Rules Knitting Clothes For Small Breeds Dogs

Rules Knitting Clothes For Small Breeds Dogs

Many owners of small animals with the onset of the cold period of the year are trying to warm their pets. The question of how to knit small dogs with knitting needles becomes relevant. Such animals are usually constantly cold in winter. The reason may be a lack of wool or a small pet.

To help warm your beloved friend of the whole family, you can sew or tie something with your own hands.

Knitted clothes for small dogs

Nowadays, dog fashion is developing at the same rapid pace as the human one. The most relevant types of pet clothing are:

  • Sleeveless blouses;
  • Overalls;
  • Dresses and more.

All this will help dogs of small breeds to comfortably survive the frost, without giving up the daily walks in the fresh air.

The animal will feel much better if you walk it in any weather for a certain amount of time. The dog’s body requires you to follow certain rules of care, including the systematization of walking on the street.

Schemes knitting blouse-sleeveless

To complete this piece of clothing will need a bit. The main thing in the process of creating take into account the main features of the body structure of the animal and the estimated season of wearing.

  • Yarn of several colors – 100 grams;
  • The needles are straight or circular;
  • Crochet hook.

It is necessary to determine the density of knitting blouses, as well as take measurements of the animal. It is important to add three loops for every centimeter of girth of one or another part of the dog’s body.

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First of all, you need to dial and knit back and tummy. It will be beautiful to perform them in beige tones. Then fit the collar. You can use to create darker shades of yarn. This will create an unusual visual effect, and the sleeveless jacket will be more beautiful.

Dog Jumpsuits

This type of clothing is well suited for the winter period. Dogs of small breeds, as a rule, more than the rest can be subjected to hypothermia, and they need extra weather protection.

Jumpsuits can be knitted as a seamless garment with small slits for the legs or as a cape with a buckle over the entire back.

Rules Knitting Clothes For Small Breeds Dogs

The easiest way to build such a thing in the form of a single stocking. It will be warm to the animal and there will be no chance that it will be unbuttoned or lost during a walk. When we knit for dogs of small breeds, the schemes can be somewhat modified based on the characteristics of their own pet.

For the manufacture of dog overalls, you must use wool yarn. It is best if it is a thick yarn, which will have a warming effect even in severe frost. To increase the thermal effect, you can tie the jumpsuit in two or three threads.

Dog dress or sweater

In the fall and spring, many housewives try to dress their pets in unusual clothes. In an effort to diversify wardrobe, needlewoman create miniature masterpieces such as dresses, capes, blankets, vests and more.

The scheme of knitting such things is similar to knitting a blouse, sleeveless jacket, but slightly different from her.

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So for spring clothes, thinner threads are chosen and a greater number of loops are gathered in order for the clothes to be free and create the impression of a light cap.

But still during the creation of such wardrobe items you should not forget about their original task – not to let the animal freeze.

Taking measurements

In order to start knitting for small dogs with a description of all the details, you need to take care of such a thing as taking measurements of the animal. This is necessary in order to be sure that the thing that is performed will fit your beloved pet. You need to know such values ​​as:

  • The length of the suit – this measure is the simplest. In order to know the size of the future product, it is necessary to put a collar on the dog and measure the length of the back from the collar to the tail;
  • Neck volume – this value is measured using the same collar. It is deployed and simply measured;
  • Rules Knitting Clothes For Small Breeds Dogs

    Breast volume is a very important measurement. It should be measured along the line that runs from the dog behind the elbows;

  • The length of the hood is a quadruple value that we need to know before starting the knitting. In order to understand it, it is necessary to measure the distance from the occipital tubercle to the withers of the dog with a centimeter tape. You can add a few centimeters to the resulting value, it will make the hood a little freer and more beautiful.

Knowing all these data, you can start creating warm and beautiful clothes for your little four-legged friend. Knitting patterns for small breeds can found in specialized publications or on the Internet.

Do-it-yourself dog clothes can be a wonderful holiday gift. Such a gift will suit many friends and acquaintances who have a pet.