Pure Cat – Furniture And Pet Clothes

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Everyone remembers that summer is coming, many different holidays: birthday of friends, weddings and other celebrations. And this is another reason to equip your dog. Today we have already told how to knit a festive dress for a dachshund, or any other small dog breed. And now we will consider another interesting idea How to crochet dog clothes with their own hands, namely – festive overalls.

For knitting overalls you need:
– white yarn (Cinse Artico)
– pink or blue ribbon (forty centimeters)
– one white pearl bead
– hook number 5

Overalls fit the following elements: air loop, connecting column, single crochet and double crochet.

Pure Cat - Furniture And Pet Clothes

Front part of jumpsuit

Knit start with the waist line. Dial a chain of eighty-one loops, enclose it in a ring, knit seven centimeters in a circle according to the scheme No. 1. Then divide the work into two parts – the bottom (fourteen motives) and the top (twelve motives), while leaving between them on both sides two motives for armholes. Knit each part according to the scheme №1.

After ten centimeters from the armhole, leave the seven central motifs for the neckline, and knit the right and left sides separately. After fourteen centimeters from the armholes, complete the work, and tie the other side in the same way.

After ten centimeters from the armhole, leave six motifs for the neckline and knit the right and left sides separately. Fourteen centimeters from the armholes complete the work. Sew top and bottom along the shoulder line. Tie the edges of the décolleté with two circular rows of crochets, and after the crochets, according to Scheme 2.

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Sleeves for the front legs:
Raise the posts around the armhole and knit in circular rows according to the scheme №1. After ten centimeters of knitting from the beginning of the sleeves, start knitting with double crochets according to scheme No. 2, knit four centimeters with it. The second sleeve fits similarly.

Bottom of the suit

From the first row of the top (waist line), tie twenty centimeters according to the scheme №1. Next, leave eleven motifs in the center of the dressing hole. Tie the left and right sides separately seven centimeters, while reducing one column at the end and at the beginning of each row. Sew each side, while leaving the armholes and the hole for dressing in the middle.

Sleeves for hind legs:
Under the scheme number 1, tie the armhole in a circle (seven centimeters). After tying the cuffs, tying the crochets in a circle (behind the back wall).

Overalls design:
Bind the bottom edge of the jumpsuit according to the scheme №3. Form a ribbon from the ribbon and sew it to the jumpsuit with a bead.