Photo Master Class How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands From Old Clothes

When it’s cold outside, your best friend can put on a cozy doggy jumpsuit made from an old jacket.

You can easily find the “raw materials” in any second-hand or from street vendors, or you can use an old jacket from your wardrobe, which you didn’t fit or worn out. You kept it for another mod – for the dog.

Our article is about how to convert an old jacket into a new thing. A dog jumpsuit is generally a piece of cloth in which you need to trim the edges so that you can put it on the dog.


  • Pattern jumpsuit for dogs
  • Old jacket in size, suitable for your pet. Look for a warmed jacket: a fleece lined windbreaker or quilted jacket
  • Sewing machine
  • Super Strong Velcro
  • Pins
  • Yarn
  • Sewing scissors
  • Sticker (optional) – do not sew, and apply with iron

How to sew overalls for dogs: step by step instructions

Step 1: Choose a pattern If you already have a dog jumpsuit that perfectly fits an animal, you can use it to make a pattern – just circle it on the newspaper along the contour. Do not forget to add seam allowance. For confidence, check the size by attaching the pattern to the dog.

Step 2: Lay the Pattern Lay the Pattern on the surface of the old jacket to decide where you will cut it. If necessary, sew the side seams or cut the sleeves. Pin the pins of the jumpsuit to the old jacket, leveling the fabric.

Step 3: Cut the Pattern Depending on the size of your old clothes and the pattern, you can cut a jumpsuit from one piece or from several. If the pattern is too big or the jacket is too small, then you may have to cut the lower part for the abdomen separately. In this case, you have to sew the top and bottom, connecting the fabric with the front sides. The lining is sewn separately.

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Photo Master Class How To Sew Overalls For Dogs With Their Own Hands From Old Clothes

Step 4: Cut the outer edges. There are two options for trimming the edges of the jumpsuit.

1. Hem the edges. This is very easy to do if your jumpsuit, for example, is made of a nylon jacket with a sheep lining, because these fabrics do not crumble when cutting. Tighten the edge of the jumpsuit, fastening with pins, and stitch on a typewriter.

Step 5: Sew Velcro Sew the looped velcro pieces to the overalls from the back and abdomen on a typewriter. Then try to try on the jumpsuit on the dog to determine the position of the clinging velcro.

When a suitable place is found, mark it with a pencil, attach it with pins, and then sew on the adhesive tape. Now you can dress your pet in ready-made overalls and evaluate the result of the work.

Step 6: Apply a letter application (optional). To make the overalls for the dog beautiful and original, you can decorate it with stickers that are applied to the fabric with an iron. Choose what you want. On sale, for example, there are stickers with the image of letters. Maybe you want everyone around to know your pet’s name?

In any case, in such overalls your dog will be able to survive any bad weather!