Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier

Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier

How to sew a warm jumpsuit for a toy terrier?

This jumpsuit resembles the equipment of a skier or snowboarder. In the fall and winter, it will warm your pet for a walk, protect it from dirt and allow it to play a little longer in the yard without fear of catching a cold.

You will need:

Waterproof fabric of any color – 100 cm

Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier

Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier


Take the measurements from the dog, because the clothes for toy terriers should not hamper the movements of the animal. Measure the length of the dog from the neck to the base of the tail. On the pattern, this measurement is indicated by the segment NL. Divide the resulting figure by 8. The resulting number is the number of cells that need to be drawn on a sheet of paper. The side of one cage is 1 cm. Transfer the patterns for the toy terrier to paper, strictly in the cages and cut.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut, leaving 1 cm. On all sides for allowances.

All items must be done in two pieces. And only item number 5 (breast) – one.

Please note that the arrows on the pattern indicate the longitudinal direction of the threads in the weaving of the fabric.

Now you need to sew all the details of the pattern of overalls for toy terrier. Connect the sides denoted by the same letters.

Note that part number 3 has a ck line. She must remain free. It does not need to connect with anything. This is the armhole for the paws of the dog.

Item number 3 is sewn into the hole part number 1.

Bend the edges of the sleeves, stitch and insert the gum. It should not be pulled too tight, so as not to put pressure on the body of the dog.

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Checkered suit for a toy terrier

Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier

On the Internet you can find a variety of patterns of costumes for that-terrier. But the model that we offer is different in that it is very simple to use and easy to use, both for the owner and for the pet.

The model is designed for a dog with approximately the following measurements: neck circumference – 20 cm, chest girth – 35 cm, back length – 31 cm, back width – 10 cm.

You will need:

Checkered flannel – 50 cm

Lining fabric – 50 cm


1. Transfer the pattern to paper.

2. From the checkered fabric, leaving no seam allowances, open:

Back – 1 detail

Shelf – 2 parts

Collar – 2 Details

3. Try to keep the checkered pattern on the fabric symmetrically on both sides of the midline of the back.

4. Sew the back along the side cuts with shelves, laying the stitch at a distance of 1 cm from the edge. On the side – 8 mm from the edge.

5. Undo allowances in different directions.

6. We proceed to the insertion of the sleeves. To do this, combine the labels on the back and sleeve. Connect the armhole with the sleeve with pins. Perform side seam of the sleeve and stitch the details, making the stitch at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge.

7. Undo the seam so that the allowance is inside the sleeve.

8. In the same amount, select the details of the lining and sew in the same way as the top. Iron seams.

9. With the faces facing each other, stitch the lining shelves with the checkered shelves along the fastener line.

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10. At a distance of 5 mm from the edge, stitch along the upper line of the collar detail. Iron. Make cuts on the rounded areas.

11. Unscrew the collar, straighten the seam, flush it and iron.

12. Face to face, sweep the ready collar to the neck of the lining.

13. Baste the neck of the checkered top and the lining. Sew a collar between them. Sew 5 mm from the seam. Turn the part to the front, straightening the lining. Iron seams.

14. Dig out two slanting slips. The width of each 3.5 cm. Stitch them at an angle of 90 º. Sew the back-to-face bake lined on the bottom edge. Lay the seam at a distance of 5 mm from the cut, connecting the parts of plaid and lining fabric.

15. Unscrew the facing on the front side. Fold inside its edge and brush it so that it covers the stitch seam. Sew along the edge of the trim in the bend area.

16. For fasteners on the inner surface of the shelves sew velcro.

17. Go to the manufacture of the belt. From the plaid fabric on the oblique line, open the strip. Length 40 cm, width – 3-4 cm.

18. From the lining fabric, open the ribbon 3 cm wide.

19. On a tape of lining fabric, put the checkered. Allow wrap the edges of the belt on both sides and stitch off.

20. Treat the ends of the belt by folding the lining fabric 2 times. Sew a piece of sticky tape on both ends.

21. Sew 2 loops from a strip of fabric into a 4.5 cm wide cage. Sew them on the back of the suit so that they can be threaded through the belt.

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Dress for the girl of the toy terrier

Pocket dogs love to dress up no less than their mistresses. Sew your favorite beautiful outfit. In the dress, she will feel comfortable in the apartment in the fall, until the heating is turned on, and the owners will rejoice at her amusing appearance.

You will need:

Any beautiful fabric. 70 cm

Edge and belt processing tape – 100 cm

Patterns Of Overalls, Costumes And Dresses For A Toy Terrier


To sew a dress for a toy terrier, transfer the pattern to paper and then to fabric. Cut, leaving on the allowances of 5 mm.

For the skirt to use the pattern is not necessary. This is a gathered strip of fabric. The length of the skirt depends on how long it is. Since the girth of the dress’s belt is approximately 35 cm, we recommend making the skirt 70 cm. This is optimal pomp. If you do more, it will stop the dog from moving. Width details for skirts 15–18 cm.

Now we sew the back and front details of the dress for the toy terrier. It turned out the bodice.

Tape the cutout first and then the armholes. Leave 2 cm on the straps.

Now close the skirt into the ring and stitch the side seam.

On the upper cut, chop and assemble the folds so that the belt circumference is 35 cm.

Sew the skirt to the bodice, evenly spreading the folds. Tape the edge.

Also decorate the belt with a ribbon, applying it and twisting alternately along two edges.

Dress for toy terrier can be decorated with beads, buttons or embroidery, depending on what you like best.