Pattern Sweaters For Small Dogs – Toy Terrier, Chihuahua, York

Who among us in the closet will not find an old outgoing sweater, which is pitiful and impossible to wear. But if you have a small pet, for example, a toy terrier or a chihuahua, then the decision suggests itself.

From the owner’s old favorite sweater, you can sew a dog sweater. Believe me, your pet will be no less favorite outfit. And the very transformation of old clothes into a new sweater for your pet will be for you a fascinating and interesting occupation. You will not believe your eyes when your stretched and shapeless sweater turns into stylish clothes for your pet when you put a little effort on your part.

Materials that you will need: an old sweater sewing centimeter scissors thread and a needle (or sewing machine) pattern, which you can download for free from our site.

Pattern dictionary:

  • FOLD. fold of fabric
  • HEAD. head
  • TAIL. tail
  • LEGS. legs
  • attach collar. attach collar
  • stretch. the direction in which the sweater should stretch (chest girth)

Free sweater pattern for small dogs

Before we start sewing a sweater, we need to take measurements of your pet. Measurements that we need for sewing sweaters:

  • your pet’s neck circumference (HEAD)
  • chest circumference (stretch)
  • distance from tail to withers (FOLD)
  • distance from chest to the end of the abdomen (A-D)
  • the distance from the chin to the base of the front paws to determine the location of the opening for the front paws (A-B)
  • the circumference of the front legs in their widest part (LEGS).

After removing all these measurements from our pet, we can safely draw the pattern on a large sheet of plain or parchment paper (which is at hand). Do not forget that the pattern for a sweater, which is shown on photo 1 and photo 2 not full size.

Pattern Sweaters For Small Dogs - Toy Terrier, Chihuahua, York

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In order for you to get a complete pattern, fold the sheet of paper in half, draw a pattern, cut it, grabbing both layers of paper, and expand it. Remember that the fold of the paper should correspond to the FOLD designation. Next, spreading out an old sweater on a flat surface, we need to decide which part of it is better suited for sewing a sweater for a dog, how profitable it is to cut it.

Place the pattern on a sweater, trace it with chalk or a marker with water-soluble ink (which is more convenient for someone) and cut it out. We should have two parts, the back and the belly. After processing the edges, you need to sew these two parts together along the lines that are indicated on the pattern in bold A-B and C-D. You can stitch together the details of a sweater for a dog either on a typewriter or manually.

Pattern Sweaters For Small Dogs - Toy Terrier, Chihuahua, York

The sweater is almost ready, now you can think about the collar. They may well be a gum from the gate or the bottom of your old sweater. Cut the necessary piece of elastic and stitch it to the hole for the collar in the sweater for your pet. You can easily download a pattern of clothes for small dogs for free from our website. All you need to do is to press the right mouse button and select the function "save picture".