Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed

With the advent of cold weather, we increasingly notice dogs on the streets dressed in bright overalls, pants, hats and even socks of the most unusual styles and colors. Some of them are so original that it is impossible to keep from smiling. Dog in such clothes looks unusual and attracts everyone’s attention. Miniature toy terriers and charming Yorkies with a funny tuft on top. the brightest representatives of the dog fashion. "Girls" flaunt flared skirts, and "boys". in hilarious plaid pants or "real" jeans.

Whims or need?

When watching a mod on a leash, sometimes you involuntarily ask yourself the question: "Do these bright clothes for the representatives of the animal world, which nature has provided with its own wool, are needed?" Where is the need, and where is the tribute to fashion? And is it necessary to buy such clothes for your own four-legged friend?

If the dog has long hair

Shaggy long-haired friends of a man have their own problems, they need constant care and combing. When there is mud and mud in the street, each exit from the house becomes a test. Walking, washing and combing once-or-another furry friend, willy-nilly, you will think about what you can do to make life easier for yourself and your pet.

To walk a long-haired dog in inclement weather, it is best to purchase a waterproof jumpsuit. He will protect against cold and dirt. After returning home, you do not have to wash the four-legged friend from head to toe.

In winter, such windproof warm overalls for dogs will provide reliable protection for representatives of short-legged breeds with thick hair. sky terriers, pekingese or longhaired dachshunds.

In the summer?

In the warm season (in summer and early autumn), owners often take out pets out of town. in the forest, to the country. Quadrupeds often have to suffer from the bites of mosquitoes and gadflies, they are awaited by mites and thickets of burdocks. To save the pet from trouble, it is enough to sew a summer jumpsuit of lightweight fabric that lets in air.

In this case, the material must be durable. Do not tear, accidentally catching on the spines, slippery. not to fasten a burdock, and bright. it is easier to detect ticks. Before going to the forest, such clothes should be treated with a special repellent for animals.

Summer overalls for dogs of medium breeds are also relevant, as well as clothes for small dogs. After all, all our four-legged friends, without exception, suffer from mosquitoes, ticks and spines.

Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed

Buy or sew?

Of course, on sale you can find a lot of dog clothes for every taste and size. As a rule, they are very expensive. Their cost is not inferior to the cost of children’s clothing, and sometimes even exceeds. In addition, many dog ​​owners want their pet to wear something exclusive, original and sewn in a single copy.

In this case, it is best to sew a jumpsuit dog with their own hands. It is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. Work will require minimal skills in cutting and sewing. The pattern of the jumpsuit for a dog is quite simple, and you can take almost any fabric, for example, using an old waste jacket or a raincoat.

Let’s try using our own hands to sew a jumpsuit for a small dog. Jumpsuits for dogs of large breeds are sewn on the same patterns (taking into account the size, of course), but to the part that is intended for the abdomen and chest, you may have to sew a pair of elastic bands. And you should make sure that your product does not hamper the movement of the animal.

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How to start?

So, we need a dog jumpsuit pattern. First of all, take measurements. Do not be scared. you will not have long laborious measurements. The sizes of overalls for dogs depend, basically, only on one parameter. This is the length of the back of the animal from the beginning of the neck to the base of the tail. The centimeter tape is located exactly along the vertebral line. Having made a measurement, we divide the found number by 8. Then on paper we build a grid of squares with a side equal to the resulting figure.

For a more accurate fit, however, you can still measure body circumference in the widest part and neck girth. These measurements will be needed mainly by those who are interested in overalls for dogs of large breeds.

Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed

Separately draw a sketch of your favorite model. The styles of the dog "clothes", with all the diversity, are quite simple, and any pattern of overalls for a dog differs from the other, as a rule, only in details. Most often they consist of the actual jumpsuit, its parts with sleeves (if any), the lower part, designed for the chest and abdomen. sometimes it can be single cut, as well as a flap valve and piping valve, which is used to handle open sections (mainly the throat)

A novice master should gain mastery on the simplest model, without sleeves and "legs". For example, light open jumpsuit with arm holes for paws. Subsequently, having figured out the principle of cut, you can easily sew a warmed, closed product for the winter cold. Jumpsuits for large dogs require some sewing skill.

Building a product drawing

To get an accurate pattern, you should transfer the existing sketch to a sheet with a grid. Of course, respecting the proportions. Control measure at the same time. measured back length. Then the resulting pattern of overalls for the dog is cut and placed on the fabric. Edges should be cut out by a scythe.

For each of the parts do not forget to provide for seam allowance. Now you can cut. Carefully we sweep away all the details among themselves, having previously folded them face up with each other.

In order for a jumpsuit to sit well on your pet, it must be adjusted to the size. This will require a fitting or even a few. Occupation is not an easy one, especially if you have a smart, agile "client". But without trying all your work can go down the drain.

Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed


Fit the individual parts exactly in size, we rub them together. If the design provides a belt, it will need to sew a drawstring. Then we process cuts of a mouth and a back part with the edging and, if it is necessary, we insert an elastic band.

Then we sew a fastener valve to the finished product. The fastener itself is best made from a wide Velcro. With it, the fabric will not gather pleats. For convenience, the jumpsuit can be provided with handles for sticking with an excessively frisky pet and even pockets in which these handles can be hidden. To accurately adjust the size of the product, in all the seams should insert a thin cord.

Overalls for an average dog, as well as for a small one, can be made one-piece, with the treatment of seams being minimal. This model is best suited for dogs of different sizes, having a "square" silhouette. The length of the leg, if you plan to sew them, should be adjusted to the height of the pet.

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Useful tips

How to find the starting point of the neck? Put the collar on the dog and measure it. In this case, the collar should not be firmly tightened.

Since our overalls. the product is symmetrical, the pattern should be made only for one half, positioning on the fabric with a fold. It is necessary to connect parts according to pre-set marks in the form of crosses or points, in order to avoid skewing.

The first fitting should be carried out, sweeping the base (body), even before sewing the sleeves. This is the part that will cover the body of the dog. Having achieved a good landing, you can go to the "sleeves".

If you have a product with "sleeves" and "trousers", then the bottom of them is better to sit on the gum. It should not be tight so as not to interfere with the movement. You can decorate the finished product patch pockets and fashion accessories.

Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed

Overalls for winter

Comfortable and warm overalls protect the dog from wind, rain and sleet. For reliability, you can make it a two-layer. raincoat top, lining. from soft flannel. Better yet. three-layer, paving inside as a heater layer of synthepoma. The zippers you use in sewing must be completely detachable. For long-haired dogs, a piece of fabric should be sewn under the zipper so that the wool does not fall between the teeth.

You can come up with a model with a hood, just make sure that it is not too tight, otherwise the dog will refuse to wear it. It can also be made on an elastic band or even with a visor, which is cut out of two parts (top and bottom), turned outwards and the rounded part is processed with a fusion stitch. In good weather, the visor can be bent back, increasing the pet review.

Subtleties of sewing technology

When sewing "clothes for dogs" should consider some of the nuances. When drawing the sleeve pattern, know that it is very similar to the pattern of the sleeve of human clothing, both for the front and for the hind legs.

The top of the armhole sleeves must pass through the femur (upper) joints of a dog’s paw. If you break this rule, the sleeves will crawl, which is very uncomfortable for the dog. Make sleeves and pants spacious, about twice as wide as the legs. But the overalls should fit snugly to the body and not fidget. However, for large breed dogs, this rule is not so strictly enforced.

The bottom of the leg is done at a height of one or one and a half centimeters below the knee joint. Otherwise, the foot will always fall into the leg. Especially if your pet tries to constantly demonstrate a hunting rack. so often terriers behave.

You understand that the rear pants are not sewn all over the armhole, so that the dog could do what they are walking for.

Pattern Jumpsuit For Dogs Of Medium Breed

About fasteners and fastening

Fasteners dog overalls can be very diverse. with buttons and hinges, with a zipper (certainly detachable), with buttons, with velcro or in the form of decorative ties.

When choosing a fastener option, consider the convenience of your pet and your own. overalls must be easily and quickly put on and off, otherwise the fees for a walk will turn into anguish. The clasp must be reliable so that at the most unexpected moment the dog does not suddenly appear naked.

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In addition, it should be combined with the overall style of dress. Remember that stickies are not suitable for long-haired dogs, and buttons are very inconvenient.

Do not forget to sew a dog jumpsuit mount, which will be fastened leash. One little ring, stitched into the neck, you will not manage here. when snatching the dog will simply jump out of the neck, leaving the jumpsuit on a leash. You will need to make a design like a harness, stitching a strong braid into the fabric around the chest and paws. The leash must be attached to it.

Knit romper for dogs

If you do not want to mess around with taking accurate measurements, you can use elastic fabrics. knitwear, angora. They are easy to cut, do not require careful fit and look very elegant. The only problem sometimes is handling slices.

Another variant. tie a sweater or a jumpsuit for a dog with knitting or crocheting. A warm fluffy sweater will perfectly warm your shorthair pet in winter weather. If you knit a dog sweater from the remnants of the same yarn, from which the sweater on the hostess. success in society with you and your pet is guaranteed!

It is quite simple to knit such a sweater or a jumpsuit for a dachshund or another medium-sized dog. Need to stock up knitting needles size 2.5. 3.5 mm, with a hundred-gram skein of any bright color (this amount is enough for a dog in the size of a dachshund) and a detachable zipper. We select its length depending on the size of the finished product.

How to tie a sweater for a dog?

The sweater is a knitted fabric with elastic bands on the neck and the back and holes for the paws. We start to knit with the neck. We collect about 54 loops and knit from 6 to 8 centimeters with a simple elastic band. The volume can be clarified by pre-linking the sample and measuring the neck circumference on the collar. Knitting continues from neck to tail.

Below the neck, we begin to knit the “chest” part, going to facial knitting and adding a pair of loops on both sides every few rows. Linking about 5 cm, go to the part in which there are holes for the paws.

To do this, we divide knitting in width into three parts in proportion to the size of the “client” and then (over about five centimeters) knit a jumpsuit for a dog in three separate parts. The middle, the widest part will be the back of the product. In the course of work, periodically try on the blank on the dog so that the holes for the paws will be in their places.

We continue work

In the middle part we reconnect all three parts into one, we knit about 7 cm. If the dog has a thin waist, we gradually decrease the loops when knitting and return to the original volume. Bottom finish the same rubber band as for the neck, its length is determined by fitting.

If our model is with sleeves, then as them we knit two rectangles with a width twice the length of the hole provided, and a length. depending on the size of the paw. To do this, the needles need to score about 25. 35 loops. We connect the finished rectangles into small cylinders and sew them into the holes.

We sew a zipper to the free edge. Another variant. to make a fastener on hinged hinges with large buttons.