Scheme Knitting Warm Clothes For Chihuahuas Do It Yourself

Warm chihuahua wardrobe

Taking into account the miniature dimensions of the breed, clothing for such dogs is vital, because even the damp or slightly cool and windy weather is dangerous for them. So, be sure to provide your pet with a waterproof jumpsuit for the off-season, and with the arrival of real cold you need to wear something from warm knitted things – a pullover or a jumper.

Scheme Knitting Warm Clothes For Chihuahuas Do It Yourself

Regardless of whether we buy ready-made clothes or knit ourselves, the main feature of things for an animal must be taken into account: blouses, sweaters and overalls should warm your pet perfectly, but in no case restrict its movements on walks. If the clothes for boys are open on the tummy, then for girls this area is necessarily closed.

Do not forget about shoes – without it, your pet can get hurt by broken glass or enter into a puddle with a mixture of toxic engine oil.

And, of course, preference should be given exclusively to natural fabrics and materials.

How to tie a sweater

Thinking over how to knit a sweater for your pet, first of all decide how you will do it – knitting or crocheting. From this will depend on the choice of schema products and threads.

Scheme Knitting Warm Clothes For Chihuahuas Do It Yourself

Choosing threads

Regardless of whether you have a short or long-haired chihuash, her skin is very delicate and sensitive, so the threads should be soft, warm and not “prickly”. An ideal option – a yarn for children. In addition, it is important to correctly choose the thickness of the thread to the size of the selected needles or hook: the thinner the knitting tool, the thinner the yarn should be.

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Choosing needles

As already mentioned, knitting needles should match the density of the yarn. You should not choose too large a tool – the dog is still very small, and a large knit product on it will be inappropriate.

Clothes pattern

On average, to dress an adult chihuash, you will need no more than 250 g of yarn (you can take remnants of different colors and knit a pattern). Before starting work, be sure to tie a small test piece in order to calculate the density of knitting (number of loops per 1 cm of work).

Scheme Knitting Warm Clothes For Chihuahuas Do It Yourself

Now it’s time to take measurements – we catch a pet carefully and make the necessary measurements. You need to know the girth of the dog’s neck, chest width and paw girth, as well as the length of the future product – the distance from the withers to the base of the tail. Armed with information, we calculate the number of loops that need to be dialed, and proceed to work.

Having gathered the required number of loops, you need to knit two rows of garter stitch, after that – 20 rows of 1×1 elastic band. Now go to the front surface, each time retreating from the edge of the work of three loops. In each subsequent row, the number of loops will be increased – a total of 15 times one loop.

As a result, from the gum before the formation of the armhole, you need to knit 28 rows. Now we do this: we leave about 10 loops on the chest, and close 12 (this will be the bottom of the armhole), face loops again (about 30 back), and again 12 close (second armhole), again 10 loops per breast. After that, each of the sections should be separately increased by 1 row.

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Scheme Knitting Warm Clothes For Chihuahuas Do It Yourself

Now you can knit all the loops, gradually restoring the armholes. Once the gum you have typed 72 rows, make another 4 rubber band, and you can finish.

If you need sleeves, they are knitted with knitted stockings. The process description is as follows: type about 28 loops and knit around 18 rows in a circle, forming a rubber band, then secure the edge of the product without tightening it tightly, and sew a jacket.

Choice of accessories

Despite its miniature size, the chihuahua remains a dog, so it needs a collar and a leash (the latter needs to be fixed not to the collar, but to special harness on the chest zone of the animal). Do not purchase a collar with metal rivets or decorative elements – a mobile pet can get hurt about sharp corners. A harness should be perfectly fit to the size so that the animal is securely fixed.

Video "Knitted chihuahua jacket"

From this video you will learn how you can knit a warm dog sweater on your own.