Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners

Clothing for small dogs is not an attractive attribute, but a necessity. A bald breed or decorative dog will freeze in cool weather, and the desire to walk with it longer will not help in achieving the goals. For a small dog today you can find many types of clothing – overalls, popon and others. They are all expensive, and sellers do not always allow to try on the intended purchase. I bring to your attention a knitted sweater for a dog with knitting needles that will please the pet and save the family budget.

We knit for dogs of small breeds: why?

Knitting clothes for dogs has the following advantages:

  • knitted things are fashionable, stylish and creative;
  • the opportunity to save on expensive brands;

Regardless of a large number of advantages, it is required to present disadvantages – the possible stretching of a related thing, as well as the formation of a pellet on the product. Both drawbacks are manifested by the use of only natural wool. To get rid of the presented problems, it is recommended to knit clothes from acrylic, a mixture of wool and acrylic (in this case it is not necessary to withstand the proportions 50/50).

The following is a detailed workshop with a photo of a knitting sweater for a dog. An example of clothing is suitable for beginners, since the standard scarce surface and 1 * 1 elastic band will be used.

Dog sweatshirt

For small dogs – I have Pekingese – knitting will bring pleasure because of the simplicity and quick results. Master class on knitting blouses for dogs using knitting needles requires the use of the following materials and tools:

  • acrylic or wool blend – no more than 1 skein;
  • Knitting needles of the appropriate size;
  • circular needles;
  • needle for stitching.
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You can knit a sweater with a knitting needle in the following sequence:

  1. First you need to decide on the density of mating – ready-made clothes for dogs can be used in the future as a pattern. If it is not there, it means that we first make measurements of the pet – use the diagrams below. Once the measurements are done, you can start knitting the sample. For this, select the yarn using 20-30 loops on the knitting needles and tie them to a height of at least 7 cm. It is better to wash and iron the finished sample so that the yarn shrinks – this is necessary for a better calculation of the loops.
  2. Knitting needles for pets suggests the following loop calculation: it is necessary to measure the width of the sample after pretreatment and to divide the number of collected loops by the obtained value. Then the calculated number of loops per 1 cm of the measured value is obtained. Similarly, with the calculation of rows – the number of rows is divided by the height measurement. Having determined the calculations, you can independently calculate the number of dialed loops for knitting the main web.
  3. So, in my case, the pet’s circumference is 37 cm. The calculated number of eyelets per 1 cm is 2.5. From this it follows that it is necessary to dial 92.5 eyelets on the main fabric – round up to 100 for the subsequent seam and edge loops, as well as for more loose donning.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  4. Typing on the spokes 100 loops, knit elastic with 13 rows – this is 4 cm in height. I need to tie up 14 cm in total. You can knit more, especially if you have a girl – due to their physiological characteristics they need to cover as much as possible the abdomen. In my situation, a sweater is only an attractive accessory, because despite the wool, the pet freezes constantly. Even in overalls on the basis of sintepon we do not go for a walk at 15 degrees of frost.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  5. Next, go to the main pattern – scarves. The knitting scheme is simple – we knit all the loops with facial ones. Knit 10 cm to the slits for the legs – it turns 40 rows.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  6. Then there is a separation of the loops on the front, back and sleeves. Considering that between my legs in the breast area of ​​my dog ​​is only 10 cm, it means that the separation of the loops occurs in the sequence: 13-20-34-20-13. 13 pieces is one half of the front, 20 is for closure to form holes for the paws, the remaining 34 are the back of the product.
  7. It turns out that it is necessary to knit in sequence: 13 loops with facial (12 loops and 1 edge), close 20 in the standard way, 34 with facial, 20 close and the remaining 13.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  8. Then turn the work and knit a number of facial – 13 loops, gain 20 loops on the needle, 34 facial loops, recruit 20 loops on the needle, 13 loops again.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  9. Continue mating stitch satin – enough for me 3 rows. If you fit a sweater for that terrier, the height must be knit more – at least 10 rows without a subsequent elastic band.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  10. After closing the loops and begin to assemble the product – sew the resulting stitch with a needle and yarn for knitting.
  11. Then, on the circular needles, dial 42 loops from the edge of the hole for the legs – you will get 20 closed each and after the dialed and 1 loop from the sides of the slot, so that a rounding is formed.
  12. Knit cuff for the legs in 10 rows with an elastic band 1 * 1. Similarly, knit the second cuff for the second sleeve.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  13. Dial 100 knitting loops for circular knitting needles and knit 10 rows. If the piece for a chihuahua does it yourself, you can double the number of rows – their necks are longer than those of the Pekingese.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  14. Wash the finished product in cool water and dry it in the unfolded state.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners
  15. Put on your pet and admire the work that beginner masters can easily cope with.
    Sweater Knitting Needles For Dogs Master Class For Beginners

A detailed description is presented with a photo, which greatly simplifies the whole process. You can consider knitting a sweater with a description where raglan is involved, but this is suitable for advanced knitters, since it is easy to get confused in the calculations.

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The dog sweater is attractive, stylish, fashionable and versatile, as it is great for both boys and girls. Do not postpone intentions for later – get down to work and please your favorite pets with new clothes.