Pattern Clothes For Dogs

Caring owner pays attention not only to the health and nutrition of dogs, he seeks to dress his pet in accordance with the latest fashion trends. It should be noted that a bright and stylishly dressed dog will cheer up not only the owner, but also those around him.

This section offers proven dress patterns for dogs for free. The materials presented on the site allow making funny clothes for dogs.

Pattern drawing rules

Pattern Clothes For Dogs

When choosing a pattern for dogs should pay attention to some details:

    The figures in dogs of different breeds differ in both silhouette and size. For example, staff and poodle are approximately the same size. But if you sew a jumpsuit for staff on a pattern designed for a poodle, the clothes will be close to the dog in the chest area. For this reason, clothing patterns for dogs are often made by individual measurements.

  • Clothing for dogs is often sewn in the fashion of fashion trends for their owners. For example, in the wardrobe of an average dog you can find jeans, a cocktail dress, classic outfits. The main thing to remember is that the dog in clothes should feel comfortable.
  • Pattern jumpsuit for dogs

    Pattern Clothes For Dogs

    The following is a pattern of complex overalls from a large number of parts:

    In order to draw the above pattern to the size of your dog, you should measure the length of the dog from the neck to the base of the tail (LN in the figure). Next, you should draw on the sheet of paper above pattern.

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    Detail number 5 must be cut in one copy, and all the rest. in two. The arrows show the longitudinal direction of the fabric threads. It now remains to sew the jumpsuit, connecting the parts with lines with the same letters. Please note that in part 3, the KH line is not necessary to stitch with anything. this is the opening for the dog’s leg. Detail No. 2 (front leg) is completely sewn into the armhole of part No. 1.

    Pattern jumpsuit for dogs

    Below is another version of the suit, all of the 2 parts. It is sewn similarly to the previous model (we combine letters).

    On my site, you can find only a small part of all the ideas that dog clothes designers demonstrate. It should be noted that, mainly, clothes are sewn for patterns of miniature breeds according to the patterns. The fact is that these rocks suffer from external conditions more than others – cold wind, snow, rain, frost or, on the contrary, from the scorching sun. A beautifully dressed dog will repay the owner with double love and devotion, if these feelings can be measured at all.

    Clothing for dogs do it yourself.

    Clothes for dogs. whim or something more? Where did the dog clothes come from? During the times of brave and courageous knights, dogs and horses who took part in the battles, they wore metal mail and leather blankets. And during the time of the imperial hunts, dogs were dressed in blankets with the emblems and symbols of the emperor. Clothing for hairless dogs, such as Chinese Crested, is not a tribute to fashion, but a necessary necessity. After the naked dogs spread throughout the world and began to live in countries with cold climates, the owners began to think about the comfort of their pets. Today, the dog industry is developing very rapidly, clothes for dogs become extremely comfortable and fashionable. And we can try to become designers for our wards. Let’s try? Poponki, overalls, bedding and other fashionable things for your pets. Patterns and interesting ideas. Here are some not complicated models and patterns I can offer you:

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    Pattern denim overalls for dogs

    Denim overalls for dogs. Showing a little imagination, you can slightly alter the pattern and we get a lot of interesting and stylish options for denim overalls.

    The pattern shows the letters for which you need to sew the details. Do not forget to add allowances for seams and bends, approximately 0.5-1.5 cm. The bottom of the jumpsuit is single-cut (consists of one part), i.e. we must fold the fabric in half, attach the pattern so that the dotted line coincides with the fold. The belt consists of two parts. one (outer) from denim, and the second (inner) from cotton or soft bikes, so that it does not rub the dog with hard seams. The harnesses are made on the same principle as the belt. Those. the outer part. jeans, inner cotton. Places for pockets are indicated on the details of the product with dashed lines. Kormashki can be decorated with stripes, pebbles, bows, etc.

    Doggy dummy

    Let’s start with the simplest. It is easy to sew such a boot with your own hands. This can be a fleece cover or faux suede and fur. Instead of buttons you can use Velcro or fasteners for fur coats. On the back you can sew a pocket or application. The back line can be made straight and the pattern will turn out from one part plus the collar.

    Doggy Vest

    This vest is useful for walking with your pet in cool weather, it can also be worn over a knitted jumpsuit in the winter cold. Sew such a vest from lightweight fabric and you can walk in a warm spring.

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    The first thing we need to do is measure the length of the back of your pet. To do this, we put a collar on it and measure the distance from the collar to the base of the tail. This will be the main size for this pattern, from which we will build on. Draw the grid and transfer the pattern to it. Do not forget about seam allowances.

    Fabric for a vest, you can choose two types. top layer waterproof fabric, bottom. soft fleece or faux fur. The vest can be decorated with a faux fur collar, sewn on armashki or applications. Fasteners can be made both on the back and on the bottom of the stomach. On the back it is most convenient to use a zipper, on the stomach you can make buttons, stickies or buttons.