Pattern Jumpsuit Comfortable Fit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Pattern Jumpsuit Comfortable Fit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Clothing for dogs, which are contained in urban apartment owners, today has become no less familiar than the clothes of the owners themselves. This is a way not only to warm the pet, but also to make its exterior more individual. You can sew such clothes by yourself, you only need a pattern of overalls of a comfortable fit for your beloved dog.

Dog clothes

Many people think that dressing animals in clothes similar to the one that people wear is just a whim and whim of the owners. However, animals often do need additional clothing. Most often this applies to small dogs with short and sparse coat. Due to their physical characteristics and rapid metabolism, these animals are easily supercooled in rainy and cold weather and have a high risk of catching a cold. Hypothermia leads to a number of diseases., to treat that is no easier than human ones. In addition, clothing for animals looks cute and funny and gives pleasure to the owners.

For pets used different types of clothing. Most often you can meet:

Pattern Jumpsuit Comfortable Fit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Of course, for the animal first it is important that the garment is as comfortable as possible and did not interfere with walking and running. Animals are not accustomed to wearing clothes, so when building patterns and tailoring products for them, it is important first of all to provide the possibility of normal movement. Nothing should distract and annoy the pet, the materials should be soft and natural. The pattern of overalls suitable for the dog is built in accordance with the age, size and breed of the pet.

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The advantages of individual tailoring

In order to sew the desired product, you must first make a pattern jumpsuit for dogs. Taking measurements from the animal and building the pattern yourself can cause difficulties for those who are not professionals in tailoring. But if you look, it will not be all that difficult.

Each dog breed is characterized by certain body sizes, paw length and body, all these ratios must be reflected in the product. Accurately following the recommendations will help you build the pattern yourself.

Build patterns and tailoring

Tailoring for dogs of small breeds has its own characteristics. The details of such products are very small, which means that the pattern must be fairly accurate. Especially attentively approach to tailoring for such dogs as: dachshund, chihuahua, spitz, Yorkshire terrier, pug. It is somewhat easier to build a pattern for labradors and other larger breeds. But in any case, in order to make the product fit exactly to the animal, it is necessary to take measurements from the dog correctly. The main measurements that need to be done to build a full-size jumpsuit for a dog:

  • back length;
  • chest volume;
  • length and girth of paws;
  • neck girth.

According to these measurements, the product scheme is built on paper or tracing paper. To build a pattern for a dog with their own hands, a straight horizontal line is drawn on the prepared paper, then a distance equal to the length of the back is set aside from its beginning.

Down half the chest volume retreats. It turns out a rectangle. It is divided into 3 parts vertically. In the last third, mark the holes for the hind legs. Then in the upper part of the rectangle mark the holes for the tail and the neck.

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The basis of the pattern is ready.

  1. Pattern Jumpsuit Comfortable Fit For Dogs With Their Own Hands

    After the main parts are built, they are cut out. You can additionally check the dimensions by applying the cut parts to the dog.

  2. If all parts are built correctly and no errors in size are found, they are transferred to the fabric. The paper piece is applied to the seamy side of the fabric and encircled with chalk.
  3. Make seam allowances on all sides by 1 cm and cut out the details.
  4. Details are sewn together. If slippery fabric is used, it is better to pre-sweep the parts manually, and only then sew them on a sewing machine.
  5. A zipper is sewn into the product from the belly.
  6. On request, a rubber band is sewn into the cuffs and collar. Decorate the product with braid, buttons or other sewing accessories to taste.

If winter dog overalls are sewn, then it is advisable to make a warm lining inside. As it can serve as additional parts of warm fleecy materials such as bikes, which are sewn from the wrong side of the product. You can go the other way and as a lining to use sintepon. In this case, all parts of the product are cut in 2-fold quantity. This is necessary in order to form a kind of sandwich, the lower layer forms the lining fabric, then there is a sintepon, and on top is a detail from the main fabric, which will be the front one.

By the same principle, you can also make a raincoat for your pet, with the only difference that waterproof fabric is required for the raincoat. The lining for the rain can not be done if it is designed to be worn in the warm season.

Depending on whether the product is sewn for a boy or a girl, they also provide for such a detail as an insert for the fly. It is cut out separately and sewn into the groin area. You can try on the finished product on a dog and, if everything is sitting normally, you can put on shoes – and the pet is ready for a walk!