Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

On the nose – winter, and it’s time to think about how to knit a warm sweater for your dog. This is especially true for small pets and for animals that do not have wool. There are many such dog breeds, and they, like no other species, need our care and warmth. How to tie a sweater for your beloved dog or create it from the old human?

Choose a model

Before starting to create dog clothes from the threads of a real work of art, you should decide which model to use. The choice will help make your pet’s skills, size and physique, its breed, as well as weather conditions.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

Models of dog clothes are as follows:

It is worth noting that tying a blanket or a vest is as simple as it’s, but you will have to tinker with a sweater, overalls or coat. The first options do not have sleeves, difficult armholes, any other difficult to create elements. But they are also less warm than the rest.

Overalls, sweaters and coats will suit those dogs that have no wool at all or it is very short. These are such breeds as dachshunds, Italian greyhounds, Whippets, Chinese Crested, Toy Terriers.

Note that each of these types of clothing can be supplemented with hats, hoods, socks. Here again, we look at what dog and for what purposes we want to knit a sweater for the dog with our own hands.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

We select yarn and tools

What may be needed in order to knit a sweater for a doggie? The list of tools and materials is small, but it can be supplemented with other elements depending on the selected model.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

The minimum set for knitting:

You may also need buckles, buttons, zipper, ribbons and other accessories to decorate and improve the functionality of a knitted thing. The threads will be needed to sew together different parts of the future suit.

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What to knit?

The most important element needed to create a knitted thing is yarn. Her choice should be treated with all responsibility.
To make a dog sweater warm and warm in the cold, it is best to take wool or acrylic yarn. The first is a completely natural material that keeps heat well and for a long time. But she has a minus – the product will quickly stretch and become covered with pellets.

Acrylic – yarn made of artificial wool, synthetic. Very durable and can have a very bright color. But its main disadvantage is the ability to accumulate static electricity, which will cause discomfort to the dog.

Cotton yarn is the best option when it comes to breeds of dogs with wool. But it is too thin to keep warm in the cold.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is best to take mixed yarn for dog knitted clothes. Products from it will be erased well, worn for a long time and will not lose their appearance.

Remake old sweater

If you do not have knitting skills, then you can create a dog blouse from your old sweater. For a doggie of small breed, doll clothes or a child’s blouse will fit perfectly, but a large dog can easily fit into a hoodie. But such wardrobe items will require some work.

In the waist, a human sweater will be great for any breed of dog, so you can sew a gum there to narrow the volume of an old sweater. You can cut the fabric item and then sew the edges again, adjusting it to the size of the dog, but this option will not work with a knitted one. If you cut a sweater, it will just bloom. So here is only suitable option with the use of gum.

How to tie yourself?

What can be more beautiful than clothes for a dog created by yourself? Here you can let your imagination flit and come up with absolutely any model variations. But creating a dog sweater with your own hands is a long, painstaking, but very interesting affair.

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Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

Taking measurements

Before you start knitting dog clothes, it is necessary to determine its size. To do this, take the measurements from the pet. Depending on the clothing model chosen, the number of measurements may vary. We will tell you how to take measurements for a sweater.

To get started, prepare a pen, a piece of paper and a measuring tape and bring a dog to yourself. Give the command "Stand" and, taking a centimeter in hand, begin to make measurements:

  • chest girth – on the most voluminous part;
  • neck girth – in the place where it is the widest;
  • the length of the back – from the point where the neck passes into the back, to the tail;
  • leg height – from armpit to metacarpus;
  • leg girth – in the thickest place.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

These measures will be enough to sew or knit a sweater with sleeves for the dog. If you want to create a jumpsuit, it is necessary to measure the distance between the front and rear legs, waist girth, hip girth, hind legs height. How to take measurements to sew or knit an outfit, described in the next video.

Materials and tools

To create a knitted sweater or a vest for your pet, you will need:

  • hook or knitting needles (depending on what you own);
  • the required amount of yarn;
  • knitting scheme;
  • patterns, built to the standards of your dog;
  • scissors;
  • threads and needles to sew parts;
  • elastic.


Instructions for creating clothes for dogs will directly depend on the model and knitting scheme. But there are several points that will be common to almost all models.

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Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

  • To begin with, depending on the selected yarn, you should calculate the number of loops in 1 cm. Then we calculate how many they are needed in accordance with the standards of the animal. To do this, knit a small sample pattern.
  • We knit each part of the jacket separately: back, sleeves, breast, collar and elastic at the waist.
  • In some cases, you can knit a thing in a circle – this option is suitable for vests.
  • Knit a blanket with a solid thread, almost without interruption.
  • If you knit a sweater, then, creating each of its parts separately, you must connect them together. This can be done by linking the pieces together, or sew them together.
  • At the very least, when the test fitting is done, they knit the collar, the elastic at the waist.
  • Sometimes you can do without long sleeves – then the sweater is knitted according to the vest principle. Small sleeves just dovyazyvayutsya almost finished product.

Little dog sweater

Knitting a sweater for small dogs is practically no different from creating the same copy of clothing for a larger fellow. The only difference is that for kids it is often necessary to create not one, but several clothes for a shift. After all, a large dog does not need to be worn as often as a baby-chishka or toya, for which any cold of death is like. Such rocks are very hard to bear frosts.

Warm Sweater For Your Beloved Pet!

We knit a dog’s blouse, always starting from the collar, and by the end of the product we reduce the number of loops so that the sweater is tight. Below are a few diagrams of patterns that are suitable for knitting dog clothes.

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Video "Knit crochet sweater for dogs"

The following video is a detailed master class on how to create a dog blouse out of yarn using a hook.