Patterns Of Clothes For Dogs Of Breeds Of York, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Chinese Crested

A caring owner of a dog not only ensures that his pet feeds properly, is healthy, but tries to dress him up depending on weather conditions. In order to sew stylish clothes for your pet, you will need patterns for dog clothes. For them, they sew both casual and elegant clothes. In addition, for each thing appropriate shoes and original accessories are selected.

Selecting patterns, you must consider the characteristics of the breed and the size of the dog. After suitable patterns are found, you can download them for free.

Patterns for tailoring for dogs

Among all known breeds of dogs, today it is most popular to sew clothes for dogs of small breeds. Clothing for representatives of such breeds is required all year round.

One of the representatives of such breeds is Chihuahua. In view of their physical characteristics, dogs of this breed need warm clothing, for example, in overalls. Such a thing is practical and will protect the pet from drafts or any damage. In addition to practical things, in the wardrobe of dogs of this breed there are fashionable little things, for example, dresses, shorts and even shoes, the main thing is to correctly figure out the size.

You can also easily sew clothes for toy terriers, if you use well-designed patterns. The size of the dogs of this breed allows the owner to carry his pet with him, so this dog needs clothes for each season. First of all, you need a warm jumpsuit on a padding polyester and with a bolonyevy top, and for rainy weather you will need a rain suit. In addition, it will not be superfluous to sew sweaters, pants, and in the summer heat light dresses will be required.

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How to sew a dog clothes? Patterns with a detailed description will help to understand.

Focusing on the designed patterns, you can easily sew stylish clothes for Yorkies with their own hands, for example, a dress. In order not to hinder the movements of the dog, the material for sewing the dress should be light and thin. The pattern consists of two parts: the back and chest part, and for the skirt there is enough a strip of fabric equal to the two girths of the dog’s torso.

The finished dress can be decorated, for example, with buttons or a patch.

There is a breed of dogs that especially needs to have their own wardrobe, since the representatives of this breed have practically no wool. This is a Chinese Crested breed. It does not take much time to make clothes for dogs: patterns and step-by-step instructions will be provided. For example, in just half an hour you can sew a shirt for a pet. But the best thing is to have warm sweaters, overalls or jackets in the wardrobe of the representatives of this breed of dogs.

Patterns Of Clothes For Dogs Of Breeds Of York, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Chinese Crested

How to make patterns yourself

If there are difficulties with the search for patterns for work, you can make patterns for clothes for dogs with your own hands. The ideal pattern is one that is made according to individual sizes and takes into account all the features of the figure. Most often, the owners make the patterns themselves for small dogs.

First of all, you need to take measurements. Main measure back length. For accuracy, wear a collar and calculate the distance to the base of the tail from it. The resulting number must be divided by eight, thereby obtaining the length of the side of the square on the pattern. In order to get a jumpsuit, it is necessary to carve out two parts. The first part is the main part of the suit, consisting of the left and right sides, the second part is a wedge. The width and length of the leg is adjusted at the first fitting and customized for a particular dog. In order for the dog to be warm, the legs of the bottom are going to the gum. Based on this scheme, can sew a great thing.