Pattern Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Pattern Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Clothing for dogs with their own hands – it is quite simple and helps to save money the owner. These items dog clothes are provided so that the animal not only looked efficiently against other dogs, but also did not freeze during the cold season. Thus, warm clothes will help your pet feel good in the winter or cold in the fall, especially if the breed belongs to very susceptible species.

The main types of clothing

A male or young puppy will be able to brag about shorts, T-shirts, while women can dress in skirts, dresses, blouses and other accessories.

If the street is much colder, then you need a jumpsuit, a detailed description of the manufacture of which is presented on many websites. However, such a thing is considered one of the most complex in the sense of sewing and requires special attention and skills.

In order to use the suit for walking in rainy weather, it is worth considering that the material for its manufacture must be waterproof. In most cases, this is artificial leather.

As for overalls for a cold winter, it should be sewn from fur, fleece or other warm materials. It is also very important to choose the right breathable lining so that the pet feels comfortable in it.

If we talk about fasteners on clothes, then this is also a nuance that should be taken into account. This is due to the fact that the clasp must securely fix the product so that it does not fall off the pet, and also be invisible to it. Incorrectly stitched velcro or zipper can damage the dog’s coat and interfere with it while walking.

Thus, in order for your dog to feel comfortable and cozy in clothes you need to approach very responsibly to the design and methods of sewing.

You can also make yourself a warm bed, where the dog will be able to relax after vigorous activity. Here you can show all your fantasies and master class. The filler is selected in accordance with the height and weight indicators of the pet, just as the size of the lounger.

Neck bandana for dogs

In order to sew this piece of clothing, you must initially prepare the following necessary materials and tools:

  • it is necessary to knit a cloth like a bike;
  • adhesive tape for fasteners;
  • pompon white or any other color;
  • a small cut of artificial fur of light color;
  • Sewing supplies to be able to stitch everything together.

Youtube offers the following sequence of actions in combining parts:

  1. In order to make self-dressing bandannas for dog clothes, it is necessary to measure the pet’s neck circumference and add five centimeters to the resulting figure. Thus, this measurement will be the length of the bandana. As for the width, this indicator should be shorter than the double.
  2. Then the master must fold the fabric along the length so that the ends of the bandanas coincide with each other.
  3. Faux fur is cut in the same way as the lining and sewn on the top of the bandana. However, it is worth noting that the width of the fur should be more than six centimeters.
  4. The seam should be made on the inside of the product, after which a small gap is left and the bandana is turned over on the face.
  5. You can decorate the product with various elements, among which may be a white pompon.
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Thus, a novice wizard will be able to sew such a simple enough wardrobe item as a bandana for dogs. The pattern of this subject for dogs is available through the hands of many online sources.

Step-by-step plan for the development and tailoring of windbreakers for dogs

In order for your pet to have the opportunity to boast of such a new piece of clothing, like a windbreaker, you will need the following materials at hand:

  • insulated fabric;
  • elastic or stretchable tape;
  • cord and lugs for two loose ends.

Initially, it is necessary to produce patterns and only then proceed to cutting and stitching parts. Thus, in order to take measurements correctly, it is worth measuring the following circles and values ​​of your pet:

  • spinal length;
  • neck circumference;
  • chest circumference;
  • waist circumference;
  • length of the thoracic.

After all measurements are made, we proceed to the construction of the pattern of our future windbreakers:

  1. First you need to draw a geometric rectangle. The length of the figure is the length in centimeters of the dorsal part of the dog, and the width is half the total circumference of its chest.
  2. The length of the chest is marked with the designation A, and the center of the rectangular shape at the height will be B.
  3. From A to B you need to smoothly draw a curved line.
  4. Half of the pet’s girth girth will be indicated by a C mark. Nearby, one centimeter is marked with a D point, which connects with a smooth transition.
  5. When calculating the opening for the sleeve, it is necessary to take into account that for different breeds of dogs (pug, Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Chinese Crested, Chihuahua or Toy Terrier), the average of this value will be exclusively individual.
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Clothes for small dogs DIY sleeve patterns

In order to build a pattern of a windbreaker such as a sleeve, it is necessary to initially measure the size of the pet’s paws.

After that you need to draw an approximate rectangle on the tracing paper, the length of which coincides with the length of the dog’s paws, and the width indicators are exactly proportional to their half.

After that, all points need to be connected using a smooth line, while leaving a certain place for the seams.

Cut the hood

In order to produce such a part of a windbreaker, a hood can be taken in two ways: it can both be tied with such items as knitting needles and sewn. Thus, the cut of this accessory includes the following actions, which should be considered in more detail:

  • the dimensions of the neck circumference of the animal must be clearly measured;
  • then draw a regular rectangle, which is based on the length of the cervical region of the dog and half of its width;
  • the right corner, which is on top, needs to be slightly rounded;
  • this rounding should take into account the allowances for seams;
  • it is also necessary to foresee the places where the standard lace will pass;
  • then you need to turn out the fabric and attach the template to transfer the scheme to the fabric;
  • After the pattern of clothes for dogs of very small breeds is ready and transferred to the material, you can proceed to the seams.

Sewing sleeves

In order to measure the cuff of a suit, you need to take a simple elastic band and measure the coverage of the dog’s paw.

However, it is worth noting that you need to make a small allowance, since after sewing the edges will be slightly reduced.

After that, you need to measure the fabric for the cuff of the required length. After that, the dimensional parameters need to be transferred to the material and make something like a cuff. The edges are scored along the length, after which the material is inverted.

Sewing the hood to the main part of the suit

After the hood is ready, you need to make a certain indent so that you can skip the lace in this hole.

Then from the inside, a hood is sewn to the main part of the back and sheathed with an overlock. In the event that you do not have the necessary equipment, an ordinary crochet hook will help to overlay the seam. After all sewing work is finished, you need to turn out the product and iron it carefully.

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As for the sleeves, they are also sewn from the inside and the seam is processed using overlock. Thus, a jumpsuit windbreaker for dogs ready!

Handmade dog shoes for domestic dogs

After your little dog has all the necessary accessories, such as a bag, natural overalls, windbreaker, etc., you should think about sewing comfortable shoes. It is simply necessary, since in the winter frost the paws of a small dog can freeze without this component of the overall wardrobe.

In the event that you have a larger dog living, then the winter period is not so acutely felt, but winter “shoes” also do not interfere with it.

Thus, in order to independently sew shoes for a boy, you need to stock up on the following details and improvised means:

  • the material is soft enough, but without slipping;
  • fasteners or small zipper.

From high-quality dense material need to cut 8 blanks. The length and width parameters should clearly correspond to the size of your pet.. However, it is worth noting that if the dog is old, the shoes are made in such a way that it covers almost a third of the paw. This is necessary in order to ensure the warmth of the dog in the winter season. A puppy will also appreciate such warm shoes, as his legs will be constantly warm.

As for the buckles or velcro. Then they are sewn on the upper part of the product, so that when worn shoes do not fall off the animal.

After the shoes for the pet are ready, you can sew a special bag for shoes so that they do not become confused.

Therefore, self-tailoring is the only reasonable way out of this situation. Only a pet-tailored kombez will be worn with pleasure and will not try to get rid of it.

In order to do everything correctly, you can read the instructions on the correct tailoring on one of the Internet sites or just use our short overview of the most common items of dog wardrobe.

Once you have mastered the manufacture of fairly simple models, you can simply make more complex accessories, wearing which your pet will be simply irresistible. Only a thing sewn with love will look very impressive and irresistible on your dog.

Pattern Clothes For Dogs With Their Own Hands