We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

Knitting For Toy Terrier. Article For Craftswomen.

Needlewomen confidently holding knitting needles and hooks, dedicated.

You can create a unique wardrobe for your pet by creating a series of knitted clothes for a toy terrier with your own hands. Knitted clothing favorably differs from embroidered and purchased because, firstly, it is very warm, and secondly, it is ideal for freezing small dogs deprived of protection in the form of a thick undercoat.

References to the patterns and models.

The advantages of knitted clothes.

In addition to the above properties of clothing made of yarn, it is worth highlighting the difference of such things:

  • practicality, versatility.
  • aesthetics
  • uniqueness.
  • possibility of use in many situations.

Types of yarn for knitting.

Given the tendency toe to the manifestation of allergic reactions, should be especially careful when choosing a yarn. It is necessary to knit things for a pet from natural yarn:

  • cotton and flax. Environmentally friendly, grown without pesticides, dyed using natural dyes, cotton and linen yarn is durable and dries quickly after absorbing moisture. If you are thinking about how to knit a sweater for that terrier for walks in the spring and autumn, the cotton or flax threads will fit perfectly.
  • silk (natural or artificial). Summer options for dog clothes made of natural silk will allow the dog to help each other outside, but the skin will breathe and will not overheat. Artificial silk in its pure form is not used to create a new thing, but is added to cotton or linen.
  • wool. Wool sweater, sweater or overalls will be appropriate in winter, because wool is inherent elasticity and lightness. The comfort of the pet is ensured by adding plant or artificial fiber to the product.
  • angora wool. Products from Angora wool in pure form for the terrier does not fit. When knitting, be sure to add a string of merino wool or acrylic fiber.
  • merino wool. The yarn is very expensive, so the pure merino wool product can cost you a lot of money. To reduce the cost of things for toya, look for a yarn which includes another fiber. But even despite the presence of various additional yarns in the merino wool, today the clothes from such yarns are the warmest and most practical for the terriers.
  • camel wool. So that the pet is comfortable in things from this type of wool, take a soft yarn.
  • mohair Beautiful yarn of various colors will allow you to competently combine and create unique products. And the mohair’s fluffiness adds an extra touch to things.
  • cashmere. If you are a fan of this yarn, keep in mind that cashmere is not suitable for knitting dog clothes, because it is not resistant to wear and washing.
  • viscose. Combining viscose with cotton or linen thread, you can knit a lot of things for your beloved dog.
  • Fancy yarns (boucle, ribbon thread, etc.) are used to create stylish things.

Knitted clothes for toy terrier.

From threads of yarn to the toy terrier you can knit:

  • blanket
  • sleeveless jacket / vest.
  • sweater, jacket
  • overalls.
  • greyhound
  • booties for home.
  • hats and caps.

Knitted clothes for toy terriers do it yourself.

For craftswomen who delight their household with knitted products, you can skip the preparatory stages (they already know everything). But for those who want to try to create their own clothes for a pet with their own hands, it is worth preparing them, having carefully studied and followed our knitting tips for that terrier.

We take measurements for knitted clothes.

Armed with measuring tape, pen and paper to record the measurements taken.

  • call to yourself that terrier and give the command "Sit!".
  • measure neck circumference. If the pet dodges you, then to remove this measure, you can measure the collar.
  • we make the following measurements when the dog is standing.
  • the length of the desired product is measured from the place where the collar to the tail is on the dog. If you want the ass dog was visible from under the thing, then the distance will be less.
  • behind the front legs we measure the chest girth.
  • sleeve length is measured on the dog’s leg, and then adjusted during the knitting process.

We knit for that terrier. Scheme.

First read the general guidelines that are suitable for any type of clothing.

the number of loops is calculated depending on the measurements of the animal. In order not to be mistaken with the quantity, associate the pattern of the chosen pattern in order to calculate by it how many loops will be required.

if you are going to knit a sweater, then knit each piece separately (back, sleeve, breast, collar). And then sew them together.

  • for the manufacture of vests fit round knitting method.
  • blanket should be knit with a solid thread, trying not to interrupt.

Use the step by step knitting instructions to knit a sweater for that terrier.

  • based on the volume of the chest, we collect loops. The approximate amount for that terrier is 88 loops.
  • knit start with the collar area. If your toy terrier belongs to the mini, then reduce the number of loops by 20 pieces.
  • typing loop, start to knit with an ordinary elastic band about four centimeters.
  • further, divide the loops into five identical parts and knit the first two with an elastic band, then the middle part with the front satin stitch, and again the two parts with an elastic band.
  • add the number of loops to chest girth.
  • after about 6-7 centimeters we begin to leave slots for the legs.
  • reaching the end of the product (follow the length of the thing). We translate loops on different knitting needles and knit back on the face.
  • closer to the end of the thing, start to narrow the sweater so that it does not hang on that with a shapeless rag.
  • We tie a rubber band around the edge of the sweater.
  • To sew a sweater should edge loops.

A sweater for that terrier crochet knits on the same principle.

schemes jumpsuit knitting and sweaters

Author: Lando Anastasia

Overalls for a toy terrier

Lilac yarn 50% acrylic, 50% wool – 100 g

Some white wool for trim

5 knitting needles number 2 for circular knitting

1 row: * 2 purl, 2 facial *, 2 purl. Repeat the fragment between the asterisks.

2nd row: * 2 facial, 2 purl *, 2 facial.

3 row: * 2 purl, 2 front * (first knit the second loop of the front of the back wall, then the first), 2 purl.

4 row: * 2 face, 2 purl * (first knit the second loop of the purl, then the first), 2 face.

5 row: repeat the pattern, starting with the third row.

The front surface: the front rows knit facial loops, purl – purl.

Pattern "Star": together knit 3 loops front. Without removing them from the left knitting needles, make a cap and once again knit together 3 facial loops. Remove the loop from the left knitting needle.

1st row: remove 3 facial loops on the auxiliary knitting needle and place before work, 3 facial, 3 facial loops from the auxiliary knitting needle.

2 row: 3 facial leave on the auxiliary needle at work, 3 facial, 3 facial with auxiliary needle.

Divide the yarn into two parts. One ball – 1/3 of the skein, the second 2/3.

Front and back

Start knitting overalls for a toy terrier with a set of 60 loops. Knit the throat with an Italian eraser. At a height of 5 cm, turn the fabric over and knit the elastic on the wrong side. This is done so that the lapel has a pattern on the front side. Knit another 6 cm with an elastic band. In the last row, make additions every two loops. The needles should make 88 loops.

Further, the scheme of knitting overalls for a toy terrier says that work needs to be continued from two balls at a time. From one ball knit in front. It will have 30 loops. Follow his face. From the second – the back of 58 loops with “Spit” and “Asterisk” patterns, as shown in the photo: edge, 2 back, 12 loops of “Spit” pattern, 2 back, 24 loops of “Asterisk” pattern, 2 back, 12 loops of pattern “ Spit, 2 purl, edging.

Linking 14 cm, close the hinges of the front. After another 12 cm, complete the backrest.

Sleeves and trousers

Type on 4 needles 34 loops for the sleeve. Do the work with a regular 1 x 1 eraser. At the height of 13 cm finish the work. In the same way, tie the second sleeve. Similarly, knit leg. Only their length is slightly longer. 16 cm


So come to an end on the story of how to knit a jumpsuit for a toy terrier with knitting needles. Perform the side seams of the front and back and sew the leg and trousers.

Hook the “snarling step” with a white thread to tie the neck, the lower part of the back and the front, as well as the cuffs. In this case, the bottom of the back can be a little pull.

Knitting "pitch step" is used to trim the edges of products. Performing it, each time enter the hook in the previous loop. The result will be a spectacular edging in the form of small dense waves. It will not only decorate the product, but will also strengthen it, since the edge thread is most often torn or wiped during wear.

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We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

Toy Terrier Sweater

blue wool – 100 g

blue wool – 50 g

red and green yarn – 20 g each

Gum 1×1 (* 1 loop front, 1 purl *)

Front smooth surface: front rows are knitted by front loops, purl – by purl

Knitting a sweater for a toy terrier begins with the calculation of the loop. The collar, sleeves, front and edging are made with an elastic band. A back and a hood a front smooth surface with a patterned element.

Neck girth with 70 loops lapel

Front – 24 loops

Back – 46 loops

The distance between the legs in front – 36 loops

The distance from the neck to the front paws – 9 rows

When moving from the gate to the back, you need to add 15 loops, 7 loops to the front

Front leg girth – 27 loops

Sleeve width – 30 loops

Armhole depth 3 loops

The height of the hood (from the base of the crown to the neck) – 40 loops

The depth of the hood is ½ the distance from the back of the head from the temple to the temple + 6 cm for a free fit – approximately 64 loops

We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

Front and back

The story of how to knit a sweater for a toy terrier with needles will begin with a set of loops. Type 70 loops on the knitting needles and tie a gum of 7 cm in height. Divide the knitting into two parts: 24 loops. in front, 46 loops – back. Knit them from two different tangles.

1 row before: Do 1 nakid every 3 p. Total 7 times.

1 row of back: Do 1 nakid every 3 p. Total 15 times.

2nd row before: 31 knit a loop with a rubber band.

2 row back: 61 loop purl.

3 row to the front: 1 remove the loop, make a cape, knit 29 loops with a rubber band, 1 front.

3 row of back: remove 1 loop, make a cape, knit 59 loops face, 1 face.

4 row before: 33 loop the loop with a rubber band.

4 row of back: 63 loop purl.

Tie 4 more rows, throwing over the edges of the front row of each piece on the nakida.

Simultaneously with 5 rows, begin to knit a pattern.

9 row to the front: close 3 loops; 34 loops knit with a rubber band.

9 row back: close 3 loops, 64 face loops.

10 row before: 3 loops close, 31 loop with an elastic band.

10 row back: 3 loop close, 61 loop and purl.

Now knit a sweater for a toy terrier in a straight line. At the end of the 19th and 20th row, the front and backrest dial 3 air loops.

Knit the part further until it reaches a length of 8.5 cm from the collar. Then knit 1.5 cm. In front of the elastic and close the loop. Continue to knit the back of the pattern, diminishing 1 loop in each second row along the edges (remove the edge trim, tie 2 loops together, knit along the pattern, 2 loops together, edge trim). When the backrest reaches 20 cm., Close all the loops and fasten the ends of the colored threads from the seamy side.

We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.


What a sweater for a toy terrier without sleeves. For them, use a blue thread to put 30 loops on the needles and knit 4 cm with an elastic band. Sleeves are rectangles. Close the loop.


Perform shoulder seams. Sleeves sew in the armhole. Then make the side seams of the sweater and sleeves. Type 108 loops on the knitting needles and tie a band about 1.5 cm wide with an elastic band. Sew it along the edge of the backrest. Secure the ends to the bottom of the front part.


Tie a canvas 12 cm high and 30 cm wide with the front satin stitch. For the first 1.5 cm, use a blue thread with an elastic band. Continue to work the front surface of the blue wool. Fold the part in half, sew one side, and then sew to the collar of the sweater for the toy terrier. Decorate the top of the hood with a pompon.

knitted elegant clothes for dogs

Recently, such a hobby as making clothes for small dogs (for example, for Chihuahua) with their own hands has become increasingly popular. Small dogs (toy terriers, chihuahuas and other breeds) are happy to wear knitted clothes that their hostesses tied with their own hands (knitting or crocheting) according to the finished pattern or pattern. Small dogs are happy to wear blankets, knit or crochet, as well as overalls and other types of clothing.

It is easy enough to tie clothes for small dachshunds, chihuahuas and other dogs, the main thing is to choose the simplest pattern and pattern. And then crocheting or knitting will turn into pleasure. Knit blankets and overalls small dogs according to the finished pattern or pattern is very interesting. Dachshund or toy terrier will certainly be delighted with the new bodycloth or elegant jumpsuit crocheted or knitted with their own hands. If you tie a little dog with such hands such clothes as a jumpsuit or a blanket, the dog will not freeze on the street. Therefore, knit on small dogs, no doubt worth it.

Knitted clothes for dogs with their own hands: patterns, where to start

To tie clothes for small dogs, you need, first of all, to decide on the pattern and pattern. Most often, small dogs knit overalls or blankets. The technology of knitting for dachshunds and chihuahuas is simple, but you need at least a little to know how to knit or crochet. Knitting patterns for dogs can be found on the Internet and specialized literature on knitting, for example, in magazines for those who knit. To knit clothes for a dachshund or a toy terrier, you need to prepare everything you need for knitting.

You also need to refresh the basic skills of crochet or knitting. Someone likes to crochet, and someone, on the contrary, prefers knitting. The main thing is to knit with the soul, then it will be quite simple to knit elegant overalls. What to choose, knitting needles or hook, does not matter. The one who is better at knitting, let him choose the needles, and vice versa. For knitting you need:

Knitting needles or hook. It all depends on what kind of knitting tool the owner of the dog prefers;

  • Yarn. It must be remembered that, in addition to performing a purely decorative function, the costumes on small dogs must necessarily protect the animal from cold, wind, rain. At the same time, small dogs have not always perfect mechanisms of thermoregulation, so they cannot be overheated. In this regard, it is better to choose a natural, dense enough yarn, and synthetics should be avoided so that the animal does not sweat;
  • Knitting scheme, provided with a detailed description, photos, step by step instructions;
  • Elements of decor. The hostess can decorate dresses for small dogs to your taste. Both appliqués and large crocheted decorative elements, such as flowers, are suitable. Attention: in the decoration of dog clothes it is strictly forbidden to use such elements as small beads, beads, sequins, because the dog can tear them with his teeth and swallow or inadvertently inhale, and this is fraught with tragedy. Therefore, the choice of decor should be taken very carefully.
  • Gallery: knitted clothes for dogs (25 photos)

    Stages of work

    In order to tie beautiful clothes for decorative dogs, you need to start with a choice of patterns and patterns. You can find all the materials on the Internet, and you can borrow the models of original overalls and blouses in magazines on children’s clothing. The main thing is to adapt children’s models to the physiological and anatomical features of the body of a small dog. Having defined the pattern and pattern, you can get to work. The work consists of the following steps:

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Take measurements with a home favorite. Measurements can be taken using a tape-centimeter. This should be done only if the little dog behaves calmly. If the dog is spinning, jumping, then the measurement results may be unreliable, so in this case, taking measurements should be postponed until a more convenient case;

  • If you decide to sew clothes for your pet, the pattern should be transferred to the fabric. If you decide to link the attire, you need to prepare a scheme and carefully study it, having dealt with all the symbols. For convenience, the scheme can be enlarged on a computer and printed on thick paper in an enlarged form;
  • Next you should proceed to the most important work – sewing or knitting. In any case, both when sewing and knitting, it is necessary to take into account the seam allowances so that there are no surprises and discrepancies in size when the individual parts of the suit will be stitched together;
  • And finally, the most interesting stage of the work is the decoration of elegant clothes. Here the hostess can use all her fantasy. Decorating clothes for dogs can be embroidered, appliqué, the only condition: the decor should not have small details that the dog can easily bite off, and there should not be long ribbons in which the animal may get confused and inadvertently get injured. In short, when decorating dog clothes you need to follow the same rules as when decorating clothes for young children.
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    When making costumes, be sure to keep in mind that dog costumes must be comfortable and not hamper the pet’s movements. In a suit, a dog should feel as comfortable as possible. If an elegant overalls prevent the baby from running, jumping, digging holes and having other ways to have fun while walking, it may be better to give up beautiful clothes in favor of a simpler but more convenient option. Here it is necessary to follow a simple rule: clothes for a dog, not a dog for clothes.

    Practical recommendations

    Clothes on small dogs are knitted not so easy, but for protection from cold and wind. Therefore, it is better to knit it from warm wool. You need to make sure that the density of knitting is the same all the time, then the knitting will turn out beautiful. When an aspiring expert knits clothes for a dog, she should be guided by the pattern, then it will be easier to knit.

    When making clothes for dogs, attention must first be paid to convenience and warmth, and the decorative functions may become secondary. You can wear a little dog for a walk in such a way that it is comfortable for her to show her dog’s joy: to ride, run, have fun. In addition, in any case it is impossible to overheat the dog, because it can get a heat stroke. It is necessary to dress a dog immediately before a walk, because if you put it on in advance, the animal will sweat and can easily catch a cold after going outside.

    We also recommend to read:

    Clothes for dogs must be elegant and beautiful, and must necessarily like the animal. If the hostess notices that the dog after dressing shows a pronounced anxiety, whines, turns around, as if something is pressing her, perhaps the clothes do not fit in size or are made of inappropriate material. This must be taken into account, because if the dog doesn’t like the clothes, it is impossible to force the animal to wear an unsuitable suit.

    Useful tips

    To make clothes for dogs turned out to be beautiful, elegant, and comfortable, it is recommended to look for models on specialized Internet sites dedicated to decorative small dogs. Also, before you sew clothes to your baby, it is recommended to show the dog to the vet and ask what clothes the doctor will recommend. The veterinarian will certainly give advice on how to dress the animal during the cold period, and will tell you how to prevent overheating or, on the contrary, hypothermia.

    To knit was easy, convenient, interesting, it is necessary to choose the appropriate scheme, in accordance with the level of training needlewomen. If something does not work, it is better to choose a simpler pattern or pattern. In general, clothes for decorative dogs are not difficult to manufacture and are of the same type.

    A costume for a decorative dog is not a luxury, but a necessity, because without warm clothes a dog can easily catch a cold in winter. They are just as gentle and sensitive as small children, so you must take care that your pet is always dressed in appropriate occasion and weather clothing. Proper clothing is a guarantee of health and long life of a small animal, whose well-being is entirely in the hands of the owner. This is due to the growing popularity of elegant clothes for pets of small sizes.

    Attention, only TODAY!

    how to do it (scheme) and why you need a blouse that toy terrier

    That terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds. More than a modest size does not affect the activity, courage and endless devotion of these little dogs, but makes them vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.

    They have practically no undercoat, so even in the fall and spring, cold winds, rain, and snow make going out into a whole test. Either the dog is cold, presses the paws and thinks more about how to return to the warm staircase than about the games, or sits on the hands of the owner, without getting the exercise it needs.

    What can help your pet enjoy a walk and explore the world even in the cold? Special clothing for dogs.

    Knitted sweater

    The current pet clothing market doesn’t offer anything – boots, overalls, sweaters with hats, and even carnival and home clothes. To pick up something is not so difficult, especially if it is possible to try on a thing before buying.

    Which yarn is better to pick?

    Remember! That terrier has very sensitive skin and short hair, so it is best to avoid synthetics so that the dog does not get irritation or allergies.

    Cotton, linen, wool, mohair or silk will work well, depending on the weather you are planning on.

    Important! Angora wool or cashmere, despite the softness and beauty, are not suitable for that terrier – after all, your dog will actively move, and you will have to wash the product very often.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    So, first you need to take all the necessary measurements from your pet:

    • Girth of neck (the place where your dog has a collar)
    • Back length (from the collar to the base of the tail)
    • The length of the abdomen (in girls, this is the distance from the front to the hind legs, in boys – from the front legs to the genitals, so that your pet has the opportunity to go about his business without additional disguise)
    • Chest girth (the widest place of the dog, behind the front paws)
    • Waist girth (narrowest part of the dog, in front of the hind legs)
    • Sleeve length (from the shoulder to the point you need on the foot)

    How to tie a jacket (scheme)?

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Now, having received all the necessary measurements and having decided on the yarn and style, we collect loops, starting from the chest volume. This is usually 80-90 loops.

    Attention! It is better to start to knit with the collar area, it is easier to tie the sleeves separately, and then sew to the main product with edge loops.

    Toward the end, it is better to start to gradually reduce the blouse so that it does not hang and look at the figure. It is convenient to tie edges with a rubber band.

    Useful video

    How to crochet a blouse

    There are many different patterns and patterns of knitting, from which you can choose the parts you like and create a unique winter suit for your dog – warm and elegant, a walk in which will be a real pleasure for you and your pet.

    We knit for dogs of small breeds with schemes: instructions with description

    Knit romper for a small size dog with knitting needles.

    First of all, dogs are warmed in the spring and autumn; a knitted jumpsuit is perfect for this. In this master class we will offer you a detailed description of the work and the scheme.

    For the work you need a wool yarn – 100 g, while it must be made from 100% wool – gray. And 10 g of white and red yarn. As well as the needles number 2.5.

    We use the following measurements:

    • Back – 28 cm
    • Neck Girth – 21 cm
    • Breast – 35 cm
    • Girth of the front paw – 11 cm
    • Hind legs – 15 cm

    Next, knit according to the scheme:

    Description of work

    We start at the gate with a cuff. We collect 70 loops of gray yarn and make rubber 1 for 1 for four rows. Then knit 4 more rows of red yarn, and then white. We return to the gray, while always using the same way of working – 1 in 1 gum.

    1. The back and tummy.
    • Each piece should be knit from two different balls. It is better to do this at the same time, so that they are uniform in length.
    • Each piece should be knit from two different balls. It is better to do this at the same time, so that they are uniform in length.
    • In the first row, add 6 loops evenly and knit in order: 1 edge, nakid, 11 loops with an elastic band 1 to 1, then 28 loops from the pattern according to the pattern, 11 loops with an elastic band, nakid and edging.
    • In the next row, we knit the caps with crossed loops in the gum pattern.
    • Knit by drawing. And in each second row, add 1 loop next to the edge on both sides. The added loops are included in the gum pattern.
    • We make armholes.
  • For knitting a tummy in the first row, add 15 loops, making a cape through 1-2 loops. The second row with an elastic band, while in each second row we add 1 loop on both sides next to the edge one. Thus knit to armhole.
  • We do the following as follows: in the 12th row we close 3 loops at the beginning and end of the back and tummy. Making 11 rows. At the end we collect three air loops.
  • Knit tummy. After 14 cm from the gate close the loop.
  • Sleeves and legs are made separately.
  • For the sleeves, we collect 30 loops of gray color and we knit with an elastic band 2 by 2. After 3 rows turn to red, and in each 3 row add 1 loop at both ends. After 4 cm close the loop.
  • The legs fit in the same way, only gaining not 30, but 42 loops. And they make an increase in the third rows, in 4 cm they close the loops.
  • The back can be decorated by sewing flowers from white and red yarn in the center of the diamond.
  • We sew the tummy and back to armhole, sew the sleeves and the sides of the sleeves, sew.
  • We connect two strips on 51 loops with an elastic band 1 through 1, 1.5 cm wide.
  • We sew them to the sides of the back, not reaching the bottom of the back 5.5 cm.
  • It should turn out that one end of the strip is sewn at the bottom of your tummy, the other at the bottom of the back. So get armholes for pants.
  • We sew trousers to them.
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    Schemes for work:

    Such work with the description, which we have disassembled, will help you understand how to properly make a jumpsuit for a dog. Depending on the size, the number of loops may vary.

    Knit shoes for little dogs

    Such miniature animals need not only clothes, but also shoes. Consider how to tie the simplest version of slippers.

    Of course, such shoes will not be practical, as it collects dust and dirt, but in terms of comfort – it is very convenient for dogs, as it does not rub anywhere.

    To increase the life of these boots do the following:

    • Sew on the inside of the dense insole
    • Make the sole of a coarse, waterproof fabric, and make the rest of it with knitting needles or crochet, looping along the edge of the sole upwards.
    • Strengthen a knit boot nose with a strip of leather or nylon so that the claws rest on it.

    It is possible to knit the product in any style, the main thing is that the loops should not be airy, and the threads should be tight and durable. Although such shoes do not have high performance on the sock, but it looks just great and will please you on the foot of your pet!

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Related videos

    When we knit for dogs of small breeds according to the scheme, it is best to look at additional video material so that the process becomes clearer. We have prepared for you a few videos on how to make clothes for dogs using knitting needles or hooks using different yarns. Enjoy watching.

    Knitting for dogs | Knitting, crochet, knitting lessons

    Knitting for dogs today is a very hot topic. Fashion for such dogs as chihuahua and toy terriers dictate the fashion for knitting for these dogs, and not only for these. After all, clothing for dogs is not just a whim of the owner, but a necessity for smooth-haired dogs that are elementarily cold with the onset of cold weather.

    Methods and principles of knitting for dogs are the same as for humans. The main thing to decide what you want to link and from what. And then you need to properly take measurements and make a pattern.

    It turns out, not only knit for dogs, but also for cats, birds, horses, lambs, etc.

    I propose to look at the selection of models on the topic of knitting for dogs, and then there will be a lot of useful material – how to contact, where to look, a lot of useful links.

    Funny overalls for dogs

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    How to tie a jumper can be found HERE

    DESCRIPTION to this jumper

    The following 3 models from the personal collection of the girl from Aspen, to enjoy her entire collection here

    Other models for small dogs can be found here.

    Description of this kit on the site Sheru.ru

    This and other models you will find on the site Overalls for Dogs

    Overalls can be tied for such a pattern.

    How under this scheme to tie a vest or sweater can be found here.

    More useful information on knitting for dogs can be found on the following sites:

    How to take measurements and make a pattern look here

    The topic in the forum Aspen knitting for animals here

    A selection of English-language knitting sites for animals here

    More knitting for dogs, sweaters, blankets, capes describing HERE

    Warm your pets and enjoy walks in the fresh air!

    Like? PUSH!

    patterns, description of knitting and master classes

    Every dogman tries to please his pet in everything. Many dogs, especially short-haired and small-sized, begin to get very cold, just the temperature outside the window drops below zero. Knitted clothing for dogs will help make your pet’s life more comfortable. Patterns for her are quite simple, so even a novice can cope with warm clothes for a pet. One of the most successful options is a jumpsuit. For his mating does not need special calculations, besides, it is easy to wear.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    As in the manufacture of any clothing, you must first take measurements.

    How to take measurements

    Before measuring parameters to facilitate measurements, put a collar on the dog, so it will be easier. In this case, the collar should be free to sit on the neck.

    Under the measurements for dog clothes means:

    • The length of the jumpsuit is measured from the collar to the beginning of the dog’s tail, if we do the jumpsuit all over the body. Otherwise, measure the length that is assumed.
    • Measure the length of the sternum from the shoulder blades to the end of the chest.
    • To measure the girth of the neck – remove the collar and measure it.
    • We measure the chest grip behind the dog’s front paws.
    • Waist circumference is measured in the narrowest part of the body.
    • The length of the hood is measured from the withers to the occiput. If you wish, you can throw a couple of centimeters.
    • If necessary, you can also measure the length and girth of the paws.

    Since small dogs most often freeze, it is for them that the largest number of various options for the execution of overalls. Actually, the pattern is always one, but the pattern can be very different.

    Here are a few options for clothes for small dogs with their own hands. Patterns and patterns of knitting for every taste you will find below.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Knit the veil

    If difficult mating is not yet available for you, and you are completely unaware of the patterns, there is a very simple version of the execution of clothes for your pet: a blanket, made in the form of a triangle. This cape is perfect for chihuahuas. It does not need any patterns, only the size of the back.

    Start knitting from the tail, gradually adding loops. It is necessary to do a little more than the length of the backrest. A loop is made near the tail, which will later cling to the tail of the dog. Ribbons are sewn to the remaining two corners and then tied on the belly. Buttons or stickies can be used instead of ribbons.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    The blanket can be tied and rectangular for a toy terrier, in this case it is made until it closes the entire back. Quite often, the edges begin to curl. To prevent this, it is necessary to make a few first and last loops.

    There is another version of the execution blankets. It is more convenient for active dogs, since the edges of the bag are not confused under the paws.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Such poponon great for dachshunds.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Below is a pattern and a detailed view of the blankets.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Bead can be performed as a pattern, and solid smooth viscous. At your discretion.


    You can knit not only with needles, but also crochet, if you prefer it. You can use the same patterns as your knitting needles, or you can try new ones.

    For example, here is such a pretty sundress in lacing.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Here is the scheme for his knitting:

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    In some cases, crocheting clothes for mini dogs is even more convenient.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    Actually, it doesn’t matter what you knit. knitting or crocheting, as long as it is done with love. And then your dog will not freeze.

    For learning this, albeit a simple but painstaking matter, we offer you a selection of instructional videos.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    The first router was created in 1974, and since 1976 a prototype of the “world wide web” has emerged from three local networks with three routers.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    We Knit For Dogs Of Small Breeds With Diagrams And Step-By-Step Instructions For Work.

    As a router can act as a specialized (hardware) device, and a normal computer that performs the functions of a router.