Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

If you want to please your pet with a new dress, then before you buy it, you need to correctly determine the size of the clothes for the dog.

Small things will hamper the movement of the pet, and too large – hang out like on a hanger, and no sense from them will not.

Clothing sizes: table by breeds

Clothing sizes for dogs are distributed among breeds, which, in turn, can be classified as large, medium and small. As for the designations, in the table below, the sizes of clothes for large and medium dogs (as well as pugs) are divided into four groups – A, B, C and D.

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

Table for large and medium breeds

For small breeds, there are separate size tables. For example, for a dachshund and a corgi corgi, it looks like this:

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

For small breeds

Clothing for dogs of small breeds from the world famous brand ForMyDogs has the following options

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

From a famous brand

Shoe Size Chart

As in the case of clothes, manufacturers of shoes for dogs indicate their own dimensional mesh of products. Parameters are also distributed depending on the breed of animal:

Shoe sizes

Collar Size Chart

It looks like this:

Collar length (cm)

Collar width (cm)

How to determine the size of the dog?

To establish the exact size of clothes for a pet, it is necessary to take measurements of three parameters:

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

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  1. Back length from withers (the highest point of the back) to the base of the tail. Before you measure a dog for clothing, you need to make sure that the pet is standing exactly, relying on all four limbs. The measurement is performed using a measuring tape, which is placed on the spine. If the result obtained is in the middle of the tabular parameters, then it is recommended to choose the largest of them.
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Recommendation: In the absence of a centimeter, you can use the ribbon. Having measured the distance corresponding to the length of the pet’s back with its help, the owner applies the ruler to the ribbon and determines the required parameter.

On a note: If the animal has a dense build-up with a powerful chest, then it is desirable that the thing be a size larger. If the pet, on the contrary, is thin and lean, then it is recommended to purchase a thing one size smaller.

  1. Breast volume The measurement is carried out under the front paws in the region of the widest part of the chest (located immediately behind the front limbs). For loose fit, it is desirable to add 2-3 cm to the result.
  2. Girth of the neck. The parameter is measured at the widest point of the neck. Usually this figure coincides with the size of the collar. The result of the measurement should be compared with the values ​​of the table, and you should not focus on the rocks, since they are given as an example for reference.
Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

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Important! When measuring the girth of the neck, the centimeter should not tightly tighten the neck. Also, do not measure with a margin, otherwise the product will be large.

  1. Head circumference. This parameter will be needed when choosing a hat, cap, cap, clothes with a hood. To do this, the centimeter needs to be positioned horizontally under the ears – from the midpoint under the lower jaw and parallel to it a point on the head.
  2. Waist circumference. Such data will be required when buying or sewing trousers and shorts. The parameter is measured in the place where the ribs end – around the body.
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To find out the most accurate size of the dog, you should follow a few simple recommendations:

  1. During the "procedure" pet must be in a standing position with a straight back.
  2. Girths are measured in the widest places.
  3. As mentioned earlier, if the result is between two parameters, the choice is made upwards.
  4. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of a particular model of clothing: there are things in the silhouette of which a fitting is allowed, and things that assume a free silhouette.

Before buying shoes or socks for a dog, it is necessary to determine the size of the paws of the animal. To do this, put a pet’s foot on a piece of paper and encircle it with a pencil. Then according to the drawing set the width of the sole in its widest place, as well as the length of the sole, taking into account the longest elongated claw of the dog.

Size Tables Of Clothes And Shoes For Dogs

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It is interesting: In total, the dog has five fingers. The sixth is called profit, and it is above all others. It can be compared with the thumb of a person who, in essence, is the smallest.

There is also a second way to measure a pet’s paw: the foot is lifted and a centimeter tape is applied to the sole – from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest claw, and then the width of the foot is measured in the widest place (as in the first case). To the resulting length, you need to add 5 mm, which in total will give one of the parameters specified in the table of sizes of shoes for dogs. If the indicator is between two sizes, then the choice is made upwards (as well as with clothes).

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Important! Before measuring paws do not need to cut the claws of a pet. If the procedure was nevertheless carried out, then there should be enough time for the claws to fully grow. Otherwise, the purchased shoes will eventually be small.

In order for the size of the collar to fit your pet perfectly, it is necessary to take measurements correctly. It is considered that the distance from the edge of the buckle to the central hole should be equal to the girth of the neck. However, this is not a fundamentally important indicator. The main condition – the length of the neck circumference should be between the first and second holes of the product. The second parameter to consider is the width of the accessory. It is desirable that it be proportional to the length of the collar.

On a note: When buying a collar should be remembered that the dogs of medium and small breeds are best suited least wide accessories.


In order for the pet to feel as comfortable as possible in the new clothes, it is necessary to correctly determine the size of the jumpsuit, jacket, jacket, or any other thing for dogs. The same goes for shoes and a collar. In accordance with competently taken measurements, the owner will be able to buy the perfect new clothes for their pet.