Patterns For Dogs Of Small Breeds

In any weather, despite the words “every weather is grace,” people are used to using clothes. Thin, transparent and light, warm, wind-proof, waterproof, sun-protection and just beautiful to stand out from the crowd.

From a young age, the child is wrapped in diapers and worn romper, the puppy should also be worn, though not from birth, but from the time when he can do without the mother and her warmth. Let’s find out which clothes are suitable for small dogs, learn how to measure a pet and make a pattern. Also give tips on making clothes with your own hands for decorative rocks.

Tailoring on dogs

Any clothes for small dogs can be stitched and tied with your own hands, but for this you need to stock up:

  • Patience and perseverance;
  • Tools – sharp scissors, measuring devices;
  • Natural cloth and padding;
  • Haberdashery – buttons, zippers and velcro;
  • Decor elements – ribbons, ruffles, stripes, etc.

All small dogs need clothes, they must match the time of year and weather conditions. In the heat, they suffer – the short-haired are not protected at all and can get sunstroke. Long-haired in the heat are protected from sunstroke, but they become hot, and do not want to go for a walk. Therefore, useful clothing made of lightweight materials with a natural composition. Patterns of such clothes can be found on the Internet. There are patterns of hats and crochet schemes with their own hands, as well as dresses for girls.

For the winter period, a jumpsuit with a filling — a synthetic winterizer and a balon’s top layer — is perfect. Inside, such a jumpsuit is better to sheathe a lining of soft hypoallergenic fabric. Let the dog have such overalls for replacement. In winter, you also need a hat and sweater, warm pants. In his pajamas, the dog will be happy to run around the house, this option is suitable when the heating in the house is turned off – for example, in the fall or spring, when it is cold. We knit sweaters and knit pants for winter – this is a great idea to warm your four-legged friend.

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In the autumn and spring in rainy weather, dogs put on raincoats, raincoats, boots, so as not to wet their paws. Animals, like us, must be protected from hypothermia and excess pollution, especially in the slush.

In order to properly sew clothes with your own hands, you need to take measurements, then increase the patterns that you took from the Internet. And only then transfer the drawing from the patterns to the fabric. There is nothing complicated about this, the main thing is not to forget about seam allowances. If you do not want to search for ideas on the Internet or literature, you can create a model yourself and draw patterns by yourself. In this case, you become a fashion designer for your Chihuahua or York.

How to measure a puppy

Whether you sew for an adult dog or for a puppy, patterns should be made on the basis of your dog’s measurements. Here are some more tips, maybe they will come in handy when designing clothes with your own hands for a pet:

  • Before measuring, put a dog on 4 paws evenly, arm yourself with a centimeter and measure;
  • The widest places are required to measure, so the patterns will be correct, and the clothes will repeat the curves of the dog body;
  • To the clothes, when sewing which you use patterns, sat freely, add by a centimeter or two, and then add half a centimeter to the seam allowances.
Patterns For Dogs Of Small Breeds

If you measured a dog, try to make patterns with their own hands on paper. To do this, draw a rectangular area. On it, mark the points of the half-neck, if it does not fit on the rectangle, extend it in the right direction. Then you need to note the length of the back or product along the rectangle. The place of the neck and armhole must be rounded and connect the necessary points. Consider what half the pattern is doing. When the pattern you attach to the fabric bent in half, expanding the material, get more detail.

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Models and patterns

Your model should not only wear fashion clothes, but the following things should be present in her wardrobe:

  • Cloth or in other words a cape;
  • Waistcoat;
  • Winter coveralls;
  • Raincoat or rain coat;
  • Sun suit with a hat made of natural fabric;
  • Knitted or crocheted sweater, hats, socks.

The rest of the dog is not particularly needed, it’s just the cost of style and the whim of the owners. As you have already noticed, first you need to get a blanket. This interesting cape is sewn very easily, and the patterns are drawn in two accounts. It represents a hole in the “sleeve”, sometimes this sleeve is literally cut off from the owner’s unnecessary clothing.

For boys of toy terrier, york, chihuahua or pugs, the front end is always shorter than the back. This is in order to be able to cope with needs, without smearing the blanket. Before usually ends at chest level or tuck over the chest. Such clothes with their own hands protects the pet’s kidneys and chest from hypothermia.

Each breed has its own shape of the body and the patterns must also be made special. For example, for Yorkshire terrier dog breeds, the zipper in a jumpsuit should be placed at the top of the back line, since their wool falls from the middle of the back. In order not to hook the wool and not tear the shred, the velcro should also be placed strictly in the upper part of the product. Most often the clothes of Yorkies are decorated with different frills, ribbons and bows, lace inserts and buttons. Such a model of clothes suits him very much, especially if york is a girl.

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Consider a few more examples, so for a mopsick or a dachshund, a hoodie is perfect, by the way, the chihuahua is also very hood. If the hood your dog does not like to wear, you can tie a hat. Knitting is easy enough, you must first measure the circumference of the head. Depending on the thickness of the thread, binding will be different. Knit a few centimeters with a rubber band and count how many 1 cm of loops. The measured number of centimeters must be multiplied by the number of loops. Typically, a set of loops is 2 loops * head girth in cm. The remaining actions on knitting are the owner’s imagination of the dog. But most often the cap is knitted in the shape of a square, and pompons are sewn on the sides.

Download patterns can be on any site about dogs, you will always find such a topic as "patterns and clothing for dogs." They describe in more detail the process of making clothes, crocheting and knitting. By the way, in knitting magazines there is a full description of knitting of the most fashionable clothes for small dogs. Remember that knitting and modeling clothes with your own hands on your pets can become the most favorite hobby in the world.