clothes should be spacious enough and your pet could easily sit, run, jump, raise legs and so on.

With pants we figured out, now proceed to the manufacture of sweaters.

Knitted sweater for a toy terrier. Pattern and description

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A warm comfortable sweater doesn’t hurt your cold dog in cold weather. He will warm his little body and make the walk as comfortable as possible.

To create a knitted sweater you can use the following patterns.

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

Pattern And Instructions For Sewing Pants And Blouses For A Toy Terrier

The color of the yarn is not critical. It all depends on your desire and the availability of threads. It is best to use wool yarn for knitting. Then the product will be warm and comfortable.

When working is very important measurements. As they are shot, look at the picture above. At the heart of any pattern is the length, measured on the back of the animal. To determine it, measure the distance from the dog’s collar to its tail. The merk that we got, we need to divide by eight. As a result, we get the size of the sides of a single cell. Now we need to draw the grid that is required to create the pattern. One cell is one eighth of the length of the back. It remains for us to transfer the pattern drawing to our length. Make sure that the waist and chest clips match the pattern. If necessary, increase the pattern width. We will start to knit a sweater with a rubber band. The number of loops to be dialed should be equal to the waist circumference of the animal. Further loops will need to be added on both sides of the canvas so that when we get to the cutout for the front paws, the number of loops of the product matches the volume across the chest. Close the required number of loops and move on to knitting the back of the product and the neck. Then we transfer the loops of the front part (chest) to one needle and knit it until we reach the desired length. The seam with us will pass through the front of the chest. Now sew a strip that passes between the legs of the animal. Along the edges of the cut for the neck and notches for the legs, we need to dial the loops and knit the slat with an elastic band. We have a vest. We knit sleeves and get a sweater for our friend.

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The scheme of knitting clothes for dogs

  • Knit must start from the neck of the animal. The beginning of knitting consists in a set of loops, their number should be equal to the width of the neck area. Knit as much as you need to get the required width of the collar.
  • Close the loops on both sides. At the same time we leave in the middle about two to three centimeters, which we will need to connect the collar and the back details.
  • At the same time, we will gather loops on both sides so that the width matches the chest volume of the dog and his body. Knitting to the place where the dog has hind legs.
  • On both sides of the edge, close the loops, leaving only those that are in the middle of the back part open.
  • Knit to the tail and close the loop.
  • We make a seam in the middle of the neck, sew separately on the body.
  • Now we do the fitting of the product on the dog. If in the process of fitting it turned out that the length needs to be increased, we add the necessary part and sew it to the product.
  • The width of the pants for the hind legs should be equal to the second notch. Shpininka sewn and sewn to the notch. We carry out similar actions with the second leg. Knit and sew sleeves for the front legs. Their form is almost the same as sweaters for humans.
  • If desired, the hood can be connected to the product. The form can be very different. You can knit by analogy with a heel for a sock or knit a rectangle, and then sew to the collar so that you get a hood.

With a similar wardrobe your pet will not be afraid of the cold.