The Perfect Scheme Of Knitting Clothes For Dogs Knitting

The Perfect Scheme Of Knitting Clothes For Dogs Knitting

This pattern of knitting clothes for dogs with needles – a pattern generator, will help you to tie clothes for dogs of any breed. Both small and large. According to this scheme, it is possible to tie clothes even for a cat, rabbit or guinea pig, so successful is it! Use the calculations given in the description, take your measurements, knit according to the above scheme – and you get a sweater that perfectly “sits” on your pet. This is a translation of the Perfect Fit Dog article. Cat Sweater.Pat Generatr TopDown by JL, which was posted on the Raverly website. com.

Well, now the article itself with the scheme and description!

After several unsuccessful attempts to knit the clothes that would ideally suit my dog ​​using patterns and descriptions, I did not give up and eventually developed my own description, according to which I knitted a sweater that sits perfectly, like a glove!

This sweater is knitted from the top down without seams, in a circle; loops for sleeves and the lower level are gathered from a cloth. To create a perfect fit for your dog, you will need to do a few simple calculations. This is a great basic pattern, which will suit any author’s additions: jacquards, arana, and many others.

Materials: any yarn, sufficient length for clothes to fit your dog; round knitting needles suitable for this yarn; two markers for loops; hook (to dial loops).
Necessary skills: knitting in a circle using the magic loop or on the two-pointed (toe) knitting needles; a set (raising) of loops from a knitted cloth;

Knitting density: Any (see Calculations below).
To begin, measure your dog and record the following measurements:

  • Dog’s neck girth: _
  • Chest circumference: _
  • The distance between the front legs: _
  • Girth of the front paw at the very base: _

Now determine the required number of loops (follow the description, filling in the gaps and rounding to the next whole number):

  • The density of your sample: __ 1 cm.
  • Density_x neck volume in centimeters_ = number of hinge loops _ (if your dog is bothered by a tight-fitting collar, add an allowance for a loose fit – increase the neck volume measure by 2-2.5 cm and then count the number of throat loops. If you want a neck more tightly, do not add a allowance ).
  • Chest girth in cm_ + 2.5 cm = final measurement of chest girth _ (OG)
  • Density_x OG in cm_ = number of loops for the chest_
  • The distance between the front legs in cm __- 2 cm = finally the distance between the front legs (ML) _cm
  • Density_x ML in cm_ = Between paws_petelya
  • Girth of the upper part of the front paw_ + 2.5 cm = Final paw volume in cm_ (OL)
  • Density_x OL in cm_ = Number of loops sleeves_ (PR)
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A detailed description of how to properly take measurements for the pattern in the article How to take measurements from a dog for knitted clothes.

Leash hole – optional. If you want to make a hole in the sweater for a leash, here’s how it can be done.

Determine the center point of the back of the sweater. Close the 2-3 loops on either side of the center point. Continue to knit in a circle. In the next row, when you finish tying to the hole, type the same number of loops that you have closed and continue to knit according to the pattern. When the sweater is tied, put loops on the top of the hole and knit with a 1×1 elastic band about one and a half centimeters, close. Then type the loops on the bottom edge of the hole and knit with a rubber band about one and a half centimeters, or as much as you need, so that the top and bottom bars slightly overlap each other. Close the loop. Now lay both slats overlapping each other and hem the sides manually. Make sure that a sufficiently wide opening is left for the leash to pass through.

We start knitting clothes for dogs with knitting as follows:

The Perfect Scheme Of Knitting Clothes For Dogs Knitting

Dial without tightening the neck loop – according to the calculation above. Using a magic loop or double-pointed knitting needles, close the knitting into a circle and knit the 1×1 elastic band as many rows as you need until you reach the desired neck width.

We now turn to the vyvyazyvaniya main part. If you use threads of different colors, now is the right time to change colors. Hang the marker and knit one row face up.
The following row: one front, one increase (in any way you like); knit facial to the last loop, one increase.

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The next row – facial.

Continue to knit, making additions in every second row, until reaching the number of exhaust loops (see above).

At this point, it would be good to try on a sweater on a dog. If knitting comes to the base of the front paws, it is time to arrange the armholes (holes for the sleeves); if not, tie a few more rows until the length is enough.

Tie HALF! Loops ML.

Now close the HALF sleeve loop (OL).

Continue to knit, until the end of the row will not have the number of loops equal to HALF PR + HALF ML. Close the half sleeve loop. Knit facial to end of row.

In the next row, knit facial up to the sleeve. Dial the number of loops equal to half of the PR. Continue to knit facial until second sleeve. Repeat.

The rest of the sweater:

Continue to knit in a circle until the beginning of the dog’s belly, or until the desired length.

Now close the loops in the abdomen area: knit the loops located under the first sleeve, further around the back, and up to the outer edge of the second sleeve. Start closing the loops, and close until you reach the outer edge of the second sleeve, remove the marker. You just closed all the abdominal loops.

From this place knit in a straight line (turning rows).

Next row: purl.
Next row: Edge (remove, not knitting), 2 together with the front, then knit them with the front ones, until 3 needles remain on the needles; 2 together facial; remove the last loop without knitting.

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Continue to knit, alternating the last two rows to achieve the desired length.

Do not close the hinges!

If you want, change the yarn to yarn of a different color, and knit all the loops on the knitting needles. Now dial the loops from the side of the sweater, hang the marker in the place where the side goes into the belly loops; type loops on the stomach, hang another marker; type in the hinges of the other side.

Next row: knit in a circle with a 1×1 elastic band up to 2 loops up to the first marker, 1 decrease, flip the marker, knit to the next marker, flip the marker, 1 decrease, continue to knit with a 1×1 elastic band to the end of the row.

Next row: 1×1 gum.

Repeat these two rows to achieve the desired width of the slat. Each row with gates will break the rhythm of 1×1 gum, but do not pay attention, knit a pattern – 2 face or two purl in a row in the next row.

Close the hinges loosely, without tightening.

And in the end – successful incarnations of this clothes knitted according to this scheme not only for dogs of different breeds, but also for cats and even guinea pigs!