Pekingese Clothing

Today I want to share a simple instruction on tailoring for Pekingese dogs on the example of the work of Elena Mastyuk.

Pekingese Clothing

This overalls Elena sewed during training.

Training built on practical exercises, which include all the steps of tailoring overalls.

First stage – taking measurements.

Pekingese Clothing

At this stage, be sure to exactly take measurements , to avoid possible mistakes when building patterns.

Second phase is to build patterns overalls.

The pattern is based on the individual measurements of the dog, taking into account the breed and its structural features.

Pekingese Clothing

Third stage – assembly of overalls.

In order to avoid possible mistakes when building patterns , It is necessary to check the correctness of all guide lines and the coefficient of comfort. The layout can be assembled from any fabric that will not be a pity if something goes wrong.

Fourth stage – fitting.

This is the most important stage. when making clothes for dogs. At this stage, checks the correctness of the pattern.

Pekingese Clothing

Fitting The model allows you to determine how comfortable the dog will move and what needs to be changed in the pattern of the jumpsuit.

On the online course, this stage is dealt with in great detail. To do this, I ask you to send me a few photos of the fitting and be sure to describe the behavior of the dog in the model.

From Elena’s letter:

"… the dog felt great, rushed around the room, sat down, jumped …"

If after fitting changes are necessary, then the adjustment itself is necessarily discussed in Skype. Very comfortably! You can show your screen and show right on the pattern what needs to be fixed.

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Fifth stage It consists in transferring all the details to the fabric with the changes after fitting.

When cutting the details of the suit, you need to take into account the peculiarities fabrics , from which you will be sew overalls.

If you work with a raincoat fabric, then pinning the pattern to the fabric is undesirable, as there will be punctures. In this case, each part must be transferred to the fabric separately.

Sixth stage – assembly of the jumpsuit itself.

Pekingese Clothing

“That’s what we did. Already in it walked. Not enough hood and slippers 🙂 "